What is Reality?

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  1. Sitting upon a chair in her room, hands promptly keying letters on the laptop she had set on her desk, was what definately seemed to be a small girl. She was not particularly small in age, but she was indeed a frail-built girl, possibly somewhere in her teens. Her long, light pink hair reached farther behind her than what a normal person would be able to keep brushed regularly, and she wore a loose sweatshirt; it was very apparent that it was many sizes too big for her. It could nearly be some kind of dress, and that was basically how she wore it.
    "Click that," said a child-like creature, which appeared to be actually hovering over the shoulder of the girl, pointing at some miscellanious sounding window which had flashed itself on the screen. Looking deeper into the child's appearance, even aside from the unnatural hovering, one would notice pointed ears and what seemed to be the tail of a fox. He, as this strange thing was indeed a male, wore a light green scarf, plus a darker green jacket and newsboy cap, grey jeans, and neatly polished brown shoes. He smiled giddily in anticipation as the girl's mouse slid to the window, following the loose order.
    After a moment of nothing happening, the computer gave a small hiss as if it were about to explode, but instead a blue screen showed up for a split second, before shutting down.
    They were shocked at the result to say the least, and they had to take a moment to process what had happened. The girl suddenly flew into a panic, pressing buttons on the keyboard haphazardly in an attempt to restore her precious computer's glory. "This is bad, bad, bad, bad, bad!" She stammered the phrase multiple times before letting out a finalizing set of curses upon the now flimsy structure of a motherboard her most prized possession had become. "This it your fault!" She became enraged suddenly, grasping the collar of the boy-creature's shirt. "You caused this, you stupid troublesome--"
    "Calm down, Miu," interrupted a man, stepping from behind her to pluck the child, whom was now merely pretending to cry, from her grasp. He was a very tall character, almost intimidating had he also not looked so thin and pale. His dark hait and suit did not quite help his skin tone either; it simply made him look like some monochrome ghost. "You should know better than to do what Rei says, you know. Especially with your laptop. He wouldn't know about things like that."
    Miu, that must have been the girl's name, sighed out in frustration, running a hand though her hair. "Yes... I suppose you're right..."
    A silence followed, before the man released the child, which floated into the air again like a helium balloon. He motioned towards the laptop. "What are you going to do about that, now? It must be broken, right? Your life is on that laptop."
    "My stories?" Miu looked to him, taking a moment to find what he meant. She was a natural at writing, as she had discovered, and was able to somewhat maintain her life with the profits of them.
    "That too; what I mean is your access to all those people you speak to on it. I mean, you obviously don't have anyone other than them. Besides us, I mean. You remember the last time it broke, you went pretty insane on us..." He stopped himself from speaking any longer, his pale features looking taken aback by the look on Miu's own. She seemed as if she would go iinto some mad fit in a few moments, simply staring at the floor with a hand on her head.
    "Miu? Are you okay?"
    She jumped to her feet suddenly, snapping at him, "NO! I'm terrible, Airen, no thanks to you!" she stormed out of the room, followed by the two. Behind them, coming from the shadows and nearly every crevice of the room, more creatures followed. Many small, some large, various things of various shapes and sizes. They all stayed behind Airen and Rei as if they held them back just by being there. Miu rummaged about the apartment, gathering coin from all around; no one visited, so there was no need for security, according to her, so she just left money here and there in her usual haphazard manner. She then began to head for the door, which caused a high amount of alarm in the two's minds. Miu hadn't left the apartment of her own free will for far too long to just suddenly decide to leave.
    "Where in the world are you going!?" Airen stepped in front of her, desperately trying to find her reasoning in the situation.
    "I'm going to buy a new computer." She stated matter-of-factly, stepping aside and turning the handle.
    The door swung open and her attitude changed drastically. She obtained an uncontrollable shake and tried her best not to turn around to see the look of fear on her face. The world was indeed the way it should be, but there were so many people. Many of them turned to look at her, and her legs buckled under her as she simultaniously slammed the door, sitting against the door, remaining inside.
    "I can't do it, you do it." She muttered, holding the money towards Rei, who simply blinked at it and asked, "Why me!?"
    "We can't do it, Miu. You know this. We can go with you though, if you'd like."
    A long silence came, before she finally uttered an "Alright," and before they knew it, they were outside. Except something was odd. The people only saw her, then. Rei was able to simply fly over the people, and Airen was so tall and thin he simply dodged through, as awkward as that looked. But it drew no attention, somehow. Looking around, there were a lot of them around, but no one noticed them. She saw a few dancing along the sidewalk, even, but it was as if only she could see what was going on.​
  2. There, outside of a computer store, stood a young man. He was fixing the poster outside of the shop. It had been crooked …and we can't have that, can we?

    His name was Kiz Armagin. A computer 'geek' others called him. He was more than that though, he was also a ruffian. Kazi wore a buttoned-up, silk-like, white t-shirt. It was covered with a thin but stylish black vest. His pants were of the same color and snugged tightly against his thin legs. The kid's eyes were hidden behind a pair of red sunglasses and his blond, short hair, was ruff and stuck out in strange places. The kid was known for being easily angered by insults and was one of the easiest people to get in a fight with. Scars and bruises littered his body, and his hands were always wrapped tightly in bandages. His face on the other hand, told a completely different story.

    "Don't worry mister Kendo, I'll fix that next!"

    He was a kind person, and happy to say the least. Always willing to help anyone, including strangers. A grin was an all-time feature on his face. It was always genuine too, not like most other smiles nowadays.

    The young man sighed after he was done with the poster and grabbed several tools. It was time to fix the open sign next, blasted neon failure. Kiz planted a ladder onto the ground and climbed to attend to the pathetic sign. His ladder was somewhat in the way of the door, but since they never had many customers to begin with, Kazi didn't think much of it. His hands worked quickly on the sign, his fingers witnessed perfect dexterity.

    The creatures swam around his aurora likes moths to a flame. The man paid no attention to them, so it wouldn't be wrong to assume he didn't see the creatures.
  3. She kept as close to Airen as possible, seeing as his figure would have been a tower over the others, even if they couldn't see him. She watched Rei twirl around in the air, happy as a child should be, except more free now than ever. Maybe it was unfair to stay inside all that time. They've guided and protected Miu all her life after all, though it was odd that they never left her side, even just for a breath of fresh air. Unless they were bound to her side somehow. Then she would have to-- Suddenly she remembered how many people were in the streets at the moment and the confidence of distraction was gone once more. She spun in place to look around her neighborhood, which to others would have been deemed quite the convenience. It was an entire street full of shop after shop; although there were some uninhabited ones also, but either way the street was usually somewhat crowded. She walked backwards for a very short moment as a police vehicle sped by, sirens flaring. What event could that be headed towards? Her thoughts were interupted by Airon blurting a "Look out, Miu!" but before she knew it she backed straight into the ladder of a certain blonde boy, felling the structure with a loud clammor. Miu, after practically lying across the fallen ladder pulled herself to a sit, rubbing her head. Hearing some muffled laughter around her from the pedestrians of the street, she couldn't help the look of humiliation that materialized in her face as she got to her feet.
  4. Kiz's task was nearly complete, the neon sign began fluttering to life once again; it's vibrant green light bursting through the letters. "Now if you would just stay fixed…" he whispered to the inanimate object. As he gathered his tools and put them within the sac that was wrapped around his belt, he felt a slight tremor. His world seemed to be spinning. What was this? The buildings were all flying to the left of his vision.

    …He was falling.

    With a loud crash, he felt himself slam into the sidewalk. His mind went spinning for a lingering moment before he could pull his vision together. Rubbing his head unconsciously he looked around "What in the…" He pulled his leg out from underneath the ladder and gingerly rose to his feet, noticing the laughing people around him. They weren't looking at him though…they were looking at …a young lady?

    "Miss …Miss! Are you okay?" Kiz rushed over clumsily. He narrowed his eyes to this so called 'audience' which hushed the most of them. Turning he reached out his hand "Are you okay, miss?" he repeated again, softer this time. His head still burned but he could see the humiliation in the girl's eyes. Not wanting to humiliate her further, he tried the only thing he knew how to do: help. Concern for others is better than worrying about oneself, he always said. Kiz would tend to his headache later.
  5. Ridding of the faint fog in her mind she looked to the boy, whom was now holding a hand out to her. She'd be unfamiliar with the gesture had she never seen any videos from her computer; though it seemed an odd situation for a handshake, as she believed it was. "I-I'm fine, sir." She replied awkwardly. Having backed up into the ladder she hadn't actually seen him fall off, but a fresh scrape along his arm immediately told her what had happened, her cheeks bursting into the embarrased rosy hue. "I.. Knocked you off the ladder, didn't I? I'm so sorry, I really must look where I'm walking here. Is anything hurt badly?" Rei and Airen were at her side in an instant; Rei mainly looked over Miu to see if she was hurt (She wasn't though, not any more than losing a little pride in such a clumsy incedent), Airen had a more attentive look on the blonde, as if making sure he didn't try anything in revenge for the fall. She cast a short look in his direction, meant as a sign to ease his tension, which he attempted to do rather unsuccessfully.
  6. As she did not reach his hand for help up, Kiz pulled it back slowly. Moving it somewhat to not make it seem so awkward, which it did. Shaking his head in momentary shame, he returned his attention the the scene at hand. Kiz lowered himself, his legs ached as he did so. It would take some time to adjust to falling off a latter, that didn't happen everyday you know. Especially not at such a height. Noticing her concern, he looked to where she was looking. A slight scrape on his arm…? He didn't notice it before. It revealed its presence even more when it stung, like most scrapes do, but not as much as the hammering in his head. He brushed off the dirt and looked to the little miss once more.

    "Oh no, it's perfectly fine! Really! It's nothing I've never had before, just a slight scratch is all." A genuine smile spread across his face and he patted his own wound to reassure her.

    He blinked, turning to Airen and staring right through him. It would probably look as if he was looking at the creature but he was simply in thought. Turning back to Miu, he reached out his hand once more. "Here, let me help you up. My name is-"

    "Kiz! ...Are you alright, my boy?!" A loud, weathered voice broke through. The ground shook at the approach of an old, hefty man. He came running from the shop, tripping over the ladder, and to end the grand event, falling onto the boy.

    It looks like this would not be a lucky day for the young Armagin...
  7. Upon hearing the man running outside she scrambled to her feet in time to witness the disaster. By the time that act was over, little Rei had burst into uncontrollable laughter, practically rolling in midair at the spectacle. Even Airen couldn't hold back a chuckle, although Miu discretely flashed them both a sharp glare, to which they both had to clear their throats to cease the volume. Rei still continued, however, but silently, and with a small hand over his mouth to muffle the sound. "How does no one see a ladder there?" She joked, half to herself. There was once again a crowd gathered, and she began to wonder why she had remained in the streets for so long. Computer, she reminded herself. But first, she had to help the situation somehow. How on earth was she going to pull such a large man off of the boy herself? Along with the people watching them every step of the way. Still, it wouldn't be good to just leave. Unless said man is too prideful to get help, or doesn't need it anyways. "Are you okay??" She took a couple steps to them, "Do you need help? C-can I help?" She decided to put out a hand as Kiz had done before, grasping the use of the gesture.
  8. The larger, older man stood up quickly. Nothing seemed to affect his …padded exterior. He wore a fine suit, made of the finest materials. It was laced in black silk and his red tie vibrantly gave his suit the flare it needed to stand out. Atop his head was a wig of salt and pepper hair, but it failed to impress because of the awkward angle it fell on. A pair of reading glasses rested against his angular nose. He looked down and blinked. "K …Kiz!"

    Below the boy let out a long sigh, his eyebrows furrowing furiously "You ….i-idiot mister Kendo …how embarrassing …." He couldn't count how many times mister Kendo, his supervisor, had fallen due to his clumsy nature. Just this time, Kiz happened to be the cushion which softened the fall. Number two of which the kid never wished to happen again, the first being falling off a ladder. With another sigh he tried to push himself from the concrete, the crowd's presence pressing him to hurry. He didn't want to demoralize his image further for their amusement. Kiz frowned when he could barely make it to his knee's "Agh …how annoying…" With a sudden lift, mister Kendo had lifted the boy in his arms. "H-Hey!"

    "Oh I would appreciate the help! This boy is such an idiot sometimes…" The older man took her hand and shook it vigorously. Kiz nearly facepalmed but held back, noticing that the girl had finally accepted his gesture and he couldn't even reply back ...stupid old man.

    "You were the one who fell on me…"
    "And, oh! The fights he gets into! Why, just the other day…" "Stop embarrassing me too!" the boy seetheingly whispered. "You know it's true…" "You..."The pair of men continued to argue, their voice getting quieter and quieter, but all the while they were smiling as to not upset the girl. A bit strange? Yes. It was quite amusing to think that out of all people Miu could have met first, that these two would be the ones.

    The supervisor nodded his head to his store, labeled largely "A&K Computer's & Electronic's"

    Kiz looked at the man and frowned, knowing what he was going to say "You can't ask a lady to-" "Would you like to help me gather these tools?" The tools Kiz had been stashing in his sac laid across the pavement, they had fell out when he hit the ground. "I can help" Kiz quickly said, trying to leap from the older mans arms. "No-" The older man threw the boy into the store, the doors still open. Gasp were heard from the crowd as another small crash echoed, along with soft bitter remarks and complaints, mostly directed to the supervisor. "-you can't."

    He then turned to the crowd "What are you morons looking at? Go away. Shoo!" He waved his hands at them, scooting the pestering crowd away.

    As Kendo turned back, he smiled kindly to the girl "If you could get those tools, I'll grab the ladder and meet you in the store, okay?"
  9. For a while the just watched the two argue, as if they were quite the anomalies to her. But they also seemed like they were genuinely good people; something she hadn't expected to come from her unplanned trip into civilization. So the boy Kiv, got into fights, but judging by his personality they musn't be anything to worry about. And the older man certainly didn't mean harm to anyone, at least not on purpous. Upon hearing the request to grab the spilled tools she didn't argue. She simply smiled back and said "Okay." It was her fault they had been spilled, anyways. A lot of this wouldn't have happened had she been paying attention. Computer's and Electronics; it was her destination either way, so why not?
    She knealt by the tools, proceeding to put the tools in their container, and as the man headed inside with the ladder, Airen knealt beside her.
    "What are you doing?" He asked, Rei perching on his shoulder. She kept her voice quiet, so no pedestrians would hear.
    "This is the computer store. These people don't seem bad, so you don't have to worry-"
    "You know that kid saw me, we don't really know who they are."
    "So the others really can't see you?" She looked at him, and he nodded. "Maybe it was a coincedence, he only looked in your direction."
    "We have yet to meet someone who had been able to--"
    "We never meet people. We avoid them. I'll be fine, I promise. Besides, I've got you two with me."
    Airon took a moment, before letting out a defeated sigh. "Alright, just be careful."
    They stood up finally, Miu toting the tools with her as she nodded, "I will," then made her way inside the shop.
  10. Inside, the shop was layered with perfection and neatness. Arranged across the 'floor' of the shop were rows of tables featuring the newest products. Along the shelves to the left were TV's, phones, and cameras. To the right side of the store laid rows of computers, both laptops and older models.

    Kendo headed towards the counter in the back. "I'll be just a minute!" he called over his shoulder as he headed through an additional pair of doors.

    Kiz was already up and about, seemingly unfazed by the previous comedy. He thought he heard some whispering before the girl had stepped in …but that was probably nothing. And for but a brief moment, as he turned to greet the girl once again, his eyes befell Rei and Airen. Kiz's eyes widened somewhat "Uh…" He especially eyed the taller one before he closed his eyes and rubbed his head. Has to be the headache. Slowly, he opened his eyes and again saw nothing. Blinking several times, he returned his gaze towards Miu "Must have hit my head harder than I thought, hehheh" his smile brightened "I was sure I just saw some bug and creepy guy hovering over you…" Realizing how weird that just sounded, he quickly bowed an apology and thanked her for her help. "I-I appreciate the help." Reaching out his hand for the third time and hopefully a successful one, he wished to shake her hand. "I know the old man-""Who you calling old?!"a voice shouted from the back "-Ahem, mister Kendo said my name about a hundred times but I wouldn't feel right if I didn't introduce myself. The name's Kiz"
  11. She attempted to hide the surprise, but merely moved it to look like it was just something strange to hear, though she was still unable to say anything about it. She could just feel her invisible friends's reactions burrowing into the back of her head. He was right, he can see them. But only for certain moments. Like a ghost. There'll be quite the conversation about this, though. The subject was changed quickly enough, it seemed, and she shook her head at his gratitude. "It was no problem, I kinda caused a lot of that, anyways." She sat the tools down at the nearest table, resting her hands in the front pocket of her swearshirt. She gave a kindly smile, politely answering to the official learning of his name, "Pleased to meet you, Kiv." She motioned to the areas left of the building, introducing herself, "I've been renting an apartment just down the road. My name's Miu." She did look a little young to be renting an apartment to herself, but for some reason she had never been asked about it by the landlord, and had been allowed to live there for quite a while now. She paid rent, and apparently that was all that mattered.
  12. She must have thought him weird, he thought. Who goes outright and says "Hey, I thought I saw a creeper over your shoulder!" Was he trying to scare the girl? She must have thought him the creeper, but she didn't act like it. But as sociology says, you are who you think the other person thinks you are. "Ah, well that's very kind of you, and again I appreciate it. Mister Kendo isn't the only one clumsy. I, myself at times, tend to be a klutz. Just a habit when you work at this store. Kinda like a requirement on the resume." He laughed lightly.

    Kiz looked passed her to the buildings she directed him towards. He wanted to say, aren't you a bit young? But how would that come across? Kiz didn't have even an apartment, he lived in the basement of the shop. She must be able to take care of herself. He would also sound like some parent, and that certainly wasn't him. "Really? I've been around, but never noticed that apartment before." What a dumb thing to say, he thought bitterly. Quite the conversationist he is. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you too Miu. Quite the name, I wish mine was a little more unique like yours." He thought of some compliments …it wasn't like he never talked to a girl before. He had …well, at least to customers. Pushing the sour thoughts away, he rounded the tools and put them in a drawer behind the counter. "I know a lot of the people here as well, are you new around these parts?" He asked as kindly as he could. It would be horrible to leave a creepy impression on Miu, but he didn't want the conversation to end. She was an intriguing person and for some reason he felt more than just her presence. It was strange ...but he didn't linger on it. Her hair was of unique color around these parts as well. Where did she come from, he wondered.. Confident enough, he was able to hold the conversation. Usually he'd be out getting into trouble about now.
  13. "Yeah, I guess the apartment kind of blends in there. Could be a good thing." Miu shifter her weight to her right leg casually, also replying, "Your name seems unique enough to me; I've never heard it before." As to the question on whether she was new she thought for a second before nodding a bit. "You could say thay, yeah." She said, which was for the most part true. She had walked the street a couple times, but she never wished to linger outside any longer than she had to. "I tend to steer away from society. Well, people, anyways. So I don't know the place as well as I should, and that's probably why I haven't been seen around." Miu immediately began to regret the confession. She probably seemed like some crazy girl who sat alone at home speaking to people who weren't actually there. Oh wait. I kinda do. And that would explain his catching me talking to Airen earlier too. She decided to change the subject and try asking him a question. "So where do you stay at?" She decided to ask, seeing as she had already told him her own residency.
  14. He offered her a smile at her confession. It wasn't to embarrass her further but more of an understanding. Not that he was shy or steered away from society, but his old friend Kevin had been the same. There's always the quiet type, hm? He didn't mind at all "Well, I'm certainly glad to have you in our shop, and I'm glad to have met you Miu." he said, in a friendly way.

    Her question surprised him more than it should have. It really was a simple one but he was tempted to lie and say, 'a nice apartment down the street a couple ways', it certainly wouldn't be a good way to earn trust though. So instead he pointed towards an old trapdoor at the corner of the right back side "In the basement." Kiz offered a laugh and shrugged his shoulders "Not the best of places but hey, as long as I help ol' Kendo out, I have a free place to sleep and eat. Can't beat that, right?" His grin softened till it vanished for a moment ...if he could just be something more than a rift raft. He always caused problems for the old man. It wouldn't be a normal day without the police checking in on him.

    He shook away the thoughts and grinned again. Supervisor Kendo entered through the doors, cynically eyeing Kiz. The young man could feel the old ones stare basically saying 'don't slack off', so he jokingly winked at Miu "Could I possibly offer you this XCrisis laptop? Top of the line and on special today for only six hundred dollars~" his voice took on one of a dealer and Kendo snorted, not fooled by his routine. "You could never sell a laptop boy, you shouldn't waste your time" the old man joked back, half of it true. The kid could never get anyone to buy anything. In fact, he often lost customers due to his quick-to-anger attitude.
  15. "The basement doesn't sound bad, to be honest." It was not that different from her own housing; just working at home. Of course there was a difference in occupation. Miu had taken up writing, which has always been a somewhat liveable occupation when you only rent for one person. Although she had been given rights to an inheritance recently, she refuses to use it unless there's no other options. She watched the two joke at each other for a moment before remembering the reason for her leaving the apartment; she needed a laptop, so she decided to take the opportunity. Why not prove his Supervisor Kendo wrong? Miu rose her hand halfway and gave a small grin. "Actually, I came out today because my current laptop broke on me, and I have much I do on my computers, between school and writing. So I guess I am interested."
  16. The laughing stopped and both Kendo and Kiz stared at Miu. They gaped and turned to see if the other had heard the same thing. "R-Really?" Kiz said, not really questioning her, more like questioning his own memory. "Would you look at that!" Kendo laughed, "your first customer, Kiz. Looks like I was wrong!" The older man laughed all the way to the counter, starting the systems of their computer for the upcoming purchase.

    Kiz replied finally with a grin of his own and surprisingly took Miu's hand, leading her over to the laptop's and then releasing her hand kindly. It's as if she had ignited his old passion in technology once more. He seemed happy going over the variety of laptops, sharing with her information about each one and inquiring on what exactly she was looking for. It was up to her to choose whichever one she'd like, Kiz was just happy to help.
  17. She listened intently to the different features of each laptop, giving whatever requirements she would need to handle whatever software she was using. After she had been paired with the correct one she dug into her pockets for whatever money she had brought. The laptop she had found was something like her previous one, except the newer model with better components into it. "How much is it? I think I've brought enough money for-" She pulled out a rather clean, not to mention full, money clip. One of which she hadn't put in her own pocket, but she recognized. Looking behind her she realized that there were no creatures in the shop; Airen and Rei had slipped out and run off to who knows where, after giving her that money. Probably for damages, she realized. She had seen damage that was usually caused by the other, less intelligent creatures usually to her own property, as those that can see them usually attract them also. Scenarios seemed to go through her head like a slot machine as she looked down at the money.
  18. Kiz walked up to the counter and whistled at the full money clip. You certainly don't see many with those coming in this shop! He lifted the laptop Miu had chosen from the back of the counter and handed it to Kendo, who ran the barcode through. "It'll be $400 dollars" Kendo said, failing to mention the discount Kiz had slipped in, knowing that the kid was trying to be polite. He allowed it this once. Of course, this was the kids first sale anyway.

    Kiz had not failed to notice Miu turning to look back at something. His eyebrow rose from beneath his sunglasses and arched, wondering curiously for a moment what she was looking for. He wondered what she had been concerned about and watched her stare down her money. After a few moments, the young man gave a small cough. "We offer a free service y'know. If you'd like, I could help you set up your laptop at your apartment?" His question ended up sounding more pathetic than he'd like, it sounded more like a question towards the end. Still, Kiz held his ground and hoped she would say yes.

    Kiz had a feeling something else was going on, the presence in the room had been lifted as if two people had left. He wanted to find out why...
  19. She looked at him for a moment, realizing that he had sensed her sudden unease. She contemplated declining the offer, in regaurds to Airen's caution against him. But she had found no reason to believe that Kiz would have been against her all this time. So Miu finally nodded, pulling the money she had intentionally brought from her apartment and handing the $400 to Kendo. "Thanks for letting me hang around, I'll have to visit again sometime." She kept a cheerful tone in her voice, as she motioned for Kiz to follow. "Let's go," she said, making her way out the door. The house wasn't far; only just down the block as she had said. Once he was alongside her Miu jogged to the apartment, making her way through the people that still remained on the sidewalks. She continued trying to find out how to explain what was going on, at least to her own knowledge, without it being too overwhelming for him.
  20. Kendo placed a receipt into a fitted bag and nodded to the child "You should! You will always be welcome here, Miu" The old man kindly said, waving the both of them off "And you watch it Kiz, don't-" "What was that? I can't hear you old man!" The door shut with a soft ping, cutting off any more words that could have transpired to the kids ears. Kendo laughed quietly to himself "Have fun kid…" he whispered to the empty shop. "You haven't had it in a long time…"

    Kiz followed, carrying the bag for Miu as they made their way to her apartment. He was surprisingly able to keep up with her agile movement through the crowded streets. He didn't really say much as the two of them made their way to her apartment. At least, he couldn't think of anything…again. Instead he kept his eye on her when he wasn't avoiding a person of two. She seemed to be contemplating something, thinking a little two much perhaps? She nearly ran into a couple of people, but she seemed well enough.

    As they came up to the door outside her building, Kiz smiled. The building just had something about it, something …supernatural. "Quite the place" he whispered.