What does your username mean?

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  1. The title says it all! So what does your username mean to you?

    Does it have a meaning behind it?
    A silly story?
    Was it random?
    Did your friend type it in on a drunken night?

    I wanna hear all about it!


    Adira means "strong, noble, and powerful". It originates from Hebrew. And I picked this as my username because I think it's unique and I just love it!
  2. It's literally just an adaptation from "Vance" to sound cooler.

    Yeah, I was young when I made it. But it's served me well enough.

    Vance isn't my real name, though. Yet.


    Airavon is the same from "Aaron." Seraph's Fire is more recent and comes from my fascination with angels and the original meaning of the Hebrew word "Seraph."
  3. @Vansalon That's really cool! Thanks for sharing!
  4. My username stems from Spock actually.

    Spock is always seen complaining about how illogical humans are, however, he does not realize that constantly pointing this out proves no purpose and is illogical in itself to point it out when everyone knows his opinion on the subjects. He plans for the logical tactic above all else which in fact in itself illogical; when dealing with illogical creatures it is logical to plan an illogical attack. Plain and simple.

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  5. Finland + Mohawk = Finhawk

    I love my fatherland and mohawks are my obsession, that's pretty much all there is to it.
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  6. Adelaide was one of my favorite NPC's in a tabletop Werewolf the Apocalypse game that I GMed back in the day. It means Noble Natured and was chosen for her because of that. I tend to take the usernames of Character's and NPC's who had something to them I admire and wish to emulate. For her it was her genteel strength and class that I admired.
  7. My user name is the name of my Final Fantasy Xi character. I loved her, until I had to retire her....

  8. Yeah.
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  9. Holmishire was my attempt at making the quaintest, homeliest name for a small medieval village that I could imagine. Inspiration came from cities like Stockholm and Yorkshire. I like to think I was successful.

    Despite being created for a book series I plan to write, it eventually became that which I most associated with writing and, later, art. As such, I used it as my username on the first writing site I joined. Since then, it has become my most dear alias.
  10. HISTORY TIME! I shall explain EVERY username I've ever had :D (Which only are three)

    In the beginning of my internet experience my imagination was so useless so I went with aleand13 (Ale(x) And(ersson) 13(years old)) ... Never thought about that I would age apparently o.O

    Then when I got into my msn period I went with Blackrose for most sites which both was because black roses was my favorite flower and because my brother had the username black angel and I didn't want to copy him... ... So I ended up still copying him xb

    THEN I came to a site which already had an user with the name blackrose :( So then I chose Redblood. No idea how I came up with it, but this is what it means to me :D Red means red, and blood means blood! I don't know why I chose it, but it might have to do with all the horror movies I watched. Also, one of my favorite bands is named Red, but that's just coincidental as I think I found them after I started with the name Redblood. But a pretty funny coincidence, right ;)

    So yeah, first username was my name, second was inspired by my brothers username, and third was just continuing on a dark username roll. I don't think much about my names, I just take what feels right :9
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  11. This is always a fun topic for me! I've shared the story a bunch of times already but never mind sharing it again ^^

    In undergrad, I was on my school's mock trial program. Basically, thousands of colleges and universities nationwide are given the same case with the same materials, same evidence, same affidavits, etc., at the beginning of every year. They then develop a team of Prosecution (or Plaintiff for civil cases) attorneys and witnesses and a team of Defense attorneys and witnesses from the available witnesses in the case.

    Schools then compete against each other at tournaments and competitions which are usually judged by practicing attorneys, and often judged by practicing judges as well. Attorneys are given opportunities to cross-examine witnesses from opposing teams, and both sides are expected to adapt to the court scenario as dictated by the judge. Each performance is scored, and the attorneys and witnesses are ranked by each scorer.

    Of course, a lot of it is scripted, but there is also a lot of room for adaptation and improvisation when something happens during the trial that you can take advantage of, and these were the types of things that I absolutely lived for. The adrenaline rush when you know you've outsmarted an opponent or you know they've fallen into a trap or when you know they've said something in trial you can use later - it may sound SUPER geeky to be excited about something like that, but honestly there is no other rush like that.

    This activity consumed me. It has defined my collegiate undergrad experience, made me lots of amazing friends and colleagues, refined my public speaking ability and was all in all an amazing experience.

    In my last year at undergrad, my primary role was as a witness - an actor named Alex Grace, whose claim to fame was a film (fictional, of course) called Fatal Rendezvous. It was the best year of my mock trial "career" if you can call it that - our school ended up being one of the 16 universities (out of thousands of schools) to progress to Nationals, where I won an All-American Award (the highest level of award in the activity) for my portrayal of the witness. Each year, only twenty attorneys and twenty witnesses (out of tens of thousands who participate in the activity) are given an All-American.

    Somehow the film title stuck with me. To me it's a perfect blend of romance, charm, adventure, and danger. I snatched it up during undergrad that year on most major sites (Google being the primary), and stuck with it as an RP user name.
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  12. Yay! I'm glad everyone is sharing their backgrounds!! I love reading all these fun stories!
  13. So you're a blonde muscle head who thinks he's God's gift to women? =P
  14. Mine's pretty simple. Just a take on the word neither. It sums up my personality. Not one thing or the other.
  15. Eh, mine isn't very interesting.

    Little 'i' to start off my username. I got inspired by Apple products here.

    'MisterH' literally speaks for itself. My first name is Henry, hence the 'H', so when you put it all together, you get 'I Mister Henry'.
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  16. Mine is a play on Leven Fife from a book series that I liked in middle school.
  17. Really simple... Roose Hurro is simply one of my alien critters, though I did originally create him as an avatar, back before I even had a computer, let alone access to the internet (late 90's era, if I remember right).
  18. Asuras are the Asuras of Hindu mythology. Simple as that. Half of my family if Indian so...

    Yea. :I
  19. More role playing than women. Where it concerns women, I'm more the third wheel they occasionally glance at out of pity before running off with someone who's got wealth, power, or looks. "Loyalty" is a commodity rarely seen nowadays.
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