What happened to Major Tom?

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  1. Just something weird I've been wondering about: in David Bowie's song Space Oddity, what happened to Major Tom?

    His circuits went dead, and he couldn't contact Earth, but what happened after that? Did Major Tom just float out and die in space? Did he end up back on Earth? Did he crash land on an alien planet full of hot babes?

    What do you think happened to Tom?
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  2. It's a song about an astronaut who gets lost in space when he disconnects from his spaceship :3

    So... Eventually suffocation.
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  3. Hit by whatever small crap that's flying through space, astronaut helmet cracks open and he suffocates with a bit of boiling to death :D And he will crap his pants! That's an important detail!

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  4. I prefer to think that he reentered the atmosphere, and the capsule burned up, killing him.
  5. he ded
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  6. Autoerotic asphyxiation.
  7. He got hit by Elton John's Rocket Man.
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  8. He died of course. Nobody can sit in a tin can far above the world for that long.
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  9. When he realized he was doomed he recorded a message for those recovering his drifting craft, opened the hatch to gaze upon the infinite, a last singe tear rolling down his cheek he unsealed his helmet.
  10. I agree with this.
  12. According to Ashes to Ashes, he returned home, quit the space program, and became a junkie who you probably shouldn't mess with.
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  13. Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, we know Major Tom's a junkie~
  14. Sorry, Diana...

    *goes to sit in the corner of shame*
  15. Isn't Rocket Man Major Tom???
  16. Major Tom stepped out the door and had the most peculiar feeling as the comm in his ear kept asking, "Can you read me Major Tom? Can you read me Major Tom? Can you read me Major Tom?..."
  17. He crash landed on earth, he lives in my backyard in a cardboard box
  18. This is what happened.

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