What happened after the Battle?

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  1. "It's been fifty years since Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord, but whispers about people still following his ideals are well known in the streets. I wonder what it was like, to stand next to him while fighting against the Death Eaters and against the Dark Lord himself." Adrian thought to himself as he sat on the Hogwarts express, however he was rudely yanked out of his thoughts as his forehead hit the window when he almost fell asleep.

    "Son of a-!" He grunted and rubbed his forehead, his auburn hair was hanging so that most of the right part of his face was covered and his crimson red eyes were looking outside. He gave off a deep sigh and leaned back in his seat, it was his fifth year at Hogwarts and he had always felt as if there was something that was wrong, as if something was going on inside the walls that no one knew about. He shook his head to dismiss the thought as he folded his arms so it covered the Gryffindor crest on his school uniform. He muttered one or two swears as he rubbed his forehead again while he looked outside. "It's going to be interesting to see who has arrived and also to meet old friends."
    He thought as he again slowly drifted off to his thoughts.
  2. A knock on the door caught the boy's attention. "Um, excuse me? Is that seat taken?" A girl with dark red hair asked, pointing at the seat across from him. A Gryffindor symbol could be seen easily on her chest if the tie didn't give it away already. She was a girl that no one seemed to know, but was strangely familiar. She waited for the fifth year to let her sit, her trunk behind her as she hoped that he would let her stay. Her brown eyes looked a bit nervous as she shifted from one foot to the other.
  3. Adrian looked towards the girl for a moment before he nodded once towards the seat opposite to where he was sitting. "Knock yourself out. No one is sitting there, of what I know, at least." He said and he studied her for a moment before he looked out if the window again. "You don't have to be so nervous, I'm not going to transform you into anything. I'm not one of those Slytherin bastards." He added while he looked outside.
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  4. "Alright..." The girl sat down on the seat across from him after putting her suitcase away. She shifted before asking. "You're Adrian, right? Fifth year Gryffindor?" She seemed to know a lot about him for being a girl that most of the fifth years wouldn't recognize. She didn't look young enough to be a first year, but she might be a third or fourth year. Who knew? Maybe she was a sixth year and no one noticed her. She tapped her wand against her leg, which was bouncing.
  5. Adrian raised an eyebrow and he glanced at the girl again when she spoke his name. "Yes, I am. How did you know?" He asked and then looked down at the girl's wand before he looked up at her. "Nervous?" He asked while he leaned his cheek against the back of his hand while the elbow was resting against the windowsill. He had never been fond of the long train ride to Hogwarts, he always found it rather dull, but perhaps having someone to talk to would at least change some of his thoughts about the travel.
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  6. "Just a smidge, and it would be hard not to know a person who's been in your year since first. Though, I assume you don't really know me." The girl smiled. "It's alright. I sort of made myself invisible in a sense. The name's Elizabeth. Nice to meet you." She held a hand out, hoping Adrian would shake it. Her wand was still held like a baby would hold a rattle. It was her little security blanket.
  7. He took her hand and shook it while he raised an eyebrow, he was surprised to hear that she's been there for as long as him and he felt a little embarrassed. "I see." He said and then let out a slightly amused snort. "Are you looking forward to the new term?" He asked while he looked at Elizabeth, still puzzled over the fact that she had gone to Hogwarts for five years and that he had never once noticed her.
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  8. Elizabeth shrugged. "Not quite sure." She tapped her wand to her lips. "I guess defense against the dark arts might be a bit more fun this year, but you never know." She messed with her hair a little bit before looking out the window. "This train ride sure is long..." She bit her lip, pulling a bit of skin off of it. She wasn't sure what to talk about with Adrian. She felt he was weirded out by her already.
  9. Adrian let out a small grunt as she train suddenly stopped and he pushed himself up to his feet when the train stood still, he grabbed his wand and drew it. "Now what...?" He sighed.
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  10. "The engines couldn't have failed, could they?" Elizabeth asked, wand already out and ready to cast some spells if needed. Her knees started to shake a bit as her imagination led her to think crazy things. She heard the stories of the Boy-Who-Lived. She knew what horrors he faced. She didn't want to think they could happen again. She looked scared even though she was trying to be brave.
  11. Adrian looked at Elizabeth and he placed a hand gently on her shoulder. "Stay behind me." He said before he walked up to the door and he narrowed his eyes as he carefully slid it open and then looked around, he flinched and quickly arched his body backwards as a spell came flying and he then quickly flicked his wand in the direction the spell had come from. "Expeliarmus!" He shouted and soon the sound of a wand bouncing against the floor was heard. "Lumos." He then said and a small ball of blue light formed around the tip of his wand and he walked in the direction where he had heard the wand fall, but when he got there, there was no person standing there and the wand laid on the floor. "What the hell...?" He mumbled.
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  12. Elizabeth ducked when the spell came flying and lit her own wand with a lumos. Everything was freaking her out as she stayed close to Adrian. She felt her heart start to pound in her chest. Where was the man? What was going on? Were dementors invading the train? Her knuckles turned white as she gripped her wand tightly.
  13. Adrian picked up the wand from the floor as he looked around. "It seems that whoever cast the spell ran away like a coward, probably a Slytherin student." Said Adrian while he put away his wand. He turned towards Elizabeth and raised an eyebrow before he tried to gently place his hands on her shoulders. "It's okay. You can relax now, let's head back, shall we?" He asked and then narrowed his eyes as the train started up again. "We should be at the station in twenty minutes at most." He then said in an attempt to comfort Elizabeth.
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  14. Elizabeth sighed and nodded. "Alright... It's a wonder I got sorted into Gryffindor..." She started to walk back, keeping a tight grip on her wand. She wasn't going to let her guard down just yet. If anything happened, she was going to be ready. She still felt her heart pound, warning her that she should stay on guard, that she shouldn't trust anyone.
  15. Adrian sat down in his seat and he sighed heavily while kicking up his legs on the seat and he rested his back against the wall while he folded his arms. He had smirked slightly at her comment and he looked up at the ceiling. "Sometimes it's better to be afraid." He said as he glanced at her before he looked towards the door to keep an eye out in case something else would happen.
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  16. Elizabeth sighed as she sat down and pulled her knees to her chest. She closed her eyes, hoping maybe she could sleep the rest of the way. If anything happened she would be ready, right? Her wand sparked a bit, reacting to its master. The redwood was warm in Elizabeth's hand, which comforted her. She curled her toes a bit, still scared and nervous.
  17. Adrian looked towards Elizabeth and he then let out a brief sigh as he stood up and he walked over to sit next to her. "Scoot over a bit." He said as he tried to sit down and if he was allowed, he'd put one arm around Elizabeth to try and comfort her while he looked out the window with narrowed eyes as he was partially lost in thoughts.
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  18. Elizabeth blinked before doing as he asked. When she felt his arm, she blushed a bright red. She liked the feel of an arm secure around her shoulder. "Are we moving again?" She asked, not having paid attention to whether they recovered from stopping or not. She was too focused on hoping that the train would return to normal. She tapped her wand against her knee, imagining if someone walked in just now.
  19. Adrian looked outside and he frowned deeply. "I think we'll start moving soon... I think they might be trying to find the source to what happened." He said as he kept his arm around her, after a few minutes, the train started moving again and Adrian glanced towards the door when he saw students pass, right now, he didn't trust anyone around them, not even students of Gryffindor.

    After about half an hour, they arrived at the station and Adrian gently slid back his arm before he stood up and he began to take down his luggage. "Well, we're here. I wonder how many will be talking about this at the dinner table..." He said and sighed heavily before he made his way out of the train. He looked around once he was outside and he inhaled deeply. The carts were standing ready, waiting for the students. They were as usual pulled by the Thestrals and Adrian was able to see them. He glanced at the creatures for a moment while his luggage was being placed on one of the carts, he then snapped his attention to one of the Slytherin students that approached him. "You better watch out, Adrian. You never know what lurks in the dark." The Student said with a malicious grin and Adrian let out a snort before he responded. "As long as it ain't your face then I think I will be fine." He snarled as he glared at the student and the both of them stared at each other for a long while before the Slytherin student gave in and turned away before he walked to one of the carriages. "Always lovely to meet you, brother." He muttered low to himself.
  20. "Slytherans and Gryffindors are always fighting, aren't they?" Elizabeth noted before getting into the carriage. She wondered who the boy was. An archenemy? Family maybe? It was strange to think about. It wasn't unheard of. Sighing, she leaned back in the carriage. Her curiosity would get the better of her someday. As Adrian climbed in, she tapped her leg.
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