"What I love About Iwaku:"

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Despite any hair-pulling and rageface worthy moments, all of the things I love about Iwaku always out weighs the bad! That's true for most members, nor none of us would be here right now!

So this thread is dedicated to everything we LOVE about Iwaku!

What do youuuuuu love about Iwaku?

I love the community discussions on issues. Even when no one agrees with me or I dun get what I want. The fact that everyone can chat about it, give their opinions and NOT turn in to a huge flame war REALLY makes me happy. XD

I adore the creativity that comes out in the roleplays! There are SO MANY awesome plots I keep wanting to join other people's roleplays, so I rarely have a chance to start my own! It's like a lunch buffet of awesome!
what do I love about Iwaku?

The people, the social atmosphere, the bullshit talk about nothing, mixed in with serious conversations ranging from sex to politics to what you had for lunch (and why it doesn't agree with you). Basically, Iwaku for me offers everything what a semi-hermit as me needs without ever needing to leave the room.

The RP's, and especially IW are great writing practice, and I feel I've gotten better at writing over the few years I've been here.

that...and many more things, is what I love about Iwaku.
I love that I can come here to relax after a crazy day. I also love being about to work on my writing skills and share my imagination with people that want me to!!!

I'm so happy I've met so many awesome people here, especially my lovable fanclub. ^_^
Yea, definitely the community. I've been a member at several other forums, but Iwaku is by far the best.
The opportunity to read something that expands my creativity.
Definitely the chance to use my long atrophied Creative muscle.

What waht? the staff are clamping down on that?


Guess its the members then.
Well, since I don't get comments for my fan fics, that part of love is gone, so...

I guess it's just the lulziness of this place. Fun, I guess, when I'm feeling silly.