What instrument would your character play?

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  1. The Head of Arslan

    Direct Royal Family:
    * means they are married or promised
    Kral Anwaruddin of Arslan *
    Kraliçe Nawal of Arslan (Sahra) *
    Emir Salim of Arslan *
    Emir Iskander of Arslan
    Amira Damaris of Arslan *
    Amira Neslihan of Arslan

    Siblings of King Anwaruddin:
    * means they are married or promised
    Emir Ahmed of Arslan *
    Emir Farooq of Arslan *
    Amira Zeyneb of Arslan *
    Amira Lydia of Fujiwara (Arslan) *
    Amira Aisha of Arslan

    Power Houses of the Kingdom:
    Also known as the council, these are the most influential houses of nobles in the Kingdom of Arslan. There are 74 noble houses in the kingdom, but only 10 of which are politically involved. Amongst these noble houses, 2 are under investigation (*) for a potential coup d'etat.

    House of Azeem
    House of Bayran
    House of Behramuglu *
    House of Haider
    House of Hazeldine
    House of Kurshel
    House of Levni *
    House of Periganovlu
    House of Saaedh
    House of Wolfhert

  2. The M-60 is quite the instrument o' death. The song is yin Victor Charlie is very well familiar whit.

    Victor Charlie, Johnny Jihad, an' countless others know the song very, very well...

    I don't think the Boatswain's Mate's whistle counts, does it...

    Well shit...

    I have no musical talent whatsoever.

    If you time the detonations just right you can make out the Final Fantasy victory tune.

    I would not be proper Stalker if I am not play guitar. I am can do a mean acoustic rendition of Stairway to Heaven.

    I learn harmonica during six month at Disciplinary Barracks.

    I played alto sax in high school. I never stuck with it, unfortunately...

    My test subjects. All those pitches and tones of their final screams make quite a symphony of abject terror.

    I used to be able to play the guitar solo from Iron Man. I mean both solos. Unfortunately rock wyverns don't have the whole finger coordination, so I can't do that any more.

    I play the Pipe Organ on occasions. Honestly it would help if I had five fingers on both hands...

    Drums. 'Nuff said...

    The harp.

    Anyone says anything and I cave your skull in with mine.

  3. *puts McCarthy back in his cell*

    Most of my characters would play a grand piano in moonlight.
  4. Guitar mostly. though i can see some of them. Violin for the more classically attuned.
  5. Hmmm...

    Frostie himself would play the winter winds in a symphony of spine-chilling cold!

    Bei's likely to play the sitar, and Roppu's a flutist...

    Gilgear's all about a low-slung bass guitar.

    Kang would play an electric piano. 'Cause he's odd like that.

    Hydross is a guitarist, but... well, that's his main weapon, too.

    Fro'siv and Nar'zuul are too busy for instruments. They listen well, though.

    Finally, Ammit plays percussion on the corpses of fallen humans.
  6. Ashley, probably a cello in an old, dusty room XD
  7. Let's see... I'll go with charries I play on Iwaku right now. XD

    Wren from Beasts of Civilization was probably educated with the Piano and Violin. But I can see her playing a lute to be silly or beating on drums for the fun of it.

    Miss Aubrielle from Drymera would play a harp, because it is beautiful an elegant. :D Something a lady would play.

    Rosabel can't play an instrument, because she's a twit.

    ....I'd have to give some serious thought to some of my other characters. >>
  8. My upbeat, hyper-ish characters are usually based off myself, so they'd be either the terrible flute player or drum basher. Most likely not very good with instruments aside from the piano. I usually go with singing when it comes to musical talent.

    On the other hand, the slightly withdrawn females that I play would be the violin or quiet piano types. The ones that play those haunting melodies~
  9. I think I've been making myself sick from stress.
  10. Fel plays gitfiddle. He's all Fel has...
  11. Yeah. I haven't really stated it here on the forums, but i've been very sick last week. I still am, cuz this diarrhea just won't leave me alone, and is still giving me upset stomachs from time to time
  12. A Cappela.

    With not-so-outstanding voices.