What happens in the Asylum stays in the Asylum.

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  1. "Just keep on breathing, come on..." the voice said.

    "Don't think about anything right now, clear your mind Sladia..." Another voice entered her mind. What was going on? where was she? Slowly, Sladia opened her eyes and saw what was going on. she was in a room, and her arms were tightly secured to her sides, in a straight jacket kind of thing. Her eyes widened and she looked over towards the person who did the first voice.

    "Where am I?!" Sladia shouted desperately. The woman looked down and smiled.

    "Sladia... Do you not remember what happened?" She shook her hand and placed a hand on top of Sladia's head. "We are going to let you speak with others here, that means we are taking this jacket off of you..." That was good news, Sladia was given good news, so she didn't fight. When the straight jacket was off, Sladia was guided to a room full of people either staring into space of talking with one of the other. Sladia had never once been in this room, so she snuck over to a couch and sat down, lifted her hand to curl her fingers into her hair. the female came to her again. "If you ever feel scared, you come let me know... I am Rashel." Sladia nodded her head and looked towards the television set.

    We will strike... Soon enough, my Sladia, darling angel. ‚Äč
  2. Jamie sat on the floor, half hidden behind a chair. He leaned against the wall, holding a piece of his clothing tightly in his hand. He didn't understand why they wanted him to be out here, with all the others. He hadn't seen Rami, a girl he talked to now and then, for a week or so. She was being nice to him and she understood, to some point, what he was talking about. They had been spending time in the room where he now was, but now it felt empty. Rami hadn't been there for long, but Jamie had gotten to know her better than anyone at the ward. When he asked where she was, all they would say was that she had been transferred somewhere else, that she was 'doing better', and didn't have to be where he was, anymore. Jamie knew that they were lying, though. He knew that they had hurt her and did their best to cover it up. Whenever he mentioned what he thought had actually happened to her, all they did was shooking their heads.

    He didn't like this room, he felt like he didn't have control over what was going on, and he thought that there was just too much at the same time. Actually it wasn't that noisy, but just the fact that there were plenty of people in the room made him anxious. He wanted to go back to his room where he was safe, but he knew that they wouldn't allow him to.

    A girl, a girl he hadn't seen before, stepped into the room. Jamie immediately looked at her from head to toe. This was unexpected. He followed her with his eyes as she sat down in a couch, and when Rashel talked to her. He glanced at the television set and wondered who she was. She looked like Rami, in a way. Suddenly a woman working at the ward bent down in front of him. "Jamie, you shouldn't be sitting here", she said, but Jamie shook his head and looked away. She was disturbing him. "Why don't you say welcome to the girl sitting in the couch over there? I'm sure you haven't met each other yet, have you", she said and smiled. Jamie bit his lip and glanced at the girl in the couch again. "Teddy wouldn't like that", he said. The woman stood up and grabbed his arm carefully. "Well, Teddy wouldn't like you hiding in a corner either, would he?", she said, and Jamie sighed. "Where is Rami?" he asked quietly, "she's transferred somewhere else", the woman answered trying to sound nice, although you could hear that her patience was running out. "Rami... Rami, you're Rami!" Jamie said and quickly made his way to the couch where the new girl was sitting. The woman was fast to grab his arm once again and hold it steady, this time. "I'm sorry, he's just confused", the woman said to Sladia as Jamie tried to get his arm free. "Rami, please!" he said desperately and looked at Sladia who he believed was Rami.
  3. Sladia wasn't really hoping to talk to anyone she was just looking at the television set. She could hear everyone, she could feel everyone near her and she didn't like it, she wanted back in that room where she could be alone with her voices that swam in her mind and caused her to destroy anything she could touch.

    Turn your head right, Sladia. You have a visitor...

    The voices whispered into her mind and made Sladia turn her head so that she could see a boy calling out some 'Rami' person. She tilted her head, at the woman and narrowed her eyes. "You can let him o, he won't hurt me." she said with confidence, and then patted the seat next to her for the boy to sit, a soft smile on her soft lips. "My name is Sladia, I am not Rami, and i'm sorry to tell you that..." She whispered softly, looking down a bit, knowing that this news might have been hard on him. Then suddenly Rashel came back out and touched Sladia's shoulder.

    "Sladia... You have a visitor..." the woman said and Sladia turned her head over her shoulder and saw her little brother who was grinning widely.

    He's going to hurt you if you leave his side, Sladia... Don't leave Jamie's siiiiiiideeeee.

    The voice cooed and Sladia glanced towards Jamie and spoke again. "You won't hurt me, will you, Jamie?" As she spoke her little brother came running up to her and startled Sladia; so she jumped in the air, and hissed at her brother who began to get teary eyed. "Oh... John. I'm sorry, you frightened me. It's nice to see you, Johnny." The boy giggled, and wrapped his arms around her and Sladia looked to Jamie. "Jamie... This is my brother Johnny. Johnny, this is Jamie..." Her brother looked to Jamie and stuck his tongue out and then she heard her mother's voice.

    "Come now Johnny, I don't like this place, we will visit her next week." Johnny pouted and looked towards Sladia.

    "Bye bye sissy." Sladia didn't speak she just waved as her family members left her alone... Here... With no one to comfort her...

    We will always be with each other, Sladia...
  4. Jamie sat down next to Sladia, a bit confused. He glanced at her as she explained. No Rami. Now that he could get a closer look, he saw that she didn't look just as he remembered Rami, which confused him. Jamie knew that he was sitting next to Rami, there was no doubt about it. If she wanted to call herself Sladia, that was fine though, he thought. He suspiciously looked at the woman who touched Sladia's shoulder. He understood if Sladia didn't want them to know who she really was. Jamie didn't have enough time to answer Sladia's question, although he shook his head a bit. Why would he ever hurt Rami? She was the only one who Jamie cared about at this place, except from his teddy bear. When Sladia jumped in the air and hissed at the little boy, Jamie jumped a bit as well and instictivly moved just a little further away from them. Jamie looked at the boy, Johnny, a bit scared and confused. When the boy left Jamie relaxed a bit.

    Now he sat in the couch with his arms wrapped around his legs and glanced at Sladia now and then, not really wanting to meet her eyes. He glanced at the television for a second before looking at the floor. "Why haven't you been here before?" he suddenly asked and looked at her, curious. Why hadn't he seen her before? Well, at least he hadn't met Sladia. "I know Rami has, but she hasn't told me anything about you", he said, still a bit confused. He thought that Rami probably was in a similar way as himself - sharing body with others. Rami had understood him, and in a lot of ways he felt that they were alike. He understood if Rami hadn't been comfortable telling him about others, like Sladia. Jamie wouldn't say that he really 'shared' his body, since he wasn't really sure of who 'he' was, all he was sure of was that there were different 'hes' (explanation if you don't get it: he in plural, since it's not a real word, you know, like, Jamies <- plural of Jamie) with different ways of communicating and behaving. He knew he was a multiple, but much more than that, he didn't really know. Jamie bit his lip and looked away, realizing that maybe he had said too much. Maybe Sladia wasn't allowed to talk about the others in her system. "I-I'm sorry", he said, "maybe you don't like talking about others in your system... I understand if you don't", he said, although he was curious. He didn't want to make Sladia feel uncomfortable. "There are others in my system as well", he explained, "maybe Rami hasn't told you much about me?" he said.

    ((Maybe you're not getting this whole system-thing, like, I can explain shortly just so you kind of get the hang of it, if you're really confused... ^^' Sharing body/multiple/being more than one in your system (= system-sharing I guess), means that there are other personalities inside you, you know. It's called DID, and by the way there are different 'grades' of DID - everyone doesn't have the full-blown DID, dissociative identity disorder. There are less 'severe' types of DID as well. Oh well, multiplicity, you know? :3))
  5. Of course when her brother left, she looked at Jamie with an odd expression. Who was this Rami that he thought her to be? She had never been let out of that room before... Not that she could remember. Taking a deep breath she looked down. "I have not been here before because Rashel felt that it would be bad for the others around me..." Her lips formed a straight line, and she looked down. Again with this Rami person, Sladia shook her head and gave him a light smile. "She hasn't told you about me because she doesn't know me, no one here knows me..." When he spoke about a system she narrowed her eyes a bit confused on what he was talking about.

    He's like the others here Sladia. He doesn't have someone like you have. He has only... Himself...

    When she heard that fro her voice, she frowned a bit and smiled lightly. Maybe she would just go along with Jamie. "My others... Don't like to come out..." That smile was on her face as she looked at him, and she relaxed a bit. "I feel utterly exhausted..." She then looked to him for a minute. "What do you do for fun here?"
  6. Jamie nodded, as if he immediately understood the situation. Oh, so hers didn't like to come out, that explains things, he thought. At least she was being honest with him, he thought, which was a good thing. He didn't like when people lied to him, he could see right through it - at least he thought he could. He knew that most of the ones who worked at the ward lied, but the ones who was inside, like himself, could be trusted more, although he knew he had to be careful about who he spoke to. He looked at her, a bit surprised, as she asked what they did for fun. What did they do for fun? He got a bit of a concerned look on his face, and he glanced out the window at the other side of the room before glancing at the TV, and then looking at her again. "We don't really do much", he said, hearing how boring it all sounded. He looked around, finding that everyone else seemed to have a pretty good time. At least they weren't dying out of boredom, he thought. "Well, I...", he said, thinking of what he usually did around the place. "I sometimes play cards or some other game with some other one who doesn't work here... but honestly... I don't really like being here... in this room, you know. I like being outside. On the outside, outside the windows", he said, and looked out the same window as before. Outside there were trees, grass and bushes. And maybe some other things as well. "Although I can't go on my own. I try to just ignore the others. I feel free when I'm out there, breathing the fresh air", he said and smiled a little.

    "I don't really know what the others do around here, but I've heard that there's a place to play basketball somewhere on the outside. And then there's a room where you can draw and be creative. I'm not sure if they have scissors though. At least I'm not allowed to use them, maybe others have scissors, I don't know", he said, thoughtful. "That room can be pretty fun. I mostly spend my time with my teddy in my room or in that creative room, or outside", he said. "Oh, and then there's group therapy too. It's like, you all gather and talk... I pretty much listen to the others, but sometimes it can be fun knowing what they're up to, you know", he said. "That's like it. At least as far as I know", he said. "What about you? What do you do for fun? What would you like to do?" he asked, feeling himself having too much thoughts and questions in his head at the moment, but couldn't really stop himself from saying it all at once. Now, he kept his mouth shut though, to let her speak.
  7. Sladia watched Jamie speak, and she looked down at her hands for a moment. "I think I understand what you mean, outside..." She whispered a if the thought running through her head was interesting. She stood up and walked to the window, she lifted up her hand and pressed her palm on the cool window pane. Though as the sun hit the window it burned her hand and she with drew, glaring. "I don't think I like outside..." She turned her head to look at Jamie, and then she returned to her seat and looked down at her feet. "I don't know what I do for fun, it's... Scary out here though, I wanna go back to that room I was in..." Literal fear was glistening within her eyes. She kept looking around as if she were scared of someone running out and hurting her.

    I'll keep you safe, my dear...

    The voice calmed her down slightly as she kept looking around.
  8. ((Sorry for making it so long... Hope you don't mind. ^^'))

    Jamie looked at her, thoughtfully. He tilted his head a bit, trying to figure out what she was doing, what was running through her head. No outside - maybe she still felt scared of what was out there. It was unknown, not safe. He watched her as she got to the window and then as she sat down again. He looked around a little as well, had she spotted something unusual? He curled up slightly as he looked back at her, a bit anxious about what was going on. Was she waiting for someone, was it something that Jamie wasn't aware of? It must be, he thought. Something that Rami didn't share with him. He bit his lip, he didn't understand why she didn't tell him. Didn't she trust him? And then he remembered - the girl sitting beside him wasn't Rami, it was Sladia. And of course, Sladia didn't know him, as he knew Rami.

    "I'd also much rather be in my room", Jamie said. He knew that she was talking about - out here wasn't safe, there were many people everywhere and he didn't have control. He couldn't see everything, know everything. He knew every corner of his room, in there he was safe. "What do you do in your room?" he asked, out of curiosity, and looked at her.

    "Jamie", a woman's voice said, and he looked up at her, a bit scared, surprised. He glanced at Sladia, he didn't want to get disturbed. "Jamie", the woman said, again, and he looked at her again, irritated this time. "Stop talking to me!" he said, noticing it was the same woman that had talked to him previously. Whatever her name was. "Soon it's time for your weekly session, talking by yourself with the nice girl who listens", she said, and Jamie shook his head. "I don't like her", he said, running out of patience. The woman smiled a bit, calmly. "Sure you do. The little one, I'm sure he'd like to chat with her", she said, kneeling beside him. The little one, he thought. She knew nothing. No one did, only Rami understood. "The little one is a stupid coward. Leave me alone or I'll kick your ass", he said, as if he didn't really care. The woman looked at Sladia. "I'll be back soon. Sladia, maybe you could say good bye to Jamie and then someone will take care of you, maybe you could go back to your room if you like. I'd like the two of you not to be together when I get back", she said. "Sladia isn't going anywhere", Jamie said and looked at Sladia, a bit insecure but his voice sounded as if he decided whether she'd leave or not.