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  1. "It pains me to say that there is little more I can do to help your family. But ration what I have given you and it should last all the way through the winter." The man before Avram stooped as if he were well past his prime years, but his face looked like that of a middle-aged man. Gerid was the name he gave them. He claimed to be in dire need of money due to his family's inability to care for all of the sheep in their herd. There were many shepherds in the villages surrounding the capital, so it was unlikely that Gerid's loss would affect the overall supply of wool. But there was also the matter of this man's family. How would they have any income if not for his sheep? It was Avram's responsibility to see to the needs of the entire kingdom, not just one family. It was all so frustrating. And now he had to consider what would happen after he was married. He wasn't sure why that prospect disturbed him so

    Gerid bowed before the throne and quickly scurried off with the meager amount of money he was given. That was the twenty-seventh citizen he had seen today, and judging by Oliver's list, there would be quite a few more. The Steward himself sat in his usual spot, off to the side of the room making notes about each man, woman, and child that came through the court to see their king.

    Unfortunately none of them would see the king. None of them had for years now. King Feldon rarely spoke to anyone now, except for the few who were allowed to visit his chambers. Avram himself had not been up there in over three months. That was partly because of the massive number of responsibilities he had sitting on his shoulders as the heir to the throne. The other reason, which he was less willing to admit, was that he could not stand to see his father in such a tragic state. He was once a strong and brilliant leader. People revered him until the day he ended the Prime Order and removed his closest friend from power. Even now Avram was still confused about what happened then, though he had only been seven years of age at the time.

    The guards brought in the next man, and this one looked more furious than desperate. He was dragging a young woman with him, though she kept her head down for whatever reason.

    "Your grace, this woman is responsible for injuring my horse. She ran into the middle of the road like a lunatic and caused him to buckle back and break his leg. I must have payment to purchase a new horse that can pull my cart."

    Avram only half heard the man's complaints. His eyes were focused on the woman he was accusing of being a lunatic. There was an oddness to her that he could not place. She appeared to be of the northern blood, and though that was hardly uncommon in the past, most northerners nowadays were refugees from the endless war occurring within their borders.

    "Is what this man says true? Did you injure his horse?" Avram inquired, though he removed the forceful tone from his voice.
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  2. Alexandra had been working out away from the castle for the knights and Kings guard. She made sure she was far from the main kingdom as possible. She didn't want to be recognized or be called a traitor or anything else she could. She was walking from the river to her tent with a bucket of water when a guard started to walk for her on his horse. He smiled and looked down at her.

    " Your a pretty thing, you sure you belong out her. You stand like a northerner and seem to act like one too." He said. he went to grab her and she smacked his hand away." Touch me and I will cut you off your horse." She snapped at him. He smirked, "even have the fire of one. See you around." He smirked at her. She rolled her eye's and watched him go as she went back to her work. She wiped her hands after a bit and went to grab some things. She was picking up her basket as Alex walked back over the road. As she did the same guard saw her and started to walk his horse toward. What he didn't see was the snake that slithered in the horses past. Alex sighed as the horse freaked out and backed up tripping and breaking it's leg. She picked up the snake gently and stuck it in her basket.

    She was seized by guards and started to be dragged for the castle." No, no. Let me go." Alex snapped." I didn't do anything." She snapped as they brought her in front of the prince. She breathed and quickly put her head down. Her hair covered her face. She was breathing heavily. Alex didn't want to be recognized not here at least. She was in angry tears.

    " No your grace, a snake passed in front of his horse as he walked over to what I assume was to harass me again." She said. The guard smacked her, " Don't lie to your future king, their was no snake and look at him when you speak it is rude." He said to her. Alex slowly lifted her head shaking, she had angry tears in her eye's." I don't lie about things like this." She said. She took her basket and pulled out the snake." Where would I get this if I didn't grab it from the path." She snapped. Alexandra heard the crowd gasp and step back and few woman screamed. Some of the woman passed out. The man stepped back." Witch craft." He said softly. " Your a hair brained idiot if you think that's what that is. I picked it off the ground."Alex said.

    The man went to hit her. She held the snake up and he backed off. Alex only rolled her eye's at his stupidity.
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  3. The response of this young woman was more than enough to catch Avram's attention. Here was a peasant being dragged into court for upsetting one of his city guards, yet she spoke as if she possessed all the authority in the world. No one of such low status would dare talk like that in the royal court, especially in front of a member of the royal family. When she lifted her head he could see something in her that tugged at him, though he was not quite sure what. Did he know her? Impossible. He remembered every commoner he spoke to on the streets, few as those encounters were. So why did he feel an odd sense of familiarity to her face?

    "Enough!" the prince bellowed as the guard made to strike her again. "I will not have talk of witchcraft in my father's court. Nor will I have violence unless I deem it necessary. And someone remove the damned snake!" It was odd calling it his father's court, considering the man had not stepped foot inside of it for years. His illness had progressed slowly at first, but eventually he began saying things only a madman would say. Now he would not even leave his chambers. Only the healers and members of the royal family were allowed to see him. And Avram was more than aware that power-hungry lords from all over the kingdom were preparing to strike in such a time of weakness. It was why his mother had arranged a marriage for him to the Eburharts of Goldtree.

    From the corner of his eye, Avram could see the Captain of the Guard, Gerald Vancen, talking quietly but heatedly with the Steward, Oliver Trite. "Ser Gerald, is there something you wish to add?"

    The captain ceased talking to Oliver and stepped forward. "My lord, if it is your will, I would like to have a private discussion with this woman." That aroused his curiosity more than a little. But Avram trusted Gerald more than most, and he conceded with a wave of his hand. The guard who brough her forth was grinning wickedly, not unexpected.

    "Your horse will be replaced," Avram continued as Gerald escorted the woman out with two more of his guards. "In the mean time I suggest you take care not to pick fights with women who carry around snakes."
  4. Alexandra almost jumped as the prince spoke loudly. She was glad he didn't allow the man to strike her again. something in her told her this would end badly some how for her in the long run being here. She was very scared. " Wait, your grace let me put it back where I found it off the road. It did fine in my basket on the way here it is no harm to any one or anything. It is a common garden snake it will no more hurt you or I." She said as she held the snake it wrapped around her arm and she pet it's head." Their very useful to have about." She said to him. Alexandra looked at the snake with a gentle gaze. When he gave her the okay she sighed , since most of the men would either kill it or not touch it. She breathed out hoping she could go now.

    When a man said he wished to speak with her a lone. Her mouth and heart dropped. She knew it was to good to be true. She was never leaving here again with her head. She saw the dark grin on the guard who had brought her in. She let out a small hiss of frustration. She looked at the man how asked to speak with her. She knew him amd she knew him well. She was brought forth. Her face had been seen so she now walked with her head high and determination in her eyes. at least she die with dignity.

    She walked with the man and his guards to another room. They did not touch her due to the snake being on her arm and well. She could walk just fine. She turned to look at the man as he closed the door. Alex breathed in and backed to the cold stone wall. She watched Gerald what had she done wrong now. Did he recognize her? No he couldn't she was young when she left her face had changed since then. She was tiny framed and her skin was as pale, even working in the sun. Her Blue eye's still the same. She however grown up much prettier then she was as a child. Alex looked at Gerald and waited for her sentence a back lash. Something for her being here. Though she had not come of her own free will. If it was up to her, she never step foot in the castle let alone throne room.

    Alexandra closed her eye's and minute, she was begging the gods to show a little mercy to her. Alex turned her gaze to the guard." What have I done to warrant the captain of the guards to speak with me." She said. Alex had an even Tone and her face did not crack to show how afraid she was of being found out. Yet would it be so bad if someone ew. Maybe she could end the miserable life she was in, if they did know. Alex However also wanted him to know because she wanted to run and hug the man and cry. He had been kind to her as a child and she wanted something familiar.
  5. From the moment she spoke, Gerald Vancen was immediately aware of who this must be. Or rather, he has a hunch. No peasant would command such authority in front of the crown prince himself, so that was the initial giveaway that she was of noble blood. Even looking at her now, Gerald could see the features of her family brought out. The strong jawline of her father was prominent, as were the radiant eyes of her mother. She walked with her head held high, as any proud noblewoman would. Yes, there was no doubt in his mind. Alexandra Donogale was alive, and she had returned to the capital. But what for? And was she a threat?

    He led her two a small chamber that was normally used for questioning people, usually prisoners or thieves of some sort. There would be questioning this, though not of that nature. Gerald motioned for both guards to post just outside the door. He then motioned for his guest to take a seat in a small wooden chair at plain table, which he then sat across from.

    For a long time the captain said nothing. He simply took in her features to ensure that this was indeed who he thought. She had clearly been through hell and back, that much was certain. The chipper little girl he remembered was likely no more than a memory. In her place was a woman grown, hardened by war and desperation. It would be foolish to expect her to be anything like her father was after what she had been through. What worried Gerald was her reason for being here. Did she have a vendetta against the royal family for what they did to her's? Surely most people would in her position. He would have to keep a close eye on her.

    Finally he spoke, relaxing his voice to sound almost fatherly. "For a long time I thought I would have grown to be the pretty one." A small grin spread across his face. "Guess I was wrong." That much was certainly true. Despite her harsh environment she had still grown to be quite beautiful, even in pale rags. "You don't have to hide your identity from me. I can see it just by looking at your face."
  6. Alex breathed out and sat. She was on guard. However tears were being held back behind her curious gaze. When he spoke and didn't sound mad. She put the snake in her basket and stood slowly. She did it with out thinking, she walked around the table and and threw her arms around him. she sobbed into his chest. Alex was lonely and missed her life, she had grown up a hard life after they left. Her father died of Illiness after he was forced out of the kingdom. She had no more family after that. She lost everything her status, her money, Her life. Her best friend and her commitment to be with him. She missed it and him.

    She slowly stopped her sobs and wiped her eye's." I am sorry, I just missed you and him. I am not here to cause trouble. I just wanted to be close to something familiar I have no more family." She said softly as she whimpered into Gerald." I did not mean to come back here to the castle. I swear their was a snake in the path. I did not want to be here. To be called names or recognized. I been living a peasant life. I will be happy to go back to it. If you do not harm me for coming back or for even having my face shown here. I will go back to being no one, no name just girl." She said as she begged him in soft sobs. She was afraid, She didn't want to go back to that life, but if it was what let her get out alive she would.

    Alex looked at him like a child again. Her eye's were round, full of tears and blue color deep as the sea. She watched him and wiped her eye's." Gerald please I mean no harm I just want the familiar ness of my home. Even if it means I stay in rags and dirt." She said lightly to him. Gerald was forgiving. He had always given her amazing advice. Even when she had a father. She trusted him with all her heart. She just wasn't sure what he do.

    Alex wiped her eye's, she had been so depressed and his soft tone sent her over the edge. Her body had been shaking for she was scared of being found out. Now that he said something. Everything she had been holding in for last year's of her lfe. Alex watched him with begging eye's.
  7. Gerald was not expecting the hug, but upon hearing how broken she sounded he immediately wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace. He could scarcely imagine the hell she had been through to return to the place she once called him. And though he empathized with her, he could not shake the fact that he still had a duty to the crown. What if she was a threat, and these tears were merely a means of gaining his trust? Given the state she was in now that possibility almost seemed ludicrous.

    "You've put me in a tough position," he said softly, though he attempted to keep his tone warm. "If I had it my way you would be far away from here, somewhere safe where no one would recognize you. That's what your father would want." Gerald recalled Lord Donogale fondly. The man was his mentor at one point. Gerald trained under him when he was part of the Prime Order, still a young fighter who had yet to even be knighted. Many years later that powerful legion collapsed after Lord Donogale was removed from his station. He alone was its founder, and the Prime Order was nothing without its head.

    "Unfortunately I also have a duty to the crown. I cannot withhold knowledge from the Royal Council, and it is highly unlikely that Prince Avram would want to see you anywhere but inside the safety of the palace." To be frank, Gerald did not think that was such a terrible idea. The prince needed something from the past to remind him that there was still good left in the world. He had seen far too much bleakness ever since the burden of ruling a kingdom was placed on his shoulders far sooner than it should have been. But there was always the danger of letting their past relationship interfere with Avram's future relationships, especially now that he would be marrying Lyanna Eburhart.

    "There will be a council meeting after court has ended. I would rather not surprise everyone by revealing your presence to them with such suddenness so I will have to tell them all individually before then. In the mean time we best get you cleaned up. A Donogale should be dressed in something more fitting of her station."
  8. Alexandra listened to him Her small framed body in his arms. She was shaking, he wanted to send her far away. She didn't want that. She wanted to go back near the castle. When he said she was to stay for now till he told the council. He wasn't going to let her go and her presence would be known. Her breath got short and she watched him with wide eye's She didn't want them to know. She seemed to have no choice though. she sniffed and nod." Thank you Gerald." She said hugging him. she had not thought about revenge, her father was a traitor. He deserved what he got.

    Alexandra stood and took the basket up. She watched Gerald get hand maids to help her to a room and to dress. She asked them to get a potted tree in the room and something to eat for the snake. She would keep it. It was harmless and seemed to like her. She watched Gerald go as she was lead to the room. Alex put the snake at the base of the tree food in a bowl for it. She watched it eat happily.

    " Lady Donogale, your bath is ready." She said. Alex nods and walked to the room. She slowly peeled off her peasant clothing and slipped into the bath water. It was warm and not the cold water of the river. She dunked her head under and came up again with a sigh. She had been covered in dirt head to toe. The maid washed her body gently and hair. Alex sighed and looked at her." What is your name?" She asked the girl. The girl smiles." Layla, my lady" Alex nods and sighed." Your to be my maid for now are you not?" Alex asked.

    The girl nods." Yes my Lady." She said. Alex nods." when it is just call me Alex or Alexandra." She said." I can't my Lady. I have served many woman before and I do not want to confuse it." She said. Alex nods going silent as the girl washed her body."My Lady what was it like not living in the capital?" She asked. Alex looked at her.

    Alexandra looked at her, "A world cold and cruel, yet no politics or deadly secrets of the court. It is the best of both world as is the court." She said and sighed as Lala helped her out." Who is your father Layla?" She asked the girl." Sir barriston, my lady. He has put me into the service of the kingdom." She said, The girl dried her body then hair. Alex walked out he room and dressed into a dark blue dress. Layla tightened her corset and the dress. It was low cut, however the necklace she had been given to wear lay nestled between her cleavage. Her hair had brightened with the dirt washed away. Her pale skin shown.

    She sat in her chair speaking to Layla and when the door sounded. Layla stood and answered. She turned to Alex." My lady, They ask for your presence in the council room." She said. Alex gulped and slowly stood. She walked following the guard to the council chamber. She walked in her head held high but her heart tightened. She was afraid, Layla was at her side.Alex looked to Gerald for help or to see if he was angry.
  9. Avram sat in the council chambers with Ser Gerald and Oliver. The news his captain had just revealed to the two of them had completely consumed the prince's mind. So much so that he could scarcely hear the argument occurring between the other two. Alexandra Donogale. That was a name that he never thought he would hear again. And she was here. What did that mean? They were friends once of course, but that seemed so long ago given all he had been through. He was already loaded with the responsibilities of a king, though he was not one yet. What had she been through during all of this? Avram dared not imagine.

    "She is the daughter of a traitor," Oliver sputtered with disgust, "and you want us to treat her as an ally? Forget that she has no power to her name or anyone loyal to her that we know of. The fact that her father was Lord Donogale is enough to condemn her by association. The man was a plague to the royal family-"

    "Speak ill of him all you want," Gerald countered, almost too calmly, "but you never even met the man. I trained under him for years and I can tell you without a doubt that he was among the most honorable men I ever encountered."

    Avram slammed a fist on the table to silence them both. "We will decide nothing until the rest of the council is here and I have seen her for myself." He already had a massive headache from listening to some of the merchants complain about the numerous caravans entering the city. This dilemma on top of that was almost too much.

    As more council members arrived, Avram kept wondering what to expect from Alex. Did she hold any malice towards his family for what happened to her's? He could not recall her ever having a malicious bone in her body when her knew her. Had things been different the two of them probably would have been married. That fact alone was enough to make him queasy. What would it be like to face his would-be wife just before his true fiance arrived?

    Finally all the council members were present. They waited anxiously as a knock came at the door. When it opened, Avram expected the ragged woman he saw earlier to enter. But it was much worse than that. She was beautiful.

    Avram took special care to note the expressions of the other council members. Some were in disbelief, obviously having been skeptical of whether or not she really was still a Donogale. Many still looked skeptical. A few, including Ser Gerald, were grinning from ear to ear. And then there were those who looked on with disapproval, Oliver being chief among them.

    "Alex... er- Lady Donogale. Welcome," Avram said. It was then that he realized he was standing now.
  10. Alexandra walked in to the room nervously. She knew people would disapprove of her even being here in the court or even alive. She however kept her head held high. She stood looking to Gerald for help or for guidance. She turned her eye's to Avram, her lips parted slowly. Alex wanted to go to gim. She held her self still and poised. She walked forward and knelt in front of him." Your grace, it is good to be home again and to see you again." She said. Alex stood slowly and looked up at him.

    Alexandra looked at her hand maid, Layla gives her a small nod. She had talked it over with her. She cleared her throat." Your Grace if I may speak." She said. He gave her a nod she looked at Gerald and shook her head. This could get her killed, she wanted to speak her mind. She would. She had always done so as a child. Alex breathed in, " Yes I am the daughter of Ex Lord Donogale. We do not choose we who are born to. Avram is born to the mad king as the peasants call the king. I was born to a traitor. Now Avram is as mad as I am a traitor. Meaning for thone of you to slow to understand. He isn't mad and I am not a traitor. I have done nothing wrong. You can not blame someone for the mistakes of their parents. They have their blood, that does not mean you can judge how they will turn out when their older." She said

    " Is Avram mad no maybe a little suprised and stunned to see me. Am I traitor no I been helping wash the Kings guards clothes since I left this place. I still hold my father's name, yes. How are we to prove our selves when people judge us by how our parents have acted. I wish to come back to court, to show you that I am not my father, I tend to take my father's lands back and set peace among them. I am a northerner.Am I not? I wish no ill will to the crown or this city. As you should not blame me for my father's mistakes. I do not blame the crown for doing what they had to do with a traitor like him. I just want my status and lands back. I want to make the kingdom whole again. I want to help you your grace, the northerners I am sure have become unmanageable.They will listen to their own and someone of noble birth."Alex finally finished. She nods to Avram.

    She was a northerner and a high born. She had no other peasant trait. to live as one was hard. She had a hard time hiding she was noble. She sighed and looked at Avram." Please I did not come back to do this. I had no intention of coming back how ever now that I am here and able to no longer hide who I am. I had time to think as a noble, this is what I want to do. I can not be a peasant." She said to Avram. She missed him.and wished to only speak to him. He turned out to be good looking." If I can not have my lands back then I beg you let me stay here, you can keep an eye on me to see that I am not lieing. I am not my father." She begged Avram with big blue eye's. She watched him only he had the power here. Layla stayed by her side. The council asked her to step forward and speak.

    Layla sighed." Lady Donogale has a point and from when we spoke earlier I enjoyed our conversation. I ask that I get to serve under her, let her stay, she is a kind heart. I believe she is telling the truth. She is kind and asked me about me." She said and steps back.
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