What inspires you?

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  1. Hey, Iwaku!

    I was having a discussion with one of my international penpals about writing and general arts, and where we draw our inspiration from to create such wonderful pieces.

    Do you have your imagination kick-started from watching a stirring movie, or reading a good book? Or are you moved by particular music? Maybe even looking at another member's work? All of the above, even?

    I'm really interested in what motivates you. Feel free to even share a certain memory when you were inspired to do something amazing!
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  2. *Swat!* No bumping! Especially on a holiday when no one was at home and/or was too busy/lazy to post right away! O__O

    I have the unique ability to be inspired by anything. Anything. ANYTHING. ANYTHING.

    I have been inspired by music, pictures, words, colors, sounds, roadkill, Barbie Rapunzel, things people say would be impossible, challenges, dreams, socks, A MYRIAD OF CRAZY THINGS.

    My biggest form of inspiration is probably music, though. >> I love music, I need music, it is a part of my daily routine and I die inside when I dun have it.
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  3. My inspiration to create ideas comes from many things, but mostly music. But even with the inspiration to create an ideas, I can't write anything unless I've had recent contact with a certain friend.

    Its weird….
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  4. Music, mostly.

    They say a person is more inclined to one of the five senses a human has; sight, sound, scent, taste, touch. I find that I lean more to sound, and through sound, I am able to 'see' the idea/inspiration before me.
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  5. I'm the same as Diana. It was Perri the Platypus who inspired me to create an alien race of piranha-looking humanoid creatures after all :D
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  6. Music inspires me to rp. Reading @Fijoli's posts also inspires me to write, cause her characters are freaking awesome.

    When I used to make music I would get inspiration from life. Seeing something depressing, a tragic event, beautiful scenery. Things like that.
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  7. I get most of my inspiration by nature and good music.

    Just walking around in a park helps my mojo, whether my book is sad, good, happy etc, nature helps me describe.
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  8. Musics and.. really.... I guess anything visual.
    I'm extremely visual.. and if something catches my eye that is a simple pattern in the concrete or a formation in the sky, then I may get a boost of energy to create something on the spot.
    But, yeah, like everyone, musics is a strong key for inspiration for moi.
  9. I'm inspired by all things. Just seeing a half eaten cracker my son threw onto the dirty floor gives me ideas for stories. :I Important experiences, food, music, television, books, stuffed animals, jewelry, antiques, people, money... There are finite inspirations.
  10. I'm like Diana, I can be inspired by anything from insects to soundtracks

    I've also trained myself to SEARCH things for inspiration instead of waiting on it to find me, so that helps
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  11. Music doesn't inspire me much at all, I really get my inspiration by watching the random stuff that happens around my area. Not that anything illegal or weird happens, it's just that when I see a random person walking along the street or a kid riding his bike a whole crazy scenario builds up in my head centred around that person, ya know.
  12. I think I can safely say I'm also a lot like Diana. I can be inspired by people, music, books, nature, dreams, movies... anything, really. I do have to have music when writing, though. It gives me a rhythm and makes me want to keep going.
  13. I share Diana's muse. As such I have been inspired by all sorts of things, including having dull conversations.