What happened to dice rolling?

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  1. Maybe I'm just blind, but could someone please help me spot the dice rolling function? I thought it was supposed to be in the More Options page but I can't seem to find it.

    I really hope it wasn't removed with that big update that just happened and I'm just being dense/blind. xD
  2. Hmm. I'll take a look and see if I can find it.

    Okay, found it. You have to make the post first, then it's under the "More options" thing at the bottom of your post, next to the bookmark/quote/reply buttons. There's also a "More options" button under the text box when you go to make a post, but that's for previewing your post and such.
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  3. Shouldn't that be something you can add to the post before posting it?
  4. Not really. People would be able to fudge rolls by rolling, seeing the result, then scrapping and redoing the post over again until they get a roll they like. It would sort of defeat the purpose of having a built in dice roller: public and trustworthy rolls for roleplays that use them.
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  5. Right, I forgot dishonorable players was a thing for a moment there. :/
  6. Oh! Got it. Didn't realize it was only for after a post was made. Thank you very much!
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  7. I believe the dice-rolling feature has always had to be done after a post was made, specifically to circumvent people from rolling during post creation, figuring they didn't like the outcome, scrapping the post and starting anew.
  8. Hmm, I think the system is still vulnerable to manipulation, though! I could see someone writing out in the OOC thread 'Rolling for my character to do <super important task>', then rolling the dice, and upon getting a low roll going back and editing quickly 'Rolling for my character to do <minor task>, I'll deal with the <super important task> later.'

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you edit a post within a small window of time, it doesn't actually show that the post has been edited.

    EDIT: Testing that.
  9. Even if it did show instantly, people edit often enough for Grammar corrections it wouldn't be something you'd be looking for.
    At a certain point people will simply need to rely on the honour system.
  10. If it did show instantly, you could just make it a rule to not edit posts when one rolls a die. And like I said, it could be done in OOC ahead of time (with the result of the roll helping to determine how the next IC post plays out) so there wouldn't be much editing that need legitimately be done.

    And trust me... I've done a lot of forum RPing with dice-based roleplaying games. You cannot rely on the honor system. Sometimes the temptation is simply too great I suppose- I've seen way too many seemingly trustworthy people cheat.

    We used to use a website devoted to keeping track of all the rolls a person did, so they couldn't cherry pick good ones. And wow, even though that was almost a decade ago I still remember it: Roll Dice I'll probably just go back to that considering the exploitability of quick editing.
  11. Yea, that would probably do it.
    So you mean something along the lines of "Ok, this is my roll post! *rolls* Oh, a 20! Ok off to post!".
    That might actually be something to suggest here.
    Point to this site and go "Is there a way Iwaku can get a system like this?".
  12. Exactly. I'm envisioning a system where each player will understand what they need to roll, and can easily compare it to a results table to determine how effective their character's efforts are, and then they state what their intention is in OOC posts and roll a die and then craft their in character post based on that die result. This would help scenes with a lot of dice rolls required to keep flowing quickly rather than requiring several back and forths to figure out what the results are for each person's actions by having a GM come up with it and reveal it in a separate post.

    Well... that functionality already exists in Invisible Castle. No reason to reinvent the wheel, I figure. If someone is already on the internet using one website, asking them to be on two websites is hardly a monumental request.
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  13. Well, ideally, the rolling wouldn't happen in OOC I wouldn't think.

    I haven't been in many dice RPs, but I would think that you'd roll for whatever it is within the in-character post you perform the action in, no?
  14. Uh... no. I don't think that makes sense.

    Why would you roll dice in an in character thread, unless it was for the characters actually rolling dice? Rolling dice is a decidedly out of character action.
  15. I can see a lot of potential with this. Would definitely speed up dice gameplay to not slow the RP to a grinding halt.
    You'd be surprised how many people are hesitant to leave even internet comfort zones.

    YouTube Vid? "Too lazy".
    Minimize Game to see a text? "No I'm playing and the beeps are annoying".
    Join Voice Chat? "I don't like people".
    Go to another site? "I don't know that site! What if there's viruses?".

    I mean I do get it, practically we should be able to do it fine from another site (assuming said site had methods to avoid abuse).
    But enough people are hesitant to do that kind of stuff that having a built in option would most likely increase traffic.

    +As long as it's off site awareness is limited to those who know the site.
    If it's an Iwaku feature anyone can stumble into it for themselves.
    Generally. But part of what's also being suggested here is doing multiple rolls to determine a chain of events.

    To explain with table top RP's (because that is essentially what dice RP's are) dice rolls are common as water.
    Pretty much anything they do requires a roll, notice their surroundings, track the target, hit the target, dodge the counter, grapple the foe, pin the foe, indentify the foe, bluff someone, pickpocket, know a piece of knowledge etc.
    At a D&D table this is generally a non-issue because everyone is there in real time, we can do all the rolls in front of the others and move on instantly.

    However, forum RP's are a different ballgame.
    Where a simple scene could involve a ton of die rolls, each die roll requiring there own post.
    Because what if they make this long drawn out post of a scene, and then only after posting it make the roll only to fail half way in?

    They now are left with two options.

    1) Play it safe and do a single roll per post, slowing RP's to a crawl cause you'd be covering far less content than your usual post would.
    2) Scrap everything afterwards and now to improvise new ways to handle it.

    If they were all handled OOC though (especially with a more sophisticated system/program) they could start with something basic like "I try to convince the merchant I'm a nice person" and then learn immediately before starting on the post if it works or not. And if it doesn't work they can react/proceed from there right from the get go without deleting a ton of content.
  16. And this is why you require them to list the reason in the dice rolling window, because that cannot be edited. :D
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  17. Yup, you are picking up exactly what I am putting down. A system like this has the benefits of both freeform RPing and dice RPing. Namely, it makes each player a GM in their own right, able to shape the flow of the game and progress the plot with each post, rather than writing half an action and waiting to see the impact their efforts has on the world/NPCs when the actual GM posts. BUT it still allows for randomness and prevents godmoding and maintains the potential for failure as well as the excitement of unpredictability that dice rolling provides. It's just that it's up to the player to determine exactly how failure plays out when they get a bad roll (and allows them to figure out how the awesomeness ensues when they get a good one!).

    Ahhhhh you're a genius. I didn't even notice/think about that- that's perfect. Heck yes, don't even need Invisible Castle then. Dice RPs are goooo! :D
  18. It's honestly the only reason I don't partake in Dice RP's on forum sites.
    Without the proper tools it just grinds to such a slow pace you either need to invest your whole life into it or it's going to crash and burn from such slow progression.
  19. Oh yeah, I know it. I've seen it happen to a lot of Shadowrun games, haha. It's the problem with trying to export something that works for a tabletop RP to the completely different situation of forum RPing. Change in medium requires a change in mindset. ;)
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  20. I actually tried to DM one once.
    It was back on a Star Wars RP site I used to Admin, I found a star wars tabletop and went "Hey! These guys would love this!".
    So we tried it... It died fast for three main reasons.

    1. As we mentioned above, it's slowed to a halt.
    2. Tabletops are designed expecting people sitting around the table. A lot of it's atmosphere goes missing when you're all isolated and writing posts.
    3. Likewise, they are expecting real time reactions. Forum RP's don't offer that, they give people all the time in the world to think things through.

    Chat RP's in all honesty could probably do more justice to Dice than Forum RP's though.
    But even Chat RP's need the proper dice support to make it work at a fast enough rate.
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