What Helps You Go to Sleep at Night?

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  1. Just generally curious.

    For me, it depends. Anything from sleep medication, to ASMR, to drinking... But that's when I actually get tired to sleep. Hooray for insomnia.

    2) putting my stress aside until morning

    3) being warm
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  3. #1 sounds appealing. I've tried it multiple times. But then my thoughts keep me up and I'm like "what's the point lol"
  4. Copious amounts of alcohol.
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  6. Sleep. Who needs it, when you got coffee and the internet to keep you living!!

    Anyways, I watch ASMR videos and I pass out like a drunken person.
  7. I usually indulge in a hot cup of tea and a chapter or two of a book. Works like a charm.
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  8. ASMR. I don't fall asleep with them, but they put me in such a relaxed state that it is that much easier for me to start to snooze. If I go without listening to any of my favorite ASMRtists for the night, I'm completely restless. :(

    And hey, I always thought I was alone in being a tingle-head! This makes me happy ^_^
  9. Putting electronics out of arm's reach + soft classical piano mp3s embedded with ASMR.
  11. Reading. Best sleep aid ever. Actual books or on electronic devises. I do most of my reading online (Creepy pasta, east of the web). Although turning the display brightness down and viewing pages with dark layouts is much better.

    Sometimes I get insomnia though and all hope is lost.
  12. Reading while laying down will usually do it for me. Occasionally I'll put on Netflix and fall asleep to that, but not often.
  13. About four bottles of Nyquil does the trick.
  14. Turn the lights off, turn screen brightness down to minimum, find a political discussion or debate thread here on Iwaku that doesn't interest me at all and just read that -- it'll put me right to sleep.

    ...I'm not even kidding about that last bit. I usually hang out in bed for a bit with the lights off and my brightness way down before going to bed any night, but the political thread thing is my go-to for nights when I just can't sleep.
  15. I like piles and piles of blankets - the pressure makes me feel cozy and relaxed. And I have this "white noise" app that has a bunch of different tracks you can play.

    I usually play the sound of someone taking a shower or I play a cat purring. xD I always had cats growing up and they'd cuddle with me and the weight of a cat on me while they slept was really comforting for some reason.

    I have a cat now but she's a little shit who doesn't like to cuddle. >:( So now I have to make due with electronic kitty purrs.

    A while ago I got some lotion for free and I use that when I'm sleepy, too. It's lavender and vanilla, I think - a classic combination that's supposed to help with relaxing. I think I've probably just ended up training myself that this scent = sleepytime though. xD
  16. Staying awake until my eyes close by themselves because I'm so exhausted. :) Probably not good for me but I usually end up sleeping like a rock!
  17. I have to put my earbuds in and listen to music or else I hear all the weird creaking and thumping in my house.
  18. The sweet knowledge that my mortal enemies will die someday.
  19. Alcohol is the best sleep aid, but since I can't totally destroy my liver - a good workout works as well.

    All else fails when I can't without or drink, I just hit the lights and think of happy(er) times.
  20. Reading while laying in bed. Music also helps, as long as it's not very loud or aggressive music.

    Actually, the music bit is sort of mandatory for me nowadays, because graveyard schedule means I sleep during the afternoon when everyone else in my room wants to be noisy assholes, so I got some headphones that effectively double as earplugs and use those when I'm going to sleep.
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