What EXCITES you?

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  1. Everybody needs joy and excitement in their life. And there's got to be at least ONE thing in the world that really gets you all bouncy and excited! This can be a movie, a book, an event, a place, a food... It can be anything! >:3 Whatever it is, you just can't contain yourself about it.

    What gets YOU excited? What are some things that you really look forward to?

    Iiiii am currently all a'twitter about forum updates, like the total admin nerd that I am. >> We get to do a maintenance forum update really soon and it comes with bug fixes and features we've needed. O______O I have waited months for this and I can't waaaaait.

    I also get super excited about PLOT BUNNIES. Especially ones that encompass tons of worldbuilding and creative developing! I love making settings to play in, and I get super bouncy when things come together really well. >:3

    Now you!
  2. I get SUPER SUPER excited when I have a chance to learn a new language or practice it. If I meet someone who speaks a language I'm trying to learn, I try to speak with them. If I don't know their language, I ask them what language they speak, and I try to learn a few phrases with them, and then learn it on my own.

    SUPER nerdy, I know.
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  3. I'm super excited about getting to see my boyfriend again in February. It will be the first time in eight months!

    I'm also excited about college admissions. Fingers still crossed for uChicago!

    Oh, and looking forwards to the Winds of Winter, Sims 4, Avengers 2, etc.

    Lastly, bubble tea. I drool just thinking about it. Every time I go to a city, I feel the urge to hunt down a bubble tea shop, since there are none within eighty miles of me.
  4. I'm easy to excite:

    A new game to play

    A Roleplay reply

    A sweet treat

    A new high-score or personal record

    Giving a gift I'm certain someone will like


    Pumpkin carving

    Visiting a kitten or puppy
  5. I get excited over small things.

    This week:

    I was very happy to see My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic come out with their season premiere.
    I was really excited to see my biological sister again.
    Many other things made me so happy this week!

    In general:

    -Seeing anybody laugh, smile or just in high spirits
    -Food. Everything about food.
    -Seeing friends
    -SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!! (So excited!)
    -Harry Potter
    -Learning new spells (Wicca)
  6. Good (video) games, great conversation, and what the future might have in store.
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  7. A good rp I had sunken in too deep. It's like speed tabs. Can't eat, drink, bathe or sleep. MUST...AWAIT...RESPONSE...
  8. Naw, it's cool. I want to learn an entirely new language like Japanese and then travel to a country where I'd have to speak it (Japan) and really didn't survive with an easier language like English. Those thrills.
  9. Fact: spoken modern English is very hard to learn as a second language. Reading it is easier, but spoken English is rife with pronunciation inconsistency and idioms which are very commonly used.
    For example:
    • To look: to direct the eyes at something/to seem a certain way. As in "Look at the food!" Or "You look sickly..."
    • To look for: to search as in "Can you look for the dog?"
    • To look up: to research as in "Look up 'infiltration' in the dictionary."
    • To look up to: to hold in high regard as in " I look up to my grandfather for inspiration. "
    • To look down: to condescend as in" He looks down on the poor."
    • To look out: to be wary as in "Look out for any drug dealers."
    • To look after: to guard or protect as in "Could you look after my purse for me?"
    Some of these have very different meanings from the word look and cannot by analyzed using the words alone, unlike the longer words such as protect, research, or direct.

    • Why doesn't the word one rhyme with alone, bone, cone, zone, and hone even though they have the same last three letters?
    • Why are there different sounds for the letters ough in the words through, bough, drought, dough, enough and cough? If I made up the word ensprough, how do I pronounce that?
    That's why. English is such a messy language to speak. =P #nerdnerd
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  10. My birthday excites me! It boggles my mind when people don't do stuff for their birthdays; I have a set of golden rules specifically FOR birthdays!

    - Thou shalt not do chores on thy birthday

    - Thou shalt not bake thine own Birthday Cake

    - All choices such as TV channel, dinner selection, and entertainment options may be made or vitoed by the Birthday Person

    - All dietary restrictions not prescribed by a medical professional are voided during the Birthday

    It's like a single-day vacation :'D
  11. The weekend excites me. After working all week, it's really awesome to have two days off in a row.
  12. I get really excited when someone shares the same interest/hobby as I do.

    Manga updates make me flip my shit.

    I get really into shows/movies so I react like a spaz while watching them.
  13. working actually excites me, especially during the winter. I'm a general handy man; which means that I am a jack of all trades.

    I take any gig I can get money for, and this season my business is well used.
  14. While I don't read manga much, I do watch a lot of anime. Otaku culture fascinates me and there have been some new shows on Crunchyroll that have me on the edge of my seat for each new release. I'd say that I get most excited for Log Horizon and Arpeggio of Blue Steel.

    Other shows (that aren't anime) that get me stoked are Family Guy, The Walking Dead, and The Good Wife.

    ... I wonder if I should pick up a book more often... Naaaah.