What is allowed, and more importantly, NOT allowed?

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  1. Some of my mature kinks are definitely what some might consider politically incorrect.
    I personally see no harm in playing with these eRP kinks (this IS make-believe, after all) but I cannot find out if there is prohibited content on the site.
    Can someone clarify if there is prohibited content, and what that content is, please?
  2. Iwaku is on a private server, as such the rules are more or less, "don't get us arrested". If you're over 16 and can find a partner willing to RP your fantasy go for it and have fun. If you're under aged GTFO, we are a small community and don't want nor need to deal with legal drama.

    Happy RPing!


    No pornographic images or videos. This is a role playing site, not a porn site.
  3. Ocha has explained it perfectly. 8D

    You can play anything you like so long as it's not something that is going to get anyone in legal trouble. (Which is basically kiddie smut. ><)

    We just ask people to make sure there's nothing in the topic title itself, since that can be seen in random places all over the forum. And if someone does sexy scenes in Group rps outside of Mature, that they use spoiler tag warnings. D:

    But yes, free reign. Roleplaying is for freedom of expression, and we are lucky enough to have a private server that lets us do that. 8D
  4. Thank you both very, very much. This is exactly what I needed to know. With the limits – or rather, LACK of limits – now defined, I can formulate some character concepts and put them out for bidding (completely appropriate for some of my planned character profiles).

    Just as a final question, an erotic or suggestive image would be fine if it's limited to nudity, not pornography or explicit imagery? (Hentai where you know what's going on, but can't actually see the explicit details, for example)
  5. Yes that is allowed! 8D Especially in areas like mature where that stuff is going on anyway!