What If I Don't?

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  1. This is a short story that might as well give you an idea of my style for writing. One of my favourite stories so far. =^.^= Please enjoy your reading of this.

    What I am about to tell you is completely mad, you might as well think I’m off my marbles and that I should go see a doctor, but no. This truly happened to me. Inside this very room where I’m writing this down for you. I was the witness of the appearance of an angel, which was also a pure demon. Yes, totally crazy, but still believable. It just wasn’t the appearance of any angel-demon, this one had a name, something most of us don’t like and we get most part in our lives as kids and teenagers. This angel-demon had been Homework itself. Do not think of me as a psycho, please! I will tell you what happened that day, as long she doesn’t decide to come in and catch me writing this.

    It had been another normal Wednesday, though the homework seemed to be more way more difficult than normal, in my opinion that is, because I was just lazy enough to just stare at the pile of four notebooks by my side. I groaned every time I turned my eyes towards it, saying I needed ten more minutes, obviously, every ten minutes that passed. Facebook chatting and scrolling seemed way more fun than writing a speech for Spanish class and studying for my Geography test. Even looking at statuses that tried to earn ‘likes’ and full of whimpers was way more entertaining. Until I had that feeling of someone staring at the back of my head.

    I quickly turned around, but only found my undone bed with the stuffed animals spread all around it. I turned back to my computer and to my surprise MS Word was opened in a new document. “Great! Now you decide to open!” I yelled, remembering that I failed at opening a new document when I had been in my class with Mr. Smith.

    I scowled and then closed it, returning to my blogging and checking statuses on. Nonetheless, I could not shake off that feeling of being stared at, so I decided to get a bottle full of water from the kitchen. Now, you might as well want to brace yourself, because what I found when I returned made me spit out the water I was drinking. MS Word had been opened again in a new document, but something was written on it. It said the following:

    “Start doing your homework, dear. You really should, because you don’t want to get me mad, right?”

    I was frozen in my spot, no one was home, so I had no explanation of who, or what, had typed that into the document. I sat down again, closed the document, and tried to grasp the fact that this wasn’t a fantasy of mine, this was actually something serious. Unfortunately for me, the feeling of being stared at was still there, stronger than ever.

    The next events that happened won’t be leaving my memory in a long time; I am shaking as I remember them vividly and see them in front of my eyes as if another part of me had been watching it all the time.

    Someone had touched my shoulder and I froze in my seat, not daring to turn around. It could not be. No one had opened the front door; and even if they could, how did they get into my room…when the door was in my line of sight and it was closed? My breathing quickened, and my hesitance to look behind me increased. Who was behind me? I got my answer when I heard the giggle of a small child right in my ear. It was a long giggle that after it ended, this being behind me spoke as clear as the water, with no flaws.

    “You are very amusing, child. Tell me, why are you not doing your homework?”

    I held my breath. There was actually someone behind me, and that someone asked me a normal and simple question. There was actually no harm in answering. I cleared my throat and said: “Well, uh, I don’t want to. That’s the reason; I don’t want to do it, right now that is.” Yeah, that would do.

    The being behind me started to play with my hair; I found it really uncomfortable because I hate my hair being played as if it was a mere toy. But when it spoke again, a chill ran down my spine like cold ice in winter. That voice of a child had transformed into a harsh, demonic voice, and it said: “That is not an acceptable answer. In fact, no negative or contradicting answer you give me is acceptable.”

    This made me angry, what response was I supposed to give to this being? It growled lowly, yet I felt as if it was right inside my head. “You have got to do it”. My manners and fear faded away as I replied in a calm voice. “Tell me, what happens if I don’t do it?” I have no idea from where that came from, but it sure as hell itself was a wrong, but very wrong thing to do.

    The light went off, and when it came back again, three swipes were in my left cheek, blood slowly starting to ooze out. I gasped as I slowly brought my hands to my face. No human was able to do that, unless it was a very angry old lady with really long nails. “Come on, child. You really do not want to get me mad, right?” it giggled again.

    I tried to turn; only to snap my head back when that demon growled menacingly, it sent a horrible shiver down my spine. I slowly reached out for my pen, staring blankly at the notebooks in front of me, that strong feeling of being stared at making me flinch and quiver. I decided it was good to start with Spanish, that essay would leave me alone if it was done first and finally finished. I wrote quickly on the notebook, every coherent sentence been written down so it wouldn’t look like it was done by a seven-year-old. Behind me, I could hear it cackle out a triple-voiced laugh.

    “Yes…yes, child. Continue…” it repeated again and again and again. And even I fell in a trance whilst writing down my essay, only to snap back to reality when I had finished. I quickly shut it and took the big, fat geography notebook; with a highlighter in hand, I began underlining the important stuff from my notes to study for the test.

    A hand with the soft touch of porcelain caressed my skin. The touch felt so strange yet welcoming, like staring into the deep pits of Hell and feel you belong there, not in Heaven. Again, I entered into that creepy trance, knowing what I had to learn and remembering easily, almost as if I was retaining it in a hard-drive of my own. Still, when I almost finished geography, I could listen that being whispering into my ear: “Finish, my child, and you shall be rewarded for your efforts…” I could only nod as a response, that being had so much control over me I found it scary, yet fascinating.

    It had been so quick. Doing my homework I mean, yet it had taken so long; those moments that only seemed to be minutes had been a complete hour. And I still can’t explain how time passed by so fast. I leaned back in my chair, panting rapidly for some odd reason. Though I know it had actually been that demon controlling me, it felt as if I had done it all by myself. I closed my eyes and took a deep long breath.

    The being laid a hand over my head, not to harm me but to reward me for ‘my efforts’. “You are now able to turn, I no longer forbid it, dear child. Its voice was angelic, as sweet as honey, may I say. I could not resist myself to such a beautiful voice, so I willingly turned in my chair, gaping at the most magnificent being I had ever seen on Earth in my whole life.

    It was a tall lady, hair that seemed to flicker like the flames in a fire yet having a golden color, falling down her back, perfect alabaster skin and feline golden eyes, black wings curving from her back, and a pair of small horns at the top of her forehead, all that wrapped in a white gown.

    I shook my head, my breath taken away by such beauty. Was this the demon who had been asking me to do my…homework? She did not look like it. “Excuse me, madam, but…you are beautiful. Who are you exactly, if I may ask?”

    It smiled and replied. “I am here, there, and everywhere. I am thought and breathe. I am an Angel and a Demon. I am Light and Dark. I am…something entirely made for bringing perfection. Thy surprise is acknowledged, yet overrated.” I looked down, ashamed; but my face was brought up with a long finger from this Angel-Demon, and I was not able to take my eyes off hers, I was lost into that tentative beauty.

    “Thou should not be afraid to express thy feelings. Here, for really cooperating, you have earned this. Use it wisely, for I may return to you.” This Angel-Demon slipped something into my hand and afterwards, disappeared in a flash of light, leaving me momentarily blinded. My gaze then fell into my hand, and I inspected the compass-shaped object carefully.

    Until this day, I have not figured out what this weird contraption does, but I think I will eventually find it out. For now, I have to start my homework for Physics because it is getting very late. Sweet! This contraption started to spin! I wonder what that means.

    Bad news. The contraption called back the Angel-Demon, and let’s says she is not happy that she found me not doing my homework. I am currently writing inside the closet. Oh bother, I think she spotted me!! I only want to write down my last wish before she can g---


    Young female adult was found dead in her apartment. Reasons of the death are unknown, though the police think this might be a new kind of killer for the victim has slashes all over her face and body. The only clues found were some dark feathers stuck in the shredded furniture, a diary with some ‘information’, presumably owned by the victim, and a written message in the wall with big red letters that was catalogued as a threat towards the citizens by the police:

    “She did not want to do her homework. Beware, you might be the next”.-
  2. Ha ha! This has completely given me motivation to do the homework I'm procrastinating right now! I love the way it ended and especially the Daily News excerpt. Nice work!
  3. That was one good creepy story. I would definitely be scared if something like that happened to me, especially since I have been lazy with my studies recently.
  4. Thank you for your feedback. :) This was actually a story for an English class project. Horror/Alien stories was the theme.