"What I love About Iwaku:"

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  1. Hmm...Ruby :3
    Her personality is almost exactly how I used to make Reia, bouncy energetic always happy and eager to make others smile :3
  2. Astaroth closed the door behind himself as he walked in.

    The crow lightly pecked on the door.
  3. “I never mistreated the girl but she turned away from me and then Lucius. Lucius didn’t deserve that.” Harmony said it loud enough that Sariel could hear it.

    Sariel wandered down the hall quietly.
  4. "I don't care."
  5. Sariel stopped and look up at him, “I heard that you could see things.”
  6. Good Morning?
  7. I will get to work on some posts in a bit. Going to make some breakfast real quick first though. Around lunch-time or this afternoon I will do my school work.

    What waht? the staff are clamping down on that?


    Guess its the members then.
  9. Well, since I don't get comments for my fan fics, that part of love is gone, so...

    I guess it's just the lulziness of this place. Fun, I guess, when I'm feeling silly.