What does the fox say?

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  1. And my heart melted into a puddle on the floor.

    RIP Arcadia.

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  2. I bet it's a reddit or 4chan repost.

    Edit: Yes I'm feeling cynical today.
  3. Darn it, Mid! I've been trying to tell myself I can't have a pet fox for years now, and now my desire to have one has just increased! :(
  4. Sounds like a fucking parrot, but ok.

  5. I'm saving this video for future use.
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  6. I'm not going to lie. When I saw the title of this thread I cringed and was gathering up all my sarcastic, eye rolling gifs.

    But that was adorable. <3

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  7. I am sorry! T_T the cuteness needed to be shared!
  8. ... Why did you link to a Buzzfeed article and not directly to the video? ;A;
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  9. I tried but the direct video is on instagram and i was like...not gonna try, yeah nope.
  10. But it's easy...
  11. Must of missed that in my rush to leave buzzfeed. XD
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  12. You killin my buzz ;_;
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  13. I was watching this clip on YouTube about this English couple that adopted an abandoned baby fox, and while it's a super lovely companion, apparently you can't leave it alone, like at all, before it becomes super distressed.
  14. It kinda sucks too; foxes are my favorite animal, but my solitary way of life would never let me have one as a pet. Red foxes in general, can't be pets. A Russian breeding program to make pet foxes resulted in a form of black fox very similar to dogs that can be pets but are very expensive in the United States.

    Arctic foxes and fennec foxes are still available in some states as exotic pets, but in this case you really do need to give them attention all the time, especially fennecs. Fennecs really are raw energy in physical form.

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  15. DO you have the space and time. FOxes take A SHIT TON of time. My friends dad is a vet, they actually raised and kept a fox. They are timeconsuming, high maintence critters.
  16. ...my Bichon does that. It is called a "Blitz mode." Every day at around 8 to 11PM he runs around like he has lost his damn mind, digs into the couch and barks at me whole running. Bichons are known for doing that (we freaked out about that at first lol). And he taught my maltese and dogo that, they do it from time to time or do it in the bed lol.
  17. Yeah. Redfoxes are to wild to be pets. The one my buddies dad kept was a russian bred one.
  18. Adorable. Though I loathe to have Buzzfeed in my net history.

    Least it wasn't that ridiculous song.

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