What element do you think describes you?


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What element do you think describes you?

I'm not just talking about the four elements of :

I'm talking about the LONGER LIST:\


For me, it's metal. Metal can change its temperature and can either be extremely mailable such as pure gold, or it can be extremely tough, as an alloy can be. It can withstand pressure of most kinds and not break easily.

I try my hardest to be calm, and just go along with the "climate" of the situation, and "change the metals of the alloys" according to the situation.
Water or Light for me.
Like water, I can adjust to various situations like a flowing stream, but in certain environments, I can just freeze up.
Like light, I also shine through the darker parts of people, or at least I'd like to.
I'm naive,- I like to see the similiar light in others around me, like a long-lost friend hidden deep in the darkness. ^^;

Aggressive, symbolic of human knowledge (see the myth of Prometheus), life-giving yet dangerous. Controlled, it provides safety, warmth, comfort. Unleashed, it causes rampant chaos and devastation.

So. Do. I.
Good answers! Miru, how long would it take for you to "defrost"? And Raz, how do you think you compare to a wildfire?
It depends on the situation.
I hide behind my friends until I warm up to the situation, I suppose.
Though in sexual conversations, I trickle away and freeze behind a tree or something, causing people to ask, "Where'd he go?"
What about your boiling point?
It takes about a year or so to get me to a boiling point, though if you mess with my friends, I can assure you it'll be cut in half.
The same holds true for getting me to fight. And let's face it, I think me and the other guy would avoid that... He just doesn't know it yet. ^^;
I see, do I have more elements out there?
Well to use the metaphors your using, I'm more like water.

I can flow and conform to most things, and if things get in the way slowly but surely I'll get through them. I can be as calm as a stream or as mean as a torrent from the sky. I'm pretty cool and well mannered all the time. But you will know when I go over 100 celcius and it isn't pretty.
I'd like to say I'd be Light~ under the reasons that I can find light where there is darkness, but then I'd have to be darkness too, to be able to overcome it with light and keep the balance in me and in my friends.

But the first thing that popped into my head was A I R <3 I'm like the air, I'm free and I do and do as I please. I can be soft and comforting, like a gentle breeze or strong and overbearing like a hurricane. (:

XD Very tough decision. >_<
Lava - The melted earth, created by high pressure, that can explode but also can just ooze out, and once it has moves, slowly taking in everything in it's path till it's run it's course, cools, and enlarges and enriches the land around it.
Good answers, people!

Sakura, what qaulities do you think BEST describe you from Air AND Light. Pick only one from each. I'd like to see your answer on this.

Also, Raz, how do you hold such focus on your "fire"?

Ocha, would you say that you have a "warming" personality?
By target locking. Something needs doing, it gets done. Something needs hitting, it gets hit. There is no reason to go beyond these, unless it is indicated. Ergo, control/focus becomes intrinsic. Ignoring this leads to a loss of drive, ambition, and completion of the task. Going beyond is only done when there is indication for it and manifests as a new target lock.
the unpredictable-ness. How it just goes around and rushes by~ with no boundaries.

light isn't just a physical essence, but it's like the absence of darkness~ like a guidance~ a path~ hope
Good answers Raz and Sakura
I am definitely a water element. Probably for the same reasons Miru listed. XD I can be calm, I can stormy. I can rejuvenate or I can destroy. I can mold myself to fit in a box, or I can force everything around me to adjust. A strong element for a strong personality. .__.;
I help others all the time. Trying to just make peoples day better. It's what I do!! :DD
@ Tuxedo: STOP LOOKING SO GOOD! I KNOW YOU HAVE A SHADOW.... somewhere....

And I like your answer, Diana!