What five things DEFINE yoooou?

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  1. When we design our characters for a roleplay, it's really easy to boil them down to a few choice things that define them as a person. We know what role we want them to play in the story and we're able to pinpoint what makes them THEM. The Badass Hunter, the Piano Playing Chic, The Super Mom.

    Doing this about OURSELVES or people in real life is sometimes not as easy. O__O Do you have a friend or family member that just doesn't seem to "do anything" or has a personality/lifestyle that seems to be so generic that you can't seem to think up a way to describe them other than "they're nice"? Are YOU one of those floating people that hasn't yet discovered your identity or role in the world?

    In this thread, you're going to post 5 or more things that define YOU. Stuff that makes you the person that you are, and why they are important to you, or a part of your life!

    And make them GOOD things. >> Dun go saying "I'm that douche that kicks puppies" or "The emo chick that cuts herself" unless you made a career of it or something. O___O


    - I am a community administrator. It wouldn't matter if the topic was roleplaying, cooking, cats, or out in the real world at a school or city meeting. I take a lot of joy in bringing people together and building a community. This is something I will probably be doing the rest of my life in one form or another!

    - My passion is being creative through writing. Roleplaying is my favorite medium, cause I get to weave in my love of people and community. Writing stories and creating worlds WITH people is freaking awesome. 8D Not to mention the therapy and problem solving skills you get to work out through roleplay. Or the different kind of lives you can experience without having to actually put your life in danger!

    - One of the most important things in the world to me is being a positive person even in the face of jacked up bullshit. I grew up in chaos, had a lot of bad things happen in life, but this effort of staying has helped me not be a lunatic and as a bonus I've been able to be a good influence to other people too. I always want to be that person that will lift the spirits and moods of a room.

    - I am a GIRLY GIRLY -AND- A FEMINIST and that's okay! I like kittens. I like dresses. I like cooking, sewing, sipping tea with fancy tea sets and scones. I watch romantic comedies. I play Mary Sue Romances. I cry when I see road kill. I can't watch scary movies or I'll nightmares. Makeovers and shopping is awesome. Unicorns, sparkles, rainbows, boy bands, ribbons, fuzzy stuff, love, romance, EXPLOSION! I am the stereotypical woman-girl thing, cause these are things I love. It doesn't make me any less of a feminist. Feminism is about not being ashamed of being a woman; whether you are a girly girly, a badass boxing chick, or a man who loves romance novels. <3

    - And last, I am the most extreme introvert I know. >> I love people and I love being social. In fact, if I'm socializing on the internet, I can do it all the time. Cause I can just walk away from the computer. But in person... I DIE. Physical people in my space drain all my energy and brain powers. Just one person in my bubble every day can drain my senses really bad. Even a BABY just for 8 hours a day can do it. O__O I have to make efforts to give myself several hours of nobody but diana time every day so I can function. If I over-socialize, I end up hiding from people for weeks including family and everyone online. (which starts a terrible cycle of diana-swarming and diana-hiding. T__T)

    So. this makes me an Introverted Girlygirl that loves roleplaying, and being a positive influence on the community. 8D

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  2. 1. I am ugly
    2. I am a nerd
    3. I can sometimes be funny, but not always
    4. I think badly of myself
    5. All the women don't noticed me
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  3. Hey! Iwaku mommy said GOOD things!

    For moi:

    1: I always want to be helpful
    2: Because I'm a high-standards person, if I decide I'm gonna be good at something and really care about it, I'll be damn good at it.
    3: I love shock humour and dry/dark humour; I'm generally a nice, tolerant, sympathetic an nonjudgemental person, but jokes like
    Show Spoiler
    A woman was going home from the club with a black man, and as they approached his apartment, she leaned to his ear and whispered "Tell me if it's true what they say about black men." and he looked at her with bedroom eyes and whispered "It is". Then he stabbed her and took her wallet
    are absolutely hilarious to me for some reason.
    4: I am a dreamer to a fault; sometimes it's hard for me to let go of my dreams in favour of the practical, but I like to think it's a good thing to at least have them.
    5: If I complain to you a lot, it's not cause I'm a negative person or I think my life is worse than yours, it's cause you mean more to me than the customers and passerby who get my fake smile everything's-fine-what-can-I-do-for-you routine.
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  4. 1) I'm fiercely independent.
    2) I'm one of those people that's tough on themselves but lenient on others.
    3) I grew up in a Southern Baptist family. I don't generally just toss it out there, but I'd say it definitely deserves credit for me being who I am today so yeah.
    4) I'm a pretty positive person who can bounce back pretty quickly from just about anything. I've been through some very unpleasant things, but I would rather look forward than behind.
    5) I'm a major introvert. Even online to an extent, like if I'm in a chatroom with too many people talking I get overwhelmed and either leave or go silent. There are times when I've had to briskly walk over to a corner/wall/chair and catch my breath from the social exertion of someone saying hi to me unexpectedly and having to respond.
  5. 5 things about me that are good.... hrmmmmmm. -breaks his brain-

    Alright, these will be fairly simple answers as I suck at offering up positive things about myself! >.<

    1. I love cats! Does that count? I hope so.

    2: I am far more social online than I am offline. It's just so much easier for me to open up online. Maybe this comes from the fact I have moved so often over the years.

    3: I believe I am fairly good at letting people vent to me about things that are troubling them. Unfortunately I am pretty bad at venting to people about things bothering me most time.

    4: I somehow managed to avoid becoming an alcoholic or smoker despite having grown up with both around me constantly. I guess I saw enough things, at least with alcohol, that made me decide I'd prefer to avoid it for the most part. As for smoking, I never had an interest in it!

    5: Well I keep drawing a blank on this one. I really am bad at this... hahaha -.- I love to read, if that counts? Reading has been one of my greatest escapes from reality. I love getting lost in a good story. One where you start reading with plans of stopping after maybe an hour, but when you finally take a break it has been several hours.
  6. ~ I AM EPIC ; I am the embodiment of Epic. I Epic Hike the mountains, I write Epics, I make Epic music, I have Epic Friends, I draw/Paint/Sculpt Epic masterpieces. I am part of an Epic online Community, I have an Epic lover, I can pull to the surface the Epicness within others. I am an Epic Hero, with Epic dreams.

    ~I AM AN ARTIST; unrelentlessly drawing, painting, improvising space, personifying energy, Devoted and defined by it. If something happened to my hands.....I don't even want to entertain that thought for a second. Expressing myself through Creating something to share and connect

    ~I AM A DIRT WORSHIPPER; I am in love with earth and how nature works. Trees amaze me. Forest walking is a must have pass time and I will hug a tree shamelessly. I respect animals and have had two critter familiars in the past, One Blue Parrotlet bird, Pippin, and Van Korpaklanni a cuddly Ferret.

    ~VIDEO GAMES; I love 'em, I need 'em, I got to play them or at least listen to the music.

    ~THE INTERNET; Thanks to the internet and being raised on it, I know how to teach myself just about anything I desire to learn. Fruity loop tutorials to Bo staff techniques, Recipes and world news. Memes, Trolls, RolePlaying, chatting, connecting to the world and being almost entirely aware of it, in the sense that I have begun to use it as a tool instead of just merely a pass time.

    That's me, Fijo The Epic
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  7. 1. I define my own character

    I don't let the opinions of others sway me. Yeah, I'll listen when they call me out on a wrong, and I agree with it, but I won't let someone else's opinion of my person be the cause of my personal change. People are factors that help us to realize when we are right, and when we are wrong, but that doesn't make us good or bad. When I go to bed at night, I'm not thinking about what someone said to me, or what they think of me. I go to bed wondering how I can be a better person the next.

    2. I value loyalty and honour

    I've been there and done that; I've betrayed friends and they have betrayed me. My teen years were nasty because I made them that way with acting like what I have done didn't affect others when they did. No days, I am fiercely loyal, and I hold my honour close to me. I don't want to be that horrid teen I was. I was a liar, a thief and I hurt a lot of people.

    3. I won't stay quiet while someone is facing something they cannot handle

    Pisses me off whenever I see something happening to someone that can't defend themselves, and nobody steps up to the plate long enough to let them know that they are not alone. Even if I disagree with them, I won't let someone bash them or take things too far. Nobody should feel alone, nor should they be treated cruelly to prove a point. Because while you spoke your opinion, you should never insult someone, because then you have dropped to their level, or dropped to a level below.

    4. I am very passionate about the things I believe in

    I am very passionate in my beliefs. When I take a stand against or for something, I'm not standing out there for attention, nor am I doing it to show people how 'cool' I am. No, I don't like how cold it is out there, but I also don't like it when someone makes a joke out of something very, very serious. Someday I may face getting injured or losing something but in order to live you've got to stand for something. 'If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.' (Not my quote).

    I am passionate about these because I fear that I will forget them, and the pain of those who I care about will be forgotten and they will continue to suffer.

    5. I'm a deep person, and really feel close to Mother Earth

    I'd really love to be the class clown 24/7. But that's not me; yes, I kid around quite a bit. But I'm also a very deep person; I love discussions, and just thinking about life. Learning new things, and finding more out about who I am. You wouldn't believe what you'd discover about yourself and others, and how big the world is. I used to look at the stars and just think that they were just a simple contribution to earth and the universe, until I began to really think more about it, and I feel a little bit closer to the universe, but I also feel very small compared to it, but not powerless. I feel that the world isn't this dead thing, but very alive. There's more to life then what we see, and what we are. Ever touch a tree and actually feel like there is a heartbeat in it somehow? Call me crazy but I can.

    Those are only five things, but I feel like I can go on forever about the last one.
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  8. - I am shy, quiet and introverted. I live to make other people happy, perhaps to the detriment of my own happiness.

    - I live with my head in the clouds. When I have trouble dealing with reality (which, unfortunately, is often,) I drift away and become someone else. I'm much happier when I'm 'gone,' at least.

    - I'm very sensitive. I'm sensitive to my own emotions, and to the emotions of others; small things tend to affect me in great ways.

    - I love animals (cats in particular.) I always have. From the time I could talk, I was always more interested in spending time with the animals than I was with the people around them. I just feel more at ease around them. I plan on eventually going into veterinary science, but right now I need to focus on my own health.

    - Uh... I get very attached to worlds and stories as opposed to characters. For example, my love of Ivalice knows no bounds, and every time I finish a game taking place in that universe, I get unbearably sad. You could probably replace the characters with any old person and I wouldn't be too devastated, but the worlds... I adore those worlds. This likely comes back to my habit of 'drifting away to become someone else.' If I take a fancy to something, I want to be there. I distinctly remember crying about Hogwarts when I was younger because I knew I could never go there. It was just heart breaking to me.

    tl;dr I'm a big gay whiny baby
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  9. 1. I adore creativity. I am a makeup artist. I love artistic, editorial beauty. I've been into makeup four years and plan to make it my career, I wish to go to MUD in NYC and learn more on the subject. Just in general it is a creativity I revel in, much like my creative writing, and my painting/sketching, my complete and utter passion for makeup goes beyond words and onto another level.

    2. I have a strong sense of justice. Although this makes me an extreme revengeful person, I never get 'revenge' by violence, only by simple things such as no longer gracing the person in my presence, or by taking them to court when it calls for it. I am vaccine injured by the Gardasil vaccine, so I know how it feels to be lied to by someone you trust, degraded by doctors because they are afraid to get into a lawsuit, and over all just be treated really shittily. Now I'm going to court in Washington DC on the 11th-13th of march, and proving all those people who said I was crazy wrong. I stand up for others who are also treated unfairly.

    3. I love humans. I am a human cheerleader. That's right, I cheer on all humans. I am a feminist, liberal, a pro-choice, a gay marriage supporting girl. A lot of slut shaming goes around in our society and so I am there for all girls and boys who practice safe consensual sex! Because who doesn't like good sex? We should be able to have sex, masturbate, or be able to feel really sexy and good about yourself without backlash of others telling you how, who, or why you should have sex. I mean come on. Like I said, if it's safe and consensual it's great! Pro-choice, if you wanna keep your baby great, if not then great! It's your body and no one else should be making the decision for you! This is partly because I am against slut shaming and totally pro sex, and I know accidents happen. Mistakes can be got over, you don't have to have them the rest of your life. And the foster care system is awful I know this very, very well so I don't personally recommend you give it up for adoption unless you know the person you plan on giving your child to. Also i'll just add in here, as someone with an eating disorder, all bodys are beautiful because they protect your organs and your mind and make you who you are. So treat your body well. <3 I cheer on humans to over come discriminations of all kinds, age, gender, race, religion, ect. And support all human rights until they prove they are no longer safe to have their rights!

    4. I have OCD, and major anxiety. My other diagnosis's (Anorexia type 2, Major depression) don't matter as much. Because my OCD makes me have order and my anxiety can sometimes bring excitement in my life. No one ever looks at the good parts of these problems, probably because there isn't many. But with OCD I am always on time or early to your party, work, or school. I collect makeup compulsively and I love to do just that. My anxiety makes me feel bad when I dont respond to your posts on that roleplay, so normally I will respond to everyones post within a day, and possibly more, so no one has to wait for me. Of course there are bad sides to these problems, but looking at the good sides are always a plus to keeping positive.

    5. I am determined. I get things done most 16 year old girls would never have thought about doing. I have traveled a lot, and worked in my career field already. :)
  10. Can't think of anything good that defines me.
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  11. I'm a very private person:
    When it comes to sharing information about myself, who I am, my life experiences, my thoughts and feelings... I'm not good about talking about that sort of thing. If you're someone that I trust and care for, you'll get an honest answer to any question and even my clumsy attempts at talking about myself sometimes when the mood strikes me.

    If I'm going to do something, I'm going to give it 150%:
    Doesn't matter what it is, if I'm doing something, I want it to be done well. I'm not the person you'll see only doing half a job because it's hard. Anything I choose to do, I want to be good. This can be incredibly stressful for me and sometimes limits what I choose to do, but when I do decide on something, I'll study it and work tirelessly to do it well.

    You can tell me anything:
    I'm empathetic to a fault and I will do my very best to help you get better, feel better, etc. This isn't just an "if I care about you, I'll listen", I have been a shoulder to lean on for friends and strangers alike. I don't judge, I just want to help you and be there for you. Everyone deserves someone to talk them through their worst moments.

    I set the base bar at equality for everyone and I expect the same from others:
    Homosexuality, transgender, nationality, religion, male or female, those things don't matter to me at all. You start out at the same place everyone else does to me. In this attitude, I expect more or less the same from the people that I associate with. If you're a jackass atheist, my personal views don't matter, I'm going to respect you less than the kind devout. Make yourself the kind of person that other people want to be around... or get used to not having people around.

    I will make a joke about anything:
    Joking is essentially my natural response to everything and being serious for me is a task reserved for supporting others. If I'm just casually talking, I'm probably making some sort of joke about 80% of the time. I laugh when I'm nervous and stressed, I laugh when I'm upset, and I will make jokes about the situations at the same time. It's hard to suppress, even though I usually try for the sake of those around me.
  12. Foremost right now, I have really severe sleep apnea. It's taken over my life, basically. Going to bed at night is basically a nightmare. I wake up every 45 minutes or so, usually gasping for air and confused. My sleep study showed that I don't actually get any REM sleep unless I'm using a CPAP machine (which I should be getting this week! Fingers crossed!). So you can imagine my days are miserable. And yet I trudge on. That's the good in all of it.

    Secondly, I consider myself a writer, and a fair good one at that. I don't write as much as I'd like, but I'm not gonna nitpick myself.

    Third, I really try to be the best friend to people I can be. I have a truly big jaded streak, but I'm a good person and a pretty good listener.

    I'm a huge nerd. Star Wars. Star Trek. D&D. I think in die rolls and world building. Sometimes it kind of puts me at odds with the normal people. Haha.

    Um. Lastly, I was raised Mormon, and I think a good deal of their morals and family values and stuff have rubbed off on me over the years, even though I'm more or less an atheist. I'm happy with my (lack of) beliefs, but tossing out the baby with the bathwater is pointless.
  13. 1. Imma Staci.

    2. Im'ma Staci.

    3. I'mma Staci.

    4. I'm a Staci.

    5. I am a Staci.
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  14. 1. I'm a big ol' grouch. I consider this a positive definition of me because I love being a grouch. Seriously, I will deprive myself of coffee in the mornings just so I can torment people with my unpleasant decaf mood. It cheers me up.

    2. I am pretty sure I breed super humans. My son's a beast, I tell ya.

    3. I'm apathetic about a lot of things. You can be gay, straight, Christian, fat, orange, half giraffe, an alien--I don't give a shit. If we're meant to be friends on some level, I'll accept you as you are. I'm pansexual too, which means I'm attracted to bread according to Homac. No matter what kind of bread you are, you're beautiful. People need to learn to not give any fucks, you know?

    4. I'm a nerd. A true nerd. And I feel constantly hurt that "nerd" is now some sort of fashion sense for hipsters and high schoolers.

    5. I'm a crazy chick. I spazz at random times, I'm unstable without anti-depressants and/or pot, and I have legit OCD. Yet, people love me still. It's awesome.
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  15. I'm always happy - No matter what situation I can never be dragged down by it. I fall down and get straight back up again.
    I always seek to improve - Nobody is perfect and I always believe I can be better.
    I was raised in New Zealand - because of living there for so long I very much grew up as a kiwi and am very much a part of that culture.
    I love stories - characters fantasies, people and what they come up with! the ideas are fantastic. The passion is incredible too I love it so much!
    I hate being alone - I always love people around, even if I don't have to talk to them. Having someone there is always enough.

  16. LOL
  17. Money
    Mo Money
    Mo Woman
    ...Um, Um, Um, im stuck

    Shows what you know!...We go inside first so we can get nasty with them, then take the valuables and then stab them tell are C*** bleeds or shoot them with our glock. We all have them.
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  18. 1. Making sure to lock up Diana in her padded cell when she's got cabin fever.
    2. Write and publish articles on military history.
    3. Make sure Diana is properly locked away again.
    5. Proft.
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  19. This is the story of a girl who liked to dress up and save the day; it might have been in her imagination at first but slowly she makes it her reality. This is also the story of a girl who grew up in a kitchen and was possitive that all health should come from there. Not incidently this is also the story of a girl who liked to dance; by herself or with others; while listening to music or making her own; in the living room, at a club or even the grocery store. Furthermore this is the story of the loud girl who could listen. Not the least nor the last this is the story of a girl who constantly was learning and exploring thus making books and plane tickets some of her best tools.

    This is my story, I'm living it every day. I'm not a contradiction except to stereotypes perhaps.
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  20. 1. I'm a direct person, honest, but try to remain as respectful and polite I can.

    2. Pessimistic with a smile. My kind of humour is sarcastic and cynical. People in real life mistake me for an optimist, but that is because they don't get my humour. Or sarcasm. Too bad I can't put an emoticon behind every sentence said in real life. .3.''

    3. I killed a (several) cactus(es) and in that reaction it was advised to me never to have children.

    4. I set myself as an average. It is a (bad?) habit of mine to consider everyone on the same level as me and to at least perform on the same level as I do. If they do better I'm happy to have them on board and try to improve as well. If they perform under my tastes I'm disappointed. Unfortunately I'm also ambitious, my very own (worst) critic and a busy bee. I don't like standing still.

    5. I hate the number #5 with a great passion and avoided it for a full three weeks when my school end exams came near back at High school. This is also the reason why there is a '6' added underneath the list. Funny fact: Our house number has a '5', so I closed my eyes when nearing the plate.

    6. By now I've checked the time after every point and somewhere mid-sentence as well. I did so before I wrote this last sentence and I'm going to do so after I finish this one. Time is going slow when you wake up early and have to wait two more hours for a seminar. :/
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