What instruments do you play?

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  1. I'm curious as to how many fellow Iwaku members play instruments. Do you play the guitar? Drums? Perhaps the violin or a piano?

    Maybe there is an instrument you'd like to learn how to play one day or perhaps are in the process of learning how to play one.

    I play some guitar myself, but haven't really played it in awhile since my last one went kaboom. ;-;
  2. Piano and ocarina.

    Because the ocarina was relatively inexpensive and rather simple to convert piano sheet music to it.


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  3. I used to play the Piano when I was younger, but I haven't touched one in years.
  4. It requires more touching! Build those skills!
  5. Flute, Piccolo, and Ocarina. I have the Ocarina of Time yo. Saved the world in 2012 don't ya know?


    So SO SO!!!

    .....Does this mean you like to blow wood?

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  7. No actually......everything I have is silver, plastic, ceramic, or glass :waluigi: Interesting joke....Here's a better one.
    How do you tune two piccolos?
    answer (open)
    You shoot one.
  8. ...I don't get it?
  9. I play bass guitar adequately and six string abysmally.
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  10. I still play the drums occasionally, even if I sold my set ages ago when I moved.

    I know a bit of classical piano. I tried to learn guitarr, my fingers to fucked up for it.
  11. I've been rigorously trained to play the piano by my Russian teacher, Margharita, since I was eight. She slams my fingers against the keys when I fuck up. It hurts.
  12. Because you CAN'T tune piccolos to each other. They are very temperamental and two playing at the same time can sound like nails on a chalkboard.
  13. NONE.

    And I've learned to live with that.
  14. aahhhhh
  15. The last time I touched a piano I got a restraining order and was told to never come within 500 yards of a school again.
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  16. ...I kind of want to hear more.

    A lot more.

  17. I used to play the trumpet quite well, back in my sea cadet days.

    Since then I've largely lost any skill I used to have, and am only stubbornly holding onto the thing out of some twisted form out guilt.
  18. Recorder, though It was 4th grade and I never used it since.
    Piano, I'm... Decent, I can still play the songs I was forced to play in class.
    Guitar, though I'm god awful at it.

    And my voice, Because it has soooooo many pitches.

    We all should make a band.
  19. Yaaas flute and piccolo buddies!
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  20. I always wanted to play the drums, but I seriously sucked at them. All the lessons in the world would not help me. :(