What is a Group Roleplay exactly?

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  1. As the silly question in the title says I'd like to know exactly what one of these things are or more specifically what are they like? How do they work? How do you reach rules or limits that the rpers are okay with? Etc.

    I've never done a group rp before so the idea of one is very foreign to me but I've been curious on maybe branching out and trying to find one to join I just have zero idea of what to expect.

    If someone could take the time and try to explain it to my clueless little head I'd really appreciate it. Thank you ^_^
  2. The answer to these is basically the same.

    It's the same way a 1x1 works. Except instead of only having one partner you have multiple partners.
    However this does open a new issue of posting order.

    Because in 1x1 it's always one after the other. In Groups that get's more foggy. And honestly it varies per group. Some will instil a strict turn order, some will just let anyone post whenever, while most will have some sort of balance between the two.
    Generally it's whatever the DM/Host of the RP says so.

    In Group RP's that would be whoever is hosting the Interest Check/has the RP idea.

    In a nutshell it's just a 1x1 with more people.
    If you're concerned about any more specific's though feel free to ask. :)
  3. So would group rps usually have something like set days to reply to one another or would it be like a normal 1x1 rp where you get to it when you can? Probably because I'm so new to even the idea of a group rp it's a little hard to grasp. I'm still trying to work my brain around how people even join up with those since I tend to assume, unless you are desperate for new rpers or a replacement rper that you stick with people you know for something like that.
  4. Vast majority of the time it's just when they can get to it.
    Some people are more strict though with stuff such as "Must post X times per week".
    It's GM dependent.
    Just make an Interest Check.

    You advertise your RP the same way you would a 1x1, except your looking for multiple people instead of just one person.
    This would mean you're open to the public though rather than simply trying to rope friends in.

    That and generally pairings such as Vampire X Monster aren't a thing.
    You've got a group tale to be telling, it's not just a romance or duo pairing any more.

    So Generally you just give an overall plot and world idea.

    Note you can simply just invite friends (assuming you got enough free for a group RP) and in that case you might skip the Interest Check (assuming you feel you have enough to keep going in case stuff happens, and would go straight to making the OOC. Which would go in the appropriate Genre category.
  5. All of that makes a lot of a sense and is horribly intimidating at the exact same time. But it does clear a lot up for me. Don't think I'll put out an interests check for one at least not for a while since my mind likes to work in 'here's a little idea here and there and there' for something in a vague setting rather than 'here's a setting and start to a plot' at least not in the extent to competently advertise a group rp. Again this does clear up quite a lot I was curious on. Thank you. :)
  6. In a nutshell you're just adding more people. :P
    As long as you're ok with groups of people you should be fine.
    Well you don't need that planned out a concept.
    You go on as vague/sandbox as you like, you'll usually still get a group of players interested.

    The only issue is the less planned out it is, the more easy it is for the RP to lose focus, and as a result stall and lose players.
    It can still be done with the right group, it's just trickier.
    Any time. :)
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