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  1. My name is....

    She crumbled another paper into a ball and threw it at the opposite wall of the deserted subway in which she was sitting. It bounced off and landed next to several others. She couldn't seem to get her drawing right.

    My name is...

    She pulled her knees up against her chin with a sigh; glancing up as another train screeched to a stop. Once again, a sea of people left the train and went about their business. For being in such a huge group, none of them acknowledged the others. It was almost as if each person was in their own personal world and no one else existed. Every now and then someone would bump someone else and that bubble would pop long enough for swift eye contact and a muttered apology before turning away again.

    My name is...

    She envied them. They knew who they were. They knew their names, their families, their lives. For a long time, her name had been Hailey Howards. She had been just another high school student, just anther only child with a loving single mother. Then she'd found something that had changed her life forever.

    The death certificate of Hailey Howards. While trying to find an old picture in the attic, she'd found it. It was like the world had fallen from under her. She was sure it had to be a mistake, so she started to do some research. She'd hoped it was sooth her fears. Instead, it only proved them. At the library, she'd found the obituary for the little girl she'd replaced.

    Hailey Howards, Four, died when she fell into the babysitter's pool and drowned. Declared dead on the arrival of the emergency responders. The black and white picture showed a baby faced little girl with crooked teeth. It looked almost exactly like Rowan had as a child. Almost. Except the baby girl who died had a small birthmark on her left cheek.

    She hadn't known what to do. Had she been kidnapped to replace the broken mother's missing angel? Was her mother actually her mother at all? Could she turn her mother in? Could she stay with what she knew? Finally, she ran. She got on train after train, not caring where she was going. And now she was here.

    "You there, you can't stay here." She glanced up to see an officer gazing down at her. "What is your name?" He asked her. After a long moment, she sighed. "May name is...Rowan."

    (Okay, Chickadies. I'm bored, and so this is a basic runaway teen roleplay. I have no plan for this, so it's a jump in and lets see where it goes type thing. Fun, right? Let's go!)
  2. Evalyn is your basic street rat teenager, she has been living on the streets since she was 12. Her parents died when she was a baby.. Or so she was told by the orphanage, which was run by a horrible woman who could care less about the kids there. She ran away when one of the older kids told her that her parents were alive and just didn't want her. She was extremely smart even though she never went to school.

    Evalyn walked cautiously through the subway as a train let off a group of people. She walked close the the wall as to not get in the way of other people. She avoided being noticed as much as possible considering the cops around here basically knew her by name now. She watched as an officer approached a young girl sitting on a bench and complained about her being there, she didn't recognize this cop so she ran over to the girl "there you are!" She exclaimed in a very convincing,fake concerned, voice. "I'm sorry officer, this is my little sister I told her to wait for me and she is in the wrong spot" she smiled sweetly at the officer then looked toward the girl as if mentally telling her to just go along with it. Evalyn could tell this girl wasn't waiting for anybody and that she was probably far from home. There seemed to be a lost look about her that Evalyn knew all too well.
  3. "There you are!" Rowan looked up at the strange girl in surprise as she spoke to her. At first, Rowan was about to say that she had the wrong girl, but the other girl seemed to want Rowan to play along. She hesitated and then nodded. "..Yes." She said. "I got lost. I'm sorry, sister. I didn't understand where you wanted me to be." She stood next to the girl and gave the officer a small smile. "Come on, we'll be late." She took the girl's arm. "Thank you, officer." She called as they headed quickly away. The officer looked like he was about to object, but they were gone pretty quickly. She headed up the steps of the subway and out into the city. When they were out of sight she dropped the girl's hand.

    "Thanks." She said quietly. She studied the girl a bit as people passed them without a second look. "I wasn't sure what I was going to do." She ran a hand through her tangled hair and tucked her sketch book back into her bag. She glanced around her, but didn't recognize the section of the city she was in. She looked back at the girl with a crooked smile. "I guess I'll stop bugging you now." She nodded to her. "See you around?"
  4. Evalyn looked over rowan a bit then raised an eyebrow at her "when is the last time you ate?" She asked her assuming it hasn't been recently. She looked around at the nearby restaurants, she knew a few people in a couple of them so she could get a meal pretty cheap. This girl seemed so lonely and it wouldn't be right to let her just go off on her own in a strange place, would it? Evalyn would have loved a friend who knew her way around when she first ran away. She wanted to help this girl.
  5. Rowan's stomach growled loudly at the mention of food, and she flushed a little. "It's...been a bit." She admitted. She hadn't exactly planned to leave home, so she wasn't well prepared. "What's your name?" She asked. She was glad that someone was talking to her, rather than ignoring her. She twisted the hem of her shirt in her hands as she spoke. Someone on the street bumped her, and after a hasty apology they continued on their way.
  6. Evalyn smirked a little at the girls stomach growling then smiled at her "Evalyn" she told by he girl happily. "And yours?" She asked as they headed to a little diner down the street.
    It was a small little Diner and was a bit out of place for the city, but it had great food and Evalyn knew the manager.
  7. Rowan followed behind Evalyn as they walked. "You can call me Rowan." She replied. Names were a bit of a touchy subject with her right now, so she'd rather just avoid that. She headed towards the diner behind Evalyn. "Thank you. " She said. "Really, I haven't seen much kindness lately."
  8. Evalyn looked at the girl sadly "Rowan, you don't need to thank me for anything" she told her gently, she felt kind of bad for the girl but wasn't sure of she should ask any questions right now. "Now, let's get you something to eat" she smiled and waved at the manager in the back and took the seat she always did, in the back by a window.
  9. Blake was sitting in the diner enjoying a cup of coffee when two girls walked in. He recognized the first as Evalyn. The had spoken a couple times and he knew she like to frequent here as she knew the manager. However he didn't recognize the second girl. Becoming curious he finished his mug and turned his stool so he could see them. Sighing as they took a seat he got up and realized that the second girl didn't look more than a year younger than him. He was in his teens and it intrigued him even more. Guessing she was a runaway he decided to walk over. Placing his hands on the table, "So Evalyn. Just who might this pretty young creature be?"
  10. Evalyn looked up at Blake and smiled "oh, Hi Blake. This is Rowan." She smiled over at Rowan then looked up toward the front to see if the manager was coming, he always took her orders when she came in for some reason. He wasn't walking over yet so she looked back up at Blake. "I haven't seen you in a while, how are you?" She didn't know Blake very well considering they only talk while in the diner together but she looked at him as a younger brother anyway. Evalyn gets attached to people very easily and has always gotten along with boys better than girls.
  11. "Nice to met you Rowan. I'm Blake. I'm not bad just doing what I gotta do." he smiled, "Mind if I sit?"
  12. She patted the spot next to her in the booth "not at all" the manager finnaly walked over to their table "well hello Evalyn" he said with a broad smile "what am I getting for you today?" He asked never taking his eyes off her. She smiled up at him, even thought he gave her a strange vibe she liked that he gave her free food so never said anything about it "same thing I always get, would you mind giving me a little extra this time?" She flashed a sweet smile at him and with an eager nod he walked away.
  13. He sat down, "You know I could have payed for you." he sets his arms on the table crossing them.
  14. She shrugged and shook her head. "Why would I have you pay for me when I can get it for free?"
  15. "I meant for her...." he nods at Rowan, "I would be willing to pay for her."
  16. She rolled her eyes "gee, thanks." She sighs softly and shakes her head. She shifted a little in her seat having the feeling of somebody watching her but couldn't see anyone looking at them.
  17. He looks at Rowan, "So Rowan. Just what are you doing with a misfit like Evalyn?" he asks jokingly.
  18. (Aaah, sorry guys. I only have internet on campus.)

    Rowan looked back and forth between the two as they talked, then jumped a bit when Blake addressed her. She still wasn't used to her chosen name. "H-hello." SHe replied. "Nice to meet you too." When he asked her what she was doing with Evylan she shrugged. "She helped me out." Rowan explained. "I was...a little lost." Sure, that was the best way to put it. Lost. The manager was giving her real creeper vibes when he came to take their orders, so she stayed silent until he was gone again.
  19. "Still the one to help someone lost I see." he chuckled lightly
  20. "There's nothing wrong with that" Evalyn retorted.
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