What Does Urban Dictionary Say About Your Name?

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  1. Mine. Oh god. It is perfectly fitting, like more so than name meanings...

  2. Me and my ego wholeheartedly endorse Diana. >:]
  3. Scott:

    Possibly, and most likely the most amazing guy you will ever meet. He is passionate, caring, funny, thoughtful, extremely handsome, and overly energetic! Most Scotts are always horny, but do not think with their overly huge wangs. If you find a Scott, Keep him, forever, and ever.

    I endorse this message.

    Alternate: Davion
  4. It's true~

    I agree with all but the first bit about being gorgeous and a dream girl. >__>
  5. If half of these things were true... It's like my name is the star of a romantic drama about Twu Luv. Though I like the ones about being in touch with my geeky side and inner child. Very true.
  6. My names means I am a bitch. >:3
  7. Wow. Yours has like, three short stories written about true love.
  8. Interesting.

    It's true.

    And for my forum name...

  9. Forum name.
    There's a strange entry involving the word "Kittilicious".
    Be afraid.
  10. Cynthia:

    Cynthia's are often shy people, but once your get to know a Cynthia they are one of the most loyal and friendly type of people you would ever be lucky enough to meet. Cynthia's love to talk but are often quiet to listen to their friend's problems. Cynthia's do not like sports, and are often too worried about life once but once you get to know a Cynthia you will see little by little that they let loose and have fun. Cynthia' s are often known by there sad looking eyes and that gloomy look on there face, often they have dark hair and a pale dead like face because they are after all named after the goddess of the moon, and like the moon you will soon see their pale beauty and mysterious personalty, know as the invisible girl, a Cynthia can be a great leader,but is always ready to be a team player.

    Most of these traits are true!
  11. I really, really like that yours is slang for pimp, Vay. That made me laugh more than it should have.
    And, not by themselves, I'm thinking more girlfriends/boyfriends and "besties for ever" wrote them, really, in general.
    But I love that my name is somehow involved in a fierce "proper spelling" battle I never knew that I was part of.