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  1. ... a body in the woods, and you looked down at it, it turned out to look JUST LIKE YOU because it WAS you from an alternate timeline, and because you stumbled over that alternate-you body you started noticing weird things about your life that didn't quite fit just right and finding other things that belonged to these others yous. One of of which was a journal detailing how to travel through other realities.

  2. Well, after the initial shock of stumbling over my own corpse, I'd like to believe I wouldn't freak out! I would definitely be intrigued by the strange things that come to my attention about my life and with the discovery of this journal... I would read the thing quite extensively over and over to be sure I had things right and at that point I would try my hand at visiting other realities.

    I think it would be one heck of an adventure to see how things have turned out in such alternate realities. What events ended differently and what changes such wrought in the world. How differently my life has gone in those realities where I might have made different choices. Oh the possibilities would be endless.
  3. I'd definitely would think I had finally had a successful suicide and be freaked the hell out. I might think I'm in hell. If not, the bes thing I could imagine happening is me accepting it, and If I found the journal, I'd keep it but I probably wouldn't try to change realities because I know Im probably better off in this world anyway. I come from a wealthy family and have a ton of oppertunity here in the US.
  4. You want my inner child's response, eh? Alright. Going back to the mentality of my elementary school days, I would travel across the alternate realities and gather up all versions of myself who were like-minded. Then we'd pick our favorite timeline and conquer the world. Plotting global domination since 1st grade. :v
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  5. I'm not sure I cold handle something like that. It seems like some kind of real life glitch. Some screw-up on the cosmic scale.

    My most frightening memory, and you'll laugh, is that once while I was cleaning my bedroom I found an old pair of shoes of mine that I hadn't worn in maybe a year. The problem was that they were both left shoes. I didn't ever buy two identical pairs, so there's no way I could have two identical left shoes like that. Something had broken. There was glitch in the matrix of my perception of reality.

    In all honesty, I flipped. My. Shit. Absolutely freaked out. The implications of that discovery struck so deep into my psyche that the only thing I could do was scream like a tiny baby and throw the shoes out. Not even that: I actually took the shoes and threw them into the big trash can outside by the curb so they wouldn't be in my house any longer.

    So to be fair, I don't think I'd get as far as finding that journal. I'd probably be locked up for my own protection or dead on the spot.
  6. First of all, I'd do a blood test to see if I was drugged.

    In case of no drug content in my blood, I'd inspect the dead corpse known as Loy, and see what killed me. that would give me an idea, without looking into the journal, what I had been through.

    -How old was I when I died?
    -Scars; where and a guess of what made those scars
    -Overall health besides what caused death

    After the inspection, I would read the journal and pick the really important parts out such as:

    -Where the journal stated where I had been
    -What my soul of then was like and how similar it was to the soul I now carry
    -If it held any mention on what killed me should I not have found the cause during my research of my body
    -The explanation of how it was physically possible to be there
    -The mental stability of the deceased Loy

    After drawing a conclusion, proceed to come up with my own:


    The whole thing would give me a much deeper understanding of the universe and the possibilities I would hold after discovering how this was possible.

    Perhaps one day I would be able to do it myself, once of course, I found out how. And my dream of really knowing everything there was to know about the stars and universe would finally be accomplished.
  7. Eat him so I may double my own power. Duh, Diana. DUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH
  8. Nothing would happen, because interacting with yourself in any shape or form is in and of itself a paradox!
  9. @Judge Not if it's an alternate timeline! :D
  10. I'd wake up, and relate to my friends about what a strange and crazy dream I just had. Possibly via internet forum...
  11. Some of you guys have really lame inner children! ;__;

  12. @Diana I don't think it has anything to do with inner children, but how our minds work. I have no trouble wrapping my head around science fiction and imagining vast magical worlds, but I also have my head rooted to the here and now, and I'm typically very literal and logical for the most part.

    My insanity is only a side-effect that sprouts up once in a while in my personality. So for me, the idea of interacting with my alternate reality corpse is impossible, because in theory it would create a paradox and thus never happen. Just the way time travel can never be used to influence something in the past, because it would prevent the reason for you ever having done it in the first place.
  13. You're thinking of time in a linear sense though, with there being only one strand with branches off of it. What if a timeline existed that was completely separate from our own in terms of causality? You could do anything because, as far as it's concerned, you are a new entity unrelated to your alternate self.

    I can't think of a setting in which time travel was presented this way off the top of my head. If anyone else can think of one, please post it. XD
  14. @Shokkou But that would have to imply that our timelines crossed in order for two separate realities to intersect at the point where you discover yourself... who is dead in this timeline, unless the whole point is to ignore the fact you completely obliterated the fabric of your original reality and its timeline in order to shift to this second for good fun. I could do that, but I'd have to hate myself for it.

    A movie called The One represents this setting of multiverses where Jet Li has to fight off his doppleganger from another reality, which has been hopping to all the other multiverses killing THOSE Jet Lis to grow stronger. Kind of like a messed up, Asian version of the Highlander. With time travel.
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  15. I would wonder what the **** I were doing in a forest o.O EVERY TIME I ENTER A FOREST THOSE DAMN TICKS BITES ME :(

    And then I would start playing with my own dead body. (how often do you get the chance to say that sentence?) I would peel of the skin and examine the body, I'm dead either way so what harm can it do? After some hours of playing around in grotesque ways, I would start cooking the meat (and maybe the organs) over a fire and start eating myself. I have always wondered how a human tastes like and that might be the only time I'll have the chance to know. Then I would bury what's left of me in the ground nearby. Eventually I will sit down and wonder what it was that killed me, and then I will hit myself so hard in the head because I forgot to look after the cause of death, so I cause a cerebral infarction and dies on the place I found my own body some hours earlier just as a time vortex picks my body up and throws it back in time for me to find. And so it starts over.

    My inner child loves me ^^
  16. "Oh cool."


    "I look really ugly, don't I? Man, nowunder I didn't have friends." Picks up his hands and places it over his face, lays the body straight and in a "grand death" position. Looks around for a sword, tries to make the body look as if he died in battle and is standing in a really, really epic position. Of course, there isn't a sword around so ..."GG."

    "Hmm. Whoever killed this guy is probably out there."
    Instead of travelling to other realities first, I find out how to send people into other realities. Find a really, really inhospitable reality and avenge my doppleganger first by sending that btard into a realm of fiery depths. That's right. Escape? No. Revenge? Yes. I don't care where I am, whoever killed this doppleganger of mine is going to pay very, VERY dearly.

    No, but I would seriously think I was a ghost and the body I saw would be my dear body.
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  18. If you have sex with an alternate reality version of yourself, is it sex or masturbation? :v
  19. Schrödinger's Fap


    Quantum Singularity
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  20. Schrödinger's Fap! I died! XD

    Also, @Levusti -

    Snake? What are you doing? You've created a time paradox! :v
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