GAMING What Game Could You Waste A Day Playing?

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  1. I have a few that I've accidentally stayed up playing, though I have a wide range of genres I like and it all depends on what I'm in the mood to play.

    Fire Emblem will always be a favorite that's hard to put down when I pick it back up, then there's final fantasy, soul caliber, any Mario game, the Sims and Rune Factory.

    For chiller games, I love the Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon series. I could play those for three days straight lol.
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  2. The Kingdom Hearts series will always be those games that I can spend weeks playing without getting tired or feeling like I'm wasting my time ;w;
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  3. When Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out, I'll be burning through the next Summer with it. o.o
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  4. We've been waiting YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS for the third one to come out! ; _ ; I am so happy that it finally has a release date. I'm really excited about the Pirates of Caribbean parts, looks stunning!
  5. Any of The Sims games. It's fun making virtual characters' lives successful or ruin them. Also the customisation process alone takes me hours so... :'D
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  6. The use of "At World's End" was a good call. I can't wait for the maelstrom fight with Davy Jones all fueled by Darkness and shit. XD

    The "Frozen" subplot intrigues me a lot more, though. So many main characters pretty much took their sides from the start, but to see someone wrestle with what path to walk, light or dark, is epic.
  7. Slime rancher;
    Dragon's dogma;
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  8. ...All of them? XD

    Stardew Valley, Minecraft, Portal, The Long Dark, Darkwood (assuming I don't get too spooked)...any game I can just sit down and play, really.
  9. Heroes of the Storm.

    In fact, I DO sometimes waste days playing it.
  10. I forgot Halo Reach D: spent years on that one.
  11. I have spent the past three days playing Sims 4 nonstop. (⊙◇◉) I am going to have a small town's worth of custom sims.

    I also really love Banished and will waste forever playing that too.
  12. Echoing the sentiment that Crusader Kings is like a black hole for time. Also Europa Universalis.
    Fire Emblem can tick this box for me too if I get into a groove.
    Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, etc. big time.
    Mass Effect and Dragon Age.
    Ones that I didn't see mentioned: Banished and Tropico.
    So many, so dangerously fun.
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  13. I've spent a day playing Final Fantasy and back in the day when candy crush was new I lost days trying to beat stubborn levels. (Had to delete it off my phone for sanity sake and so that I could get back to life as I should....sad I know)
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  14. Usually I*m not one to play one game for a whole day. DOn't get me wrong, I can play games for the whole day, but I tend to get bored if I play one game that whole day so I rotate them. Tho there are some games I have played for whole days when I just bought them.

    Fantasy life for the 3DS was one of the games I played all day long when I first got it. The Pokemon games for the 3DS has also been games I've played for days in a row until I finished the story. Back in the day when rune escape was new-ish I did play that one for whole days as well.
  15. A couple actually. Saints Row 2, my favorite of the series. I'm a little late on the game with the Trails of Cold Steel games but I love part one and I could spend hours playing it. Lastly, Final Fantasy XV.
  16. Battletech can be addictive in spurts. Especially after modding it with Roguetech. It adds a lot of equipment options. Changes up several mechanics. Accuracy goes way down compared to the base game. But I think it's for the better. You have to play more strategic rather than just relying on instagibbing everyone with called shots. Stability damage seems less overpowered as well. You also get a lot of options to customize your campaign's difficulty.
  17. games I could, have, and will waste days playing:

    Dragon Age Inquisition
    Breath of the Wild
    Divinity: Original Sin 2
    Stardew Valley
    Final Fantasy 12
    Final Fantasy 10
    Basically any RPG

    I do not game smartly or responsibly.
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  18. I think the only game I've literally spent playing all day (as in, I got up in the morning (9-ish), played it til I went to bed (11-ish) and only doing necessities otherwise) was Baldur's Gate 2.

    Have binge played before, but that was later, when I didn't have full days open. And of course, various games I play before going to bed on 3DS, but that's a different animal.

    I'd probably be addicted to HotS if I had a consistent team to play with.
    Playing with random folks means I only do a game or two at a time, before feeling like focusing on something else.
  19. I play it mostly solo and I still love it!