What Happened?

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  1. You wake up in your room, not knowing who you are. Your phone rings and its says a name of a person who you never have heard of before. Not know who this is, you hang up. You can either be a friend, or more, to one of the other characters, or be the one with amnesia.



    Eeve's POV

    Eeve was walking up a path to get to her singing spot. She knew the path like the back of her hand, but this time, something was wrong. A rock she usually steps on, was missing and she fell. Eeve was really high up, so when her head met the ground, it wasn't pretty.

    " M....Mmm... " The next thing she saw herself woke up on a hospital bed, a lot of doctors and random people around her. A person hugged her tightly and said a name. " Eeve! ....p-please don't...ever do that again! " Her eyes widened and pushed the girl away.

    " Wh...who are you?! " Eeve's hands starting shaking as people cried and asked what was going on. A doctor slowly walked next to her and put a hand on her shoulder. " Eeve, you have amnesia. "
  2. (( I could play any role in here, just give me one and I'll do it. Any gender. This topic is interesting to me, and if I can, could I please participate? I just don't know what kind of character to be, so if you could help me out with that, that would be great. Thanks! :D ))