What is in that drawer?

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    I was GOING to put this up as a challenge, but I ended up super curious and now I just want to know what's in everyone's RANDOM SHIT drawer. O___O I know there is crazy shit in mine.
  2. My random shit drawer is a cupboard, because I have literally three drawers in my whole house and they all have regularly used and organized kitchen shit in them.

    It's got pens, one paintbrush, a tiny book of Canadian trivia, a little folding thing you can brush fuzzy clothes with to get lint off, my phone book, paper rollers for coins, rubber bands, camera, envelopes, an empty post box, tea candles and a lighter, multi-head screwdriver, and I think that's it.
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  3. A sewing kit, a Recorder, some photo albums, some books on tape, and a bunch of like Wiggles, and Sesame Street CDs.
  4. Napkins, spare lamps, tin-opener, Nemo fish tea infuser, some wall decoration, stamps, envelopes, red ribbons...
  5. Haha, I've got everything from warming lube, U.S coins (I'm English), a knife sharpener and love letters to one single 5.56 round in my middle draw. It's a pretty mixed assortment of shit.
  6. Going to go through my drawers, bottom left to top left, to center, to top right and then down again.

    Bottom left: A spoon. Small empty cardboard boxes. Some plastic wrap trash.

    Middle left: A single piece of trash (plastic wrap from oyster crackers)

    Top left: Bag of assorted dice. A NASA pamphlet from their open house at Ames.

    Middle: Blank pieces of paper. Old drawings on other paper. Scotch tape. A screw driver. An empty bottle of over the counter stomach medicine. An unused itunes gift card worth 15 dollars.

    Top right: A map of the gameworld in GTAV, Sims 3, Fable Lost Chapters, DS charger cable, a sea shell, two large black screws, assorted movies and other games, some never opened. My anti-anxiety medicine.

    Upper middle right: A spoon. More plastic trash.

    Lower middle right: Completely empty.

    Bottom right: Completely empty.
  7. A hammer, CD's, a deck of cards, aspirin, stamps, a wrench, a USB, pens, broken sunglasses and condoms.

  8. Instead of a drawer of random shit, I have a little Christmas themed pail full of random shit. xD I keep it on this TV tray next to my recliner, since I can't afford a side table.

    Has allergy eye drops, 2 corks from champagne bottles, two doses of Bayer, $5.02, chapstick, half a pack of gum, a moist towelette from Pizza Hut, pocket sized knife sharpener, a Pampers rewards code, nail clippers, and...lots of other things
  9. A single dog biscuit.

    I should probably throw that away, I dunno how long it's been there or if my dog will even still want it >_>
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  10. there's a good reason I never open the least-used drawer

    It's empty. ):

    i guess i'll go look for my least-opened drawer that actually has something in it
  11. tfw there are no drawers in this room.
    This isn't 4chan.

    At work so I opened a teachers desk.

    Sounds about right.
  12. ...A container of decapitated plastic snakes.
  13. These are all the dwawers for the desk my computer is on.

    Bottom Left (open)

    Some graph paper
    An old info book on Mohawk College
    Old High School project
    Some paper work from a past college placement.

    2nd Bottom Left (open)

    More college placement work
    Old Parenting Class Scrap book project
    A ton of papers from High School's Parenting and Sociology classes

    2nd Top Left (open)

    An assortment of misc wires
    A DS Lite Charger
    An old/broken Ipod

    Top Left (open)

    Some old school grade sheets
    Some Philosophy class papers

    Bottom Right (open)

    2 Star Wars punchout/sticker books
    A scrap book and memory box from an Old Autism Therapy group
    A Grade 5 scrap book
    An old cut up white shirt from a protest with my old High Schools Pride club.

    2nd Bottom Right (open)

    Star Wars Magazines
    Gaming Guides

    2nd Top Right (open)

    Halo 2 Guidebook
    High School yearbook
    Star Wars Comics

    Top Right (open)

    More Game Guides
    More Star Wars Magazines
    Another Highschool Yearbook
  14. A blood-stained shirt, a dusty journal from childhood, a broken cross, a birthday card, a book of poetry printed in the late 1940's-early 1950's, and an old wind-up snow-globe that plays a simple melody.

    I know the drawer, I simply never open it. Many strong memories and moments that I cannot throw away, nor can I look upon.

    That is what is in my drawer. :ferret:
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