What does World Building mean for you?

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  1. Let's face it: For each person, World Building probably means something different, even if it is slightly different. Of course, the definition always remains the same, but what about the emotions behind it, the reasons? Surely, those must differ from people to people. But is building a world really so special? There are people who do it regularly and do not get tired of it, but there are also people who start out with it, only to abandon it in mere moments. That means each person must have their own reasons for creating new realities, new world for themselves to live, that for each person, building a world must be different.

    My question is: What does World Building mean for you?

    For me, World Building is creating a new setting in which I can write my stories, making a reality in which I can immerse myself. If I do not feel passionate about a world that I have created, I scrap it, for then why does it exist? If I do not intend to work with it anymore, then it was pointless to create it in the first place. I simply would like to enjoy the settings that I have built, but I would also like others to immerse themselves in these new worlds just as much as I have when I created them. I would like to move people, to make them think of all the work that is put into world building, to make them amazed at the level of detail I put into a fictional creation.

    Perhaps a simple way to put it would be that for me, building worlds is a passion. It is something I enjoy my free time, and it is something I feel strongly about.