What if women ruled the world OOC/sign-up thread

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  1. Women have taken over the world, men are slaves and servants to women. (Hopefully the plot will develop more once we start)

    Female Character Positions
    Princesses (two)-
    Slave Owners-

    Male Character Positions

    Character Sheet

    Physical Description:
    Desired Position:


    Name: Xavier
    Username: andrew21234
    Gender: male
    Age: 18
    Physical description: 6ft. Normal build, brown hair and eyes, ripped blue jeans and old red shirt, badly damaged white tennis shoes, has a metal cross necklace
    Personality: to be determined
    Desired position: servant
    Other: none
  2. Name: Xandu Lala
    Username: Hikari-chan (光ちゃん)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Physical description: Beautiful shoulder length hair, gray colored eyes, heart shaped lips, smooth skin, had a small tattoo of a skull on her back, wears large amounts of fancy jewelry, wears lots of facial makeup, but is a natural beauty
    Personality: Sadistic, Cruel, Selfish, Ignorant
    Desired position: Slave Owner
    Other: She acts nice to woman, but treats men like items. Xandu is a lesbian.
  3. Accepted! Yay finally someone!
  4. I also hate it when no one replies to OOC character sign ups!

    Anyways, hello.
  5. Isn't this a tee bit sexist. Women aren't slaves to men in the first place and all...And a subject involving one gender being a slave for another is a subject that is a bit unsettling for most.
  6. Hm, I don't think that's what the creator of the roleplay is trying to be.
    What if we did live in a world like that?
    It's imagination no matter how I look at it, and there are no limits in imagination!
  7. I don't mean for this to be sexist I just thought up the idea and thought it would be fun to try I wasn't trying to offend anyone part of the eventual plot will be changing the fact that men are slave and eventually they become equals
  8. Name: Elizabeth Rose
    Username: Frostbitte
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Physical Description: Beautiful, 5' 7", athletic built, a true queen, Very Royal-Like, Gold Jewelry, Blue Eyes, Blonde/Golden Hair
    Personality: Upright, polite, friendly (to women), not as friendly with slaves but not sadistic with them, TBD...
    Desired Position: Queen

    Omg Like Queen..I can't even..can I have slave boi's? :D
  9. Yeah but at the start the slave will go in to a big room and the Queen and princesses with pick their slaves but I'm thinking we'll need about 5-7 RPers
  10. Anyone else interested?
  11. Imma interested.

    Name: Alex Fey
    Username: Orbital
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Physical Description: 6'0, caucasian. Blond hair, green eyes. Wears whatever a servent wears.
    Personality: calculating, kind of cold to those he doesn't like.
    Desired Position: Servant
    Other: women can eat shit.
  12. Accepted, it sadly may be a while before we start we need at least 3 female characters and 5 males
  13. Name: Tyden
    Username: LeVen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Physical Description: Curly mop of vivid red hair, hazel eyes. He stands at five foot seven, and is fairly skinny and fair skinned.
    Personality: Surprisingly cheerful for his position, though he's fairly easy to manipulate and is kind of naive.
    Desired Position: Slave
    Other: He has no sense of smell
  14. A deputed but I'm not sure if this is going to happen or not
  15. Sorry if I'm late but I would love to join!!!

    Name: Aya
    Username: Kathrine
    Physical Description: Slightly curly long black hair with light puple tips at the ends. She stands five foot five with grayish blue eyes that change into a dark blue at night. She has a pale complexion with snake bites in her lower lip and a tounge piercing.
    Personality: Aya can be a fun person to be around with her adventurous and curios personality. But she can be very mood and introverted when she's having a bad day. She's also very stubborn and easily angered depending on the day she's had.
    Desired Position:Princess
    Other: Doesn't really think of men as slaves but pretends she does to make everyone happy. She also has a bad habit of biting her lip when she's nervous or lying.