What happens to the rest of the world if YellowStone erupts?

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    Yellostone is a super volcano is the USA and has just went off. Heavy ash covers most of the Us all the way to the Eastern sea-bored killing off all the crops and trees. Mass chaos and panic followed by famine causes the US government to fall apart. Some states start claiming to be sovereign countries with other grouping together in new unions and lack of food and chaos still goes on after the super disaster. The eruption only affects the rest of the world with average temperatures being about 15 degrees below their normal and hazy skies from ash still in the air.

    This topic is not so much about the USA falling apart but the rest of the world. What happens in the rest of the world after the US collapses into a civil war torn cluster of 3rd world countries ravaged by famine and chaos?

    In reality Yellow stone erupting would be global devastation but for this topic we will pretend most of the worst effects are only in the US and parts of Mexico and Canada. How does the rest of the carry on after this?
  2. Well, pretty much as it is right now. The US is already falling apart as is. (Won't get into that...)

    In reality, like you said, the devastation would be on a global scale. The US would be hardest hit -- possibly -- simply because of proximity. The falling of world wide temperatures would be disastrous. Food as a whole would become scarce and the sea would begin to cool, killing off entire systems. Depending on the length of stay of the cloud, it could trigger another Ice Age.

    In terms of trade, I've always found it amusing that other countries buy US goods with a preference and the US does the same but shuns their own goods. Depending on how everything rolls out, trade systems might collapse but recover readily enough. The US stock market crashes, housing bubbles, etc all caused damage world wide (and the damage is still trying to be mitigated and controlled) so I would think that would give a decent cue as to how things might roll. The stock market would inevitably shut down all together until moved to another location -- but would there be a point? Assuming a shift from "the United States is" to "the United States are" (meaning, a complete dissolving of the Union) and a falling into some form of civil war, I doubt anyone would be very interested in trading little slips of paper that are theoretically backed by gold in some vault somewhere.

    The aid the US gives other countries would, for once, be directed back at itself -- one can only hope. So those countries which have come to rely on its aid would start to hurt and possibly even flounder, decaying back to the status they were at before the help the US has given. The return to an old state is much akin to returning to an old habit: they'll recover and be as they were, for better or worse.

    Weither anyone would actually come to the US's aid, that's questionable at best. Granted, my overall outlook isn't very good about the US but considering what is going on in the global stage right now? I believe it was Machiavelli that once said, "it's better to be feared than loved." The US is neither right now. The US played off of fear to gain love, that backfired in many cases. The US gave love at the expense of ignoring her own problems and her own masses. Either way you look at it, the US isn't much of a player in the global way of things any more, and it's only getting worse by the day. Taking that into consideration, I would think the rest of the world would survive just as well without the US. A mass exodus would happen, possibly, so all the knowledge would move into other countries. India, China, Japan, and portions of Europe would become Meccas of development. One chain reaction after another...

    All theories, all theories...
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  4. There's an additional problem.

    The news doesn't pay it much heed, but it's a fact that we've already got frozen area of methane melting, in our larger bodies of water. It's highly concentrated and there's a ton of it, and its ALREADY in the works, so if we can't get the world to calm the hell down, nature will be providing its own greenhouse gases too. First I heard of it on a massive scale was on NPR.

    SO, if everything gets a little more fucked up, we have that to worry about too.
  5. The chinese will mass produce parkas and two scenarios will be established:

    1. Russia China Super Group in which we establish a near global peace with communism being the primary style of government.

    2. Russia vs. China in which China reconciles with other Asian countries and the power of North and South Korea return as well as japan to fight off Russia who has re-established relations with the Middle East and have taken over the rest of Europe.
  6. You think if the US government collapsed that the other nations would just leave it alone? With all the fucking weapons they have scattered over the country, especially nukes?