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What does your week look like?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Curiose, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Mine is kind of crazy as of late but I love it. So far, it looks like so:

    Sundays: Fight practice in the morning, bit creation and festival stuffs in the afternoon, horse practice in the evening.
    Mondays: Potential day off and adventure time with partner. If not, work on festival site.
    Tuesdays: More potential day off and adventure time. If not, work on festival site and horse practice in the evening.
    Wednesdays: Work on pole barn with 2 others for 3-5 hours.
    Thursdays: Potential day off and or work.
    Fridays: Drive to festival site and have horse practice
    Saturdays: Work on festival site with boffering in the evening.

    Quite busy, but tis awesome!

    What does your week look like? Do you like it busy like it slow?
  2. My past week was HELL. ._.
    But noooowwww.~

    Today: Packing, drawing a picture, Skype times with peoples, League, radio show. Oh, and planning a film shoot for tomorrow, but not gonna be there.
    Friday: Packing with mom and aunt, check out of dorm, drop stuff off at storage, go to class to watch movie and hang, go to hotel with mom and aunt, go out to eat, go back and chilld.
    Saturday: Chill. Get ready to go home. Go home.
    Sunday: DUNNO.
    So yeah.
    I dunno.
    But I had finals all these past days
    So yeah. ._.
  3. >.>

    Monday-Friday: up at 6:10ish to start my morning routine. Out the door by 7 AT THE LATEST. 50 min commute. fieldwork from 8ish to anywhere from 4:30-5:00ish. Back on the road for another 50 min commute. Arrive home around 6ish. Eat dinner. Study or attempt to relax. Bed anywhere from 9 to 11 depending on my energy level.

    Saturday: generally up by 8 for my morning routine. Out the door by 8:50 at latest. Then I'll either work a 9-5:30 or 9:30-6 shift depending on what my boss wants. Home by 6ish. Eat dinner...relax/study...sleep by 11 or 12.

    Sunday: up at 8:45 for morning routine. out door by 9:50. Work from 10-6. Home for dinner/relaxation/study. Sleep by 10 and start my monday routine again >.>

    yeah so exciting -___-

    oh yeah and if my boss needs it sometimes on thursdays not only will I have fieldwork from 8-4:30 but I'll come back home and work a 6-9 shift at my regular job.

    And weekends I really only get off if I ask 2 weeks in advance. : D

    yup a day in the life of angl...
  4. Can't see your picture Vay
  5. monday: sleep eat sleep
    tuesday: sleep eat and shop
    Wensday: bitch sleep and then bitch while sleeping ((its a art that very few can do))
    thurs:make a cake and then go to sleep
    friday:see my girls and tell them how hard my life is and that they have no idea what its like being me
    sat: video games all day
    sun: get yelled at by family for spending the day watching horror movies when its gods day. ((not joking i have actually spent the last nine sundays watching horror all day and then when they say something about it i will repley "im just gathering some data."
  6. Monday: Kidnap the plot bunnies.

    Tuesday: Scare the plot bunnies

    Wednesday: Force Kitti to buy my smoothie

    Thursday : Serve Iliana to the plot bunnies

    Friday: Smile and read books.
  7. M: 8 am statistical mechanics
    T: 9 am group meeting
    W: 8 am statistical mechanics
    R: Sleep in
    F: 8 am statistical mechanics

    At all other times I'm playing games or doing research.
  8. My weeks are basically the same boring stuff, luckily with a flexible work schedule, with video games, movies, reading, writing and playing with my dogs thrown in during my spare time, I only wish I had my own horse again so I could ride and be in the stable more often:/

    Monday: Wake up, feed dogs, let dogs outside, maybe eat breakast if I feel like it, work, horse riding in the evening, feed dogs etc, free time, dinner (mostly), sleep (usually quite late)

    Tuesday, Wednesday - Friday - Sunday:
    Wake up, feed dogs, let dogs outside, maybe eat breakast if I feel like it, work, feed dogs etc, free time, dinner (mostly), sleep (usually quite late)

    Wake up, feed dogs, let dogs outside, maybe eat breakast if I feel like it, work, horse riding in the evening, feed dogs etc, free time, dinner (mostly), sleep (usually quite late)
  9. Monday: Go up 6.30, take bus 07.00, School 8.20-17.40, gets home 18.30. Takes a walk thirty minutes
    Tuesday: Go up 6.30, take bus 07.00, School 8.20-14.00, stays in school some hours to practice piano and other things I can't do at home. Thirty minutes walk when I get home around 18.30
    Wednesday even weeks: go up 6.30- take bus 7.00, School 8.00-10.00, takes a thirty minutes walk when I am home at least two times that day, three times sometimes.
    Wednesday odd weeks: Go up 6.30, take bus 7.00, School 8.20-16.00 (it changes every week, sometimes it's to 16.00 sometimes it is to 12.00 and sometimes it's to ten in the evening when we have concerts)
    Thursday: go up 8.30, take bus 09.04, School 11.45-16.30, gets home and takes a walk. (for the most I gets to school at least one hour earlier so that I can study piano and such things.)
    Friday: Go up 7.30, take buss 8.12, School 09.45-10.45, gets home and takes around two and three thirty minutes walks.
    Saturday: Sleep half the day, take around two too four thirty minutes walks.
    Sunday: Study like hell everything I haven't done during the week, take around two too four thirty minutes walks

    This is an average week for me.
    I love thursdays, I am not a morning person so Thursdays are the only day I like xD The first half of the other days I am like a zombie and my friends always "o.O You alright?"
    I: "UUUUH" *eats someone*
  10. I've got papers and finals to take care of, then packing out and going home for the summer.

    And then I have to get a job, and fast! Finals week always ends up being the most stressful week of the semester. No surprise there. :/
  11. M work
    T work
    W work
    Thur work
    F Work, then Drink!
    SAT Day off, Drink!
    SUN Rest