What happenes in the woods.

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  1. She had followed him and made hm beleive she was looking for her lost dog then took him into the woods. once in the woods she got him down and tied him up so he was still on his knees. She then circled him as a hungry preditor would it's prey tapping the hunting knife she used against her thigh. she pressed the knife agaisnt the top of his back untill it broke through the skin then slid it down towards the small of his back enjoying the cries he made. this was her favorite part, toying with her victums. She had cut him in several other places then pushed him over on his back steadling him and plunging the knife deep down in his gut watching as the blood pooled on his already ruined shirt. he lost all consciousness when she did that and she soon found herself losing intrest in him. she stood and kicked him over onto his stomach and grabed a handfull of his hair pulling his head back. She kissed his cheek and the placed the tip of the blade against his forehead tracing a line down to his throat. Then slowly draged the blade acorss his throat smiling and then resting her hands right under the fatal wound letting the blood pour over her hands. The thrill was now settling upon her as she lifted her hand to her nose and took in a deep breath. The sent of fresh blood filled her nose and she closed her eyes taking in a nother whiff. She then gently touched her tounge to her blood soaked hand tasting the fear that lingered in the blood of her victum. She stood like that for a while, not moving, just taking in what had all happened. ​
  2. Selena walked through the woods. Noticed odd wails coming from the corner of the woods that she was in. She started towards that way. Right away the wails grew louder and more horrific. She reached where the wails where coming from. She saw a horrible sight of a bound and badly bleeding young man. At a second glance she noticed the young man was dead. Then from behind she saw a young teenage looking girl who held a bloody knife in her bloody hands. She had pure white hair and pale skin. She wore dark cloths. She looked like a super model. When she turned she saw her eyes. Her eyes looked cold and soulless. Selena wanted so badly to run but the girl's eyes where drawing her in like a snake to it's prey. Selena tried to turn away as fast as she could. When she tried though she broke a branch that had been laying there. when she accidentally stepped on it though it made a loud crack. The girl looked straight at her when it did. Selena froze in her spot and stared at the girl and that when the girl started walking towards her. Selena ran as fast as she could. the girl was running right behind her catching up to Selena with every step she took. Selena ran straight for the nearest police station.
  3. Alyce heard someone approching her she turned her head slightly to listen. whoever had invaded on her bliss was a female and was breathing heavily from fear. she turned towards where she was hearing the sounds and saw a girl standing next to a tree. the girl was about the same age as her, not very tall, skinny, deathly pale probably from fear, dark clothing, and a short pixie cut for hair. she looked innocent and terrified of what she was seeing. alyce knew what she must look like holding the knife in blood covered hands, blood stain on her clothing and in her white hair. she took a step towards the girl and when she did the girl took off running. she hated the ones that ran.. Alyce took off after the girl, knowing she was faster, racing through the woods catching up to the girl. Alyce threw her body at the girl, tackling her down, and rolled her over on her back and clapped her hand over the girls mouth smearing blood on her pretty little face. "why are you running?" Alyce smiled her most menacing smile and kissed the girls forhead "i don't murder girls, just asshole men that pick on people that look like us." Alyce removed the hand that was over the girls mouthsmearing more blood on her "you scream and i will change my mind on that though.. got it?" Alyce sat there letting all coldness she had dwelling in her into her eyes to convince the girl.
  4. i was terrified. i didn't know what to make of this girl. she wasn't going to kill me?she only kills men?what is she a lesbian? i had no idea what to make of this girl. she let go of me slowly. i decided not to make any sudden movements. i was too afraid of this girl.what could i say other then i am a coward. i could tell the girl"hey sorry to catch you in the middle of murdering somebody please don't kill me and i will give you cookies. no that would be ridiculous to say to some wacko killer. why would she even want cookies anyway. the only reason i say i will give her cookies is because that's all i have in my backpack .