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  1. -The screams echoed through the corridors of the Irish castle built by some unknown architect the old drapes hung and moved from some phantasmal breeze. It seemed to always be dark here even in the midst of the after noon sun. what manner of creatures that dwelled the dungeons and crept through the forgotten passages left to the imagination.
    The library fluttered with bats and rats many creatures great and small seen and unseen.
    The land cursed Nothing but the most vile of plants could grow in the soil..
    There were rumors the place was haunted but that's only rumors. The cold winds swept through the vacant hallways of the upstairs ,the tapestries shifted constantly inviting those that stare to long to enter. The Magic that flowed through the building was dark and unforgiving reeked of death,destruction and murder. That was only recent the past of this place bloodier than most.
    The courtyards rang of steel against steel soldiers stuck eternally in combat,at night flashes of fire could be seen though no source could ever be found.

    -Mordrid Lang was downstairs in the basement busying himself with the creation of undead things,his fingers delicate and his voice a shallow whisper as he spoke in tongues erased from the pages of time. his flesh pale but warm to the touch.He knew the secrets this castle held.
    He could create worlds from his desk. But with creation comes death and that was his territory. he walked through the corridors nightly remembering when these silent halls held laughter. but that was long ago he stood at the window looking down at the courtyard where a single solitary tree grew no other life around it the branches appeared as darkened limbs moved with a passing breeze reaching for salvation the twigs twisted mockeries of fingers wrapped together. He was the keeper of this place,A sigh drawn as he walked his head straight and fingers clasped behind his back he seemed to have glided across the marble floors and the shadows moved away from him as he traveled then lowering the drawbridge.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.