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  2. Holy shit. That'll get me to reinstall Space Engineers. :ferret:
  3. 120 KM big. IT takes over a fucking hour to traverse some of them. And that's just the first itereation.
  4. Oh and they've added oxygen and space pirates to.
  5. ... Can't... Resist...

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  6. ... Do we still have that Server?
  7. It will be obsolete come 12th.
  8. Bleh.

    We need a new server for Iwaku then. :/
  9. Lazytown version or GTFO.
  10. The old one was just me hosting shit...
  11. It's about damn time. :l

    My Spengineers box has been lonely.

    Now if only I could build ships as well as I build in Starbound..
  12. I know.

    I was saying that we (as in the community) should get a Server for Iwaku peeps to use.
    Like with the Minecraft server.
  13. That'd be rad. Not sure we have enough people who play the game for that to be financially feasible.
  14. I'd give it a shot again. Building bases was always a blast. Also I may have a friend who runs a dedicated server he might be willing to share.
  15. My Internet is past that "I'm giving up for a split second every 20 minutes" shit that it used to do.
    So I'm more than willing to join a Server and build some big projects.

    Assuming there's actually an active community.
    I don't tend to do well in Servers where people are barely online and/or all off doing their own things.
    Group Projects for life. <3
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  16. I tend to build a base and let others use it as a platform. I am kinda just... a building machine lol. I build bases so that others may build ships and shit
  17. It makes sense.

    Ships are easier to build from a base of operations.
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  18. You also need to process mined materials.

    I'mma throw up a server tommorow and try and keep it running even if I am not using it myself. Once planets is out that is. Gonna see if the planets murder my comp or not....

    i mean. I can still play Tripping Alcoholic titles on ultra or very high..
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  19. Exactly!
    You practically have to build a base any ways to get the stuff needed to build a ship.
    Might as well make it a proper one.

    I don't see the planet update causing much issues.
    Mainly because it'd a horrible design choice to add a feature that would suddenly cause a bunch of your market to lose the ability to play the game,

    Also, mind if I get the link (assuming your not already going to post it publicly) for the server once it's up? :)
  20. Its local host, so anyone on my friendlist will be able to join.

    And the game allready suffers from slowdowns when you build superships or the computer spawn to many pirates or spacestations. The game is still in early access you know. Its nowhere near complete. It might be a that the planets are a nightmare. We are talking about 1:1 scale 120km big planets here.
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