"What Game Should I Play" flowchart!

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  1. [​IMG]

    What should you play ?
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  2. I lost myself in laughter at the box that said "Do you like being called a n00b by 8 year olds?"

    Seems I need to get Batman and GTA soon according to the chart.
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  3. I don't know if its just my browser or something, but I can't get the image to zoom to a point where I can actually read it :/
  4. I remember that chart! I saw it about half a year ago, and saved it to my computer. I then wasted about an hour following through every single option from start to finish. They had some weird games in there!

    Me, I'll just stick with Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, and the Sims, since they are the only games I have installed on my computer.
  5. Fixed!
  6. Ah! Thank you~

    Apparently… I should be playing Mass Effect, Zelda TP, and Super Mario 64.
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  7. I got Diablo II.

    Alright, vidya game chart, you and I may get along reasonably...
  8. F-Zero GX is one of the greatest games evar. And I don't even like racing games. How the hell did I end up with F-zERO???

  9. Final Fantasy 6

    F*&% yea
  10. Apparently I'm in the mood for Skyrim today. I've never played it, but my BF has it.

    ...brb, trying Skyrim :)
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  11. See you in about five months. Skyrim takes over you life. :D
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  12. Soul Caliber... A game series I happen to super love.

    Except, my boyfriend is a sore loser and won't ever play it with me. </3

    I need to play that now.
  14. It's easy to get to Minecraft, which is good. It takes a bajillion steps to get to MGS3 or SH2... which is bad. Also, they have stealth on here but nothing from the Thief series or Dishonored? For. Shame.
  15. Don't worry, you haven't lost me until it finally decides to install >.< (product code was activated on my bf's account so I had to connect accounts and now try installing again; its estimating 3 hour install >.<)

    EDIT: FIVE HOUR INSTALL?! This game better be f*cking amazing.
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  16. Now after you've finished the five hour install, you must spend at least another hour or two on the Steam workshop finding and subscribing to cool mods. Then you will be ready to play. :P

    True story: I run some 40 mods when I play Skyrim. I also run almost 10 mods when I play FTL.
  17. 40 mods. Pfff. I run over 90.

    (cries softly)
  18. :0 I'm playing vanilla; any mods you'd recommend for a first time elder scrolls player ?
  19. Oooh this looks like a neat flowchart! I will explore it in more detail later, but right now, I am probably a bit too tired and distracted for it. But I am sad to see that some of my favourite games like Starcraft II appearently did not make the cut or I just did not find them. But I can not have everything I suppose.

    Minibit: I think that the Sky UI, Ultimate Followers and Convinient Horses is a must-have for new players of Skyrim. There are a couple of other good mods too, but I can not recall them right now.
  20. Give me a few minutes and I'll bring up Steam so I can look through everything I have on. I'll edit them into this post when I have them.

    Here they are:


    These are just the main "essentials" that I have. If you're interested in the others, feel free to hit me up for the rest.
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