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What instrument would your character play?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Soldato, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Music is typically what can make or break a scene in a movie or roleplay. It is something that can move evil to tears, bring good to it's knees and drive the monster to tranquility. While it typically does not play a major role in many things the right kind can go miles.

    With enough beating around the bush, What instrument would your characters play(Any kind from Modern to Classical)?
  2. The M-60 is quite the instrument o' death. The song is yin Victor Charlie is very well familiar whit.

    Victor Charlie, Johnny Jihad, an' countless others know the song very, very well...

    I don't think the Boatswain's Mate's whistle counts, does it...

    Well shit...

    I have no musical talent whatsoever.

    If you time the detonations just right you can make out the Final Fantasy victory tune.

    I would not be proper Stalker if I am not play guitar. I am can do a mean acoustic rendition of Stairway to Heaven.

    I learn harmonica during six month at Disciplinary Barracks.

    I played alto sax in high school. I never stuck with it, unfortunately...

    My test subjects. All those pitches and tones of their final screams make quite a symphony of abject terror.

    I used to be able to play the guitar solo from Iron Man. I mean both solos. Unfortunately rock wyverns don't have the whole finger coordination, so I can't do that any more.

    I play the Pipe Organ on occasions. Honestly it would help if I had five fingers on both hands...

    Drums. 'Nuff said...

    The harp.

    Anyone says anything and I cave your skull in with mine.

  3. *puts McCarthy back in his cell*

    Most of my characters would play a grand piano in moonlight.
  4. Guitar mostly. though i can see some of them. Violin for the more classically attuned.
  5. Hmmm...

    Frostie himself would play the winter winds in a symphony of spine-chilling cold!

    Bei's likely to play the sitar, and Roppu's a flutist...

    Gilgear's all about a low-slung bass guitar.

    Kang would play an electric piano. 'Cause he's odd like that.

    Hydross is a guitarist, but... well, that's his main weapon, too.

    Fro'siv and Nar'zuul are too busy for instruments. They listen well, though.

    Finally, Ammit plays percussion on the corpses of fallen humans.
  6. Ashley, probably a cello in an old, dusty room XD
  7. Let's see... I'll go with charries I play on Iwaku right now. XD

    Wren from Beasts of Civilization was probably educated with the Piano and Violin. But I can see her playing a lute to be silly or beating on drums for the fun of it.

    Miss Aubrielle from Drymera would play a harp, because it is beautiful an elegant. :D Something a lady would play.

    Rosabel can't play an instrument, because she's a twit.

    ....I'd have to give some serious thought to some of my other characters. >>
  8. My upbeat, hyper-ish characters are usually based off myself, so they'd be either the terrible flute player or drum basher. Most likely not very good with instruments aside from the piano. I usually go with singing when it comes to musical talent.

    On the other hand, the slightly withdrawn females that I play would be the violin or quiet piano types. The ones that play those haunting melodies~
  9. Angus is the singing type, I figure, either that or a lute or some shit, he's into fairies.

    Julius is obviously into an Imperium version of Bolt Thrower and military songs.

    And I forgot if I'm into any other roleplays right now, so yeah.

    Oh yeah I think most of the characters for my modern roleplays are into The Who.
  10. Fel plays gitfiddle. He's all Fel has...
  11. Geneva has the violin/fiddle... Probably the only character I've ever specifically said uses any instruments.
  12. A Cappela.

    With not-so-outstanding voices.