"What If" Character Plot Challenge

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  1. Take your most all-time favorite character (or one that you feel would be fun to do this challenge with) and place them in the following “what if” scenario:

    What if [your character] was obsessed with a certain color?

    Now, write a story/plot based around the idea. Easy-peasy!

    Keep in mind, this exercise is designed purposely to take your character out of their comfort zone. If this challenge helps you create a new and entertaining character altogether, even better. Most of all, have fun with it!
  2. Crookedstar.
    Crookedstar is obsessed with blue. (color of the river) So one day he went to the river and stared at it. He couldn't help himself...out of nowhere a cat pushed his head under aaaannnd he got drowned. The end
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  3. Yellow. Yellow. Yellow. Yellow.
    Harrison hated it. Ever since he was young he had the strangest distaste for the color of yellow. No matter the shade, whether it be a green with the hint of a sickly yellow or the yellow of skin after a long bruise has begun to heal; it was as if his very eyes could not draw themselves to stand even taking the slightest glance at the damned color. Over the years he'd accumulated a variety of glasses, shades, bifocals, blinkers, specs, rims and even goggles of assorted color just so this disorderly color would not taint his vision. Yet, with each spectrum and each ray of light which found its way into the pupil of the eye, the yellow would find some way to haunt his vision.

    Citrine colored cars, blonde broads, flavescent fangs. It drove him mad until a single and wonderful conclusion sparked in his insane mind. He raced toward his kitchen and found his favorite cutlery instrument and proceeded to begin cutting away at the layers of his eyes. He knew it to be the only true answer to this world deluded by such a sickly taste to have big signs with vibrant golden letters, perfume in a bottle labeled "Poached Pear", amber colored boots and harvest moons in the sky, scotchbutter colored butterscotch and Neapolitan yellow urinals.

    He'd done it now. But not quite as planned. Harrison no longer could see yellow, not as you or I. But now what's left of his eyes remains, shows him nothing but the finest hue of Filigree Gold. Now you may ask in this sour tale, what moral could drawn from this strange happening in some possibly fictitious place with a non-existent madman we'll only know as Harrison? Well, I wouldn't think to much about that; that'd be like thinking about what lingers on the edge of an event horizon.

    Edit: I very much enjoyed that.
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  4. Gabrielle gets obsessed with the color purple.

    I stared at the ribbon in my hand. My father, the only surviving one, had given a gift to me. I soon learned to LOVE the color purple. I couldn't get my mind off of it. Soon I fell into a trance, focusing on the color purple. People tried to awaken me. It was only my father that could free me.
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  5. Format:
    Bham Stocker - Dracula style consistent of journal entries, letters, receipts, witness accounts, reported news.

    In The Blue House

    Lorraine is a middle-class working woman, age 42. She is currently in labor and being rushed to hospital by her husband Roy. BUT SUDDENLY! Roy runs a red light and is t-boned by an RV, there is then a six car pile-up in the intersection.
    Lorraine bobs in and out of consciousness as she tries to shake Roy awake. Later she wakes up in a hospital and is alone in the dark, accompanied only by sound of machines. She slams her fist into the "call" button to get a nurse. When the nurse arrives she calms Lorraine down and turns on a light. BIG REVEAL! "There was an accident, witnesses say they saw your husband run a red light. You were hit by an RV, the drivers side of your car was crushed, six other car's crashed too. Your husband didn't make it, nor did your child. We did all we could, the operation would've killed you. I'm sorry" says the nurse. She is prescribed anxiety pills and sleeping pills

    Lorraine begins going to therapy to get over the accident. News of the crash was still hot on the air, and Lorraine watches it every time. Each time she goes to therapy she sees more and more danger outside. She begins skipping therapy sessions. She starts buying blue clothing from the internet. Roy loved blue, he wore blue to work every day and drove a blue car. When she wore blue it was like Roy was still around somehow. She felt comfort in it.
    Eventually she stops going to therapy and work all together. She survived using Roy's life insurance money and by buying and selling her items online. She forces herself out of the house on the day of Roy's funeral, where everyone finds out that she's become a shut in.
    She gets progressively worse, but more and more people try to get her outdoors. Her house is now entirely blue inside and out except in the baby's room and her bedroom (she never goes in there).
    She's on the verge of suicide, she can't take the nightmares anymore.

    Her family and friends try to coax her out of her home and teach her how to keep herself safe. On the outside, Lorraine looks like she's doing really well but inside she's dying. She sees Roy's face on every man, she looks at every child longingly. She begins calling in sick to avoid going out but nobody believes she's really sick, she's forced out anyway. She begins actually getting herself sick and is allowed to take a few days off. Her illness doesn't let up. Everyone is trying to get her to go see a doctor. Lorraine barricades the doors, and goes up to her room taking with her the prescribed sleeping pills she'd stopped taking (She stopped taking them because she'd rather have a nightmare where she sees Roy, than no dreams at all). She let herself into the bedroom which remained the same from the night he died. She curled up in bed where she could still smell Roy, and took all of her pills. Her parents went on to join a charity for shut-ins, her friends spread her story, schools begin warning students and parents of this disorder, for a while things are very tense in her town as everyone fears that the same will happen to someone they know, but of course it all quieted down after the tsunami in japan.

    I want to do this now, it's going to take a hell of a lot of research before I can start though. :D Thanks Amberlin!
  6. My character is Naruto.

    Orange.......bright....beautiful. it reminds me of life.......the sun.......the giant ball of fire, keeping us from freezing to death......I want to touch it......I want to know the warmth of something.......like the warmth of a hug....but just a little bit more.......People say im stupid....But I say im just Adventurous. Lonley. Like the sun........the orange....sun. I will.. and I mean, will. Touch the sun. Because its orange. No other reason. What, you thought I wanted to touch it because I haven't had a hug in years. No, man! Im not a baby. Jeez.......I do wanna hug though....
  7. The Color.....Red.
    Adelaide abhorred the color, yet at the same time, could not draw herself away. Everywhere she went, it would follow. Be it in the form of the lava from the nearest volcano, the darkening dawn of the sky, or the blood.......Glorious blood spilt by her enemies, by her comrades, and even herself. Why even her lover had the color swimming inside of him, somewhere..... She saw it fit to draw out the color from her lover, if only to rid him of its beautifully, horrid being. She took her weapon against her lover until the ground bled with the color......So beautiful, so terrible....... Adelaide licked the blood of her blade, "Now.....look what you made me do........Red."