What if you saw...

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  1. What if you saw a dinosaur having a battle with a giant teddy bear bottle of honey in the middle of a city street and their battle was so large it was ripping holes in the clouds and causing it to rain down candy worms that were suffocating because they can't breath here in the lower atmosphere and you can't seem to find a police officer to help?

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  2. I would check myself into the nearest psychiatric hospital.

    Oh... inner child...
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  3. Just... watch. This is a once in a lifetime sight, and I'm not missing a minute.
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  4. Collect as many candy worms as I can and eat till I'm sick O^O Hey, my inner child is sensitive, but c'mon, CANDY!

    Unless they could talk, cause that would be weird…
  5. Join the battle riding this:

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  6. I'd kill everyone.


    PLOT TWIST (open)
    I'm the dinosaur. o:

    Srsly, my inner child is evil. I was such a dark mastermind that everything bad I did, I got away with by cleverly blaming it on my sister in some way.
  7. I'd be like
  8. Eat all the worms (to end their suffering) while riding the dinosaur and trying to get that damn bear bottle cause it's evil!!
  9. My inner child is changing the channel. Maybe Mr. Wizard is on!
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  10. But if it's running with siccors, wouldn't it decapitate itself D:


    Besides, @Diana, isn't it obvious? You call in the power rangers :D
  11. On that day, no fucks were given.
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  12. Transform into a magical girl and knock them shits out. The gummiworms can go fuck themselves tho.
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  13. I would probably just watch in amazement. oAo That reminds me of the first Digimon movie where they become the first Digidestined children!
    I would also probably try to eat the worms because gummy worms are delicious!
  14. Become a super hero and save the day, nom the gummiworms, and then be recognized for my heroic events. And then blame Diana.
  15. I would get as many rocket launchers as I could and fire it at the dinosaur because then we could drizzle dinosaur meat in honey and eat it!

  16. Grab the nearest camera, and film the entire thing. Then post it on YouTube where it would go viral making me famous by association, even though I would keep my identity secret, at which point I could put my plan into action to take over the world!

    I mean I would cheer on the dinosaur!
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  17. Grab a beer and a lawn chair, and root for the honey to win.
  18. I'd take pict... oh. Inner child?

    Pffft. *turns on MTV and listens to Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer"*
  19. Team up with Batman and Steve Irwin to eat all the gummi worms, beat up the dinosaur with magic swords and once again cool town will be at peace.

    Now that thats over with, go an adventure with Dora the Explorer and the Italian man in your shiny new GBA and go to Elmo Land so you can beat all the scary things that live in the dark.

    My outer child was much more murderous (and is still going)
  20. I'd use the gummi worms to create a weapon of some sorts, and ride the dinosaur, using the gummi weapon to rain death upon the honey bear bottle. Cause honestly? I never thought honey bear bottles were all that cool or cute.