What Happened?

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    Everything seemed so fine just last year... When the world was normal. When life went like every other life should.

    Then, IT happened. "IT" is the name of some terrible occurance. Nobody knows exactly what started IT, but it was a massive chain reaction. People began to panic. Governments began to fail. Anarchy settled in.

    Now, Anarchy is the only way of life. Gangs have begun to form. Cruelty has settled in. Murder is a daily occurence. You must be on your toes to survive here. There is little food left, and people are turning to the only form of protien left... Eachother.

    Will you survive?

    Aggressive?: (Will they attack instantly, or want to talk?)
    Lovelife?: Are they open for relationships?
    Other: Anything else?

    Gypsy wandered through the destroyed houses. She clutched a broken piece of glass, which was her only weapon. With her came a big dog. She had been feeding him when she could, and in return he followed and hunted for her. He also alerted her of danger.
    When he started barking, Gypsy dipped behind a rusty old dumpster and watched, wanting a glimpse of the stranger.​
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    Name: Rachel Stark
    Appearance: 5'6" 120lbs. Appears to have an average body build. Shoulder-length natural white hair. Blue-eyes.
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual, leaning towards females.
    Personality: Intelligent, Thoughtful, and generally very serious. She can be quite cynical and offensive towards someone if they bother her.
    Aggressive?: Not really, she's usually very diplomatic unless you look particularly threatening to her. Though she rarely kills on sight. She kills only for the defense of herself or someone she cares about.
    Lovelife?: Not quite looking for relationships, but whatever happens happens.
    Other: Her strong suit is medium to long range. She prefers to use semi-automatic rifle weapons and handguns. She's decent with a sniper, however sucks at anything that requires super close range.

    In Character
    Rachel, her hair slightly dirtied, pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Reaching for her black hoodie, she slid it onto her and pulled her hair out from underneath. She made various pulls and readjustments to her clothes to make herself more comfortable. In the right-side pocket of her dark blue jeans was her Beretta 92 FS Handgun. This was all she had on her at the moment, just recently the rifle she'd been carrying around broke. She left the small wooden shack that she called home and scanned around her immediate area in the forest. She's recently run into a problem of not having much ammunition. She had a few magazines but that was it. It would be quite the situation if she were to be raided in the middle of the night and only had a few dozen rounds of ammo. This, and food/water shortages, have caused her to need to scavenge within the broken down regions of the city. She set out towards the city, which was less than half a mile away from her shack, and stuck to the treelines as she entered the city. This city, luckily, was one of many that a lot of people didn't really enter. Maybe ten people at most would be within the city at any given moment. This made it a prime area for scavenging. ​
Thread Status:
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