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  1. You wake up in your room, not knowing who you are. Your phone rings and its says a name of a person who you never have heard of before. Not know who this is, you hang up. You can either be a friend, or more, to one of the other characters, or be the one with amnesia.


    You could just make a simple Character Plot. Just to introduce your character to the others i mean.


    Character Plot : Eeve Mikan

    Species [~] She is a regular human.
    Name [~] Her name came from the word ' life ' which matches her looks and love of all things peaceful
    Age [~] She is 15 years old yet acts and looks mature for her age.
    Eyes [~] Her eyes were silver plain eyes which people accuses her for being blind but now is wearing violet contacts.
    Friends [~] She never had friends because of her ' weirdness ' some might say, so she decided to stay distant from others.
    Family [~] Her mother died when she was given birth too and she had never met her so called father, although he pays for everything. ( apartment, school, fees, etc. )
    Complexion [~] When you first see her even in a distant you'd accuse her for being too weak because of her pale thin arms and small body but be warned, she's stronger than she looks.
    Weapons [~] Most often she'd carry two knives in both her sides under her white long dress.
    Intelligence [~] She wasn't the wises of the bunch but when it comes to physical test she'd easily get the hang of it.
    Personality [~] Gentle and caring was the two words she'd mostly be called with those who know of her, but others would call her a curse.

    Things you remember [~] Her love of gardens, Fear of Thunder.
    Place you work [~] Unemployed.

    Apearance [~]

    [ She's just wearing contacts, her real eye color is silver ]
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  2. Sounds awesome =D Ooooh..not to sounds pushy or anything, but can I be the girl with amnesia? This is a really good setup, I love the idea, and I'd love to join =D
  3. Sounds good. I like the idea of not knowing who I am.
  4. would love to join it sounds amazing