What exactly...is a contact?

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  1. So, I have noticed that you can add people as contacts. What exactly are they and what can they do?
  2. Apparently the Contacts/Friends things has two different parts! There is the "Friends" part so you can have a list of all your forum friends, and set some of your settings to only allow those forum friends to see/read. (Like your blog or visitor messages)

    And Contacts works the exact same way. o___o

    So I am assuming Contacts would be people you want easy access to be able to contact or give view permissions to, but you don't wanna list them as friends. (Like staff members, or roleplay partners)
  3. Hmm. What if there was an option were you could make someone your Best Friend instead of just a Friend? Instead of a Contact?
  4. That would be interesting if they made such a thing! D: There does not seem to be any mods out for that though.
  5. Oh. Moderators you mean? Perhaps I could give it a try? Depending on what the Moderator would have to do and all of course. Maybe we could create a sign up or poll?
  6. A mod in this case is a modification. The coding used to make the forum is not hand made.
  7. Ah, yes, I mean modification. XD the codework it takes to create something like that built in to the forum.
  8. Oh...that I won't be able to do, since I know nothing about coding and stuff. But perhaps we could create a sign up sheet somehow or something? I dunno.
  9. That's unfortunately not how those sorts of things work! O__O especially the friends/contacts and best friends/tops friends sort of thing. As as neat of an idea it is, it's not something that's very high on the priority list of things I am trying to talk people in to coding for us. :/
  10. It was a nice thought anyway.