What does summer mean to you?

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  1. The title says it all!

    When you think of summer, what exactly comes to mind?

    For me, I think of summer breezes through brightly colored trees and sunshine that saturates every corner of my vision. Exciting sounds and smells of good times and delicious foods!

    I would love to see your summer thoughts in form of whatever poem suites you best. A memory to share or just painting your perfect summer picture through words!
  2. a haiku f/the summertime

    it stays inside - guilt?
    lard, corpse-like at the beach
    won't worship the sun.
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  3. The time I have to wait through to have autumn/winter again.

    Oh, POETRY. I can't into poetry. Big time.



    The sun is up and it feels like hell.
    Everyone is happy and I don't feel well.
    Oh, summer, summer, what a joyful day,
    Everyone says "Woo-hoo!" and I say NAY.
    And then there are birds, singing their songs,
    And then there are chicks, chicks with their thongs,
    Do I really have to see so much of those?
    Oh God, girl, you are way too close.
    And the trams - that is another story.
    I'll spare you this one. It is way too gory.
    But all in all, oh, summer, what a joyful time.
    Is hating it really such a bad crime?
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  4. With all this poetry, it's kind of making me think of Crona when he made all the peers of the DWMA read his poem, and they just felt absolutely horrid. It was amusing. Anyways. What summer brings to me?

    Bad memories. Exhaustion. Frustration. Weariness. Dread. Idiocy.

    But it also brings,

    Hope. Laughter. Joy. Golden opportunities. Outlandish festivities.

    Summer is a great season, but I prefer the winter time.

    Maybe it's the Russian in me.
  5. Summer is wading in the cool relaxing water.
    Summer is basking in the warm sun.
    Summer is running around throwing a football.
    Summer is tossing hoops.
    Summer is fun time.
    Summer is finally spending time with my family.
  6. ABlueSummer
    Blazing Sun.
    Water fun.
    Dirty toes.
    Sunburned nose.
    These are things that come to mind
    When a summer's thought I suddenly find.
    But when the trees start to weep,
    Well, that's the season I'd like to keep.
    Summer is long and overrated,
    But to my surprise it's rarely hated.
    So while I sweat and wipe my face
    I solely long for winter's embrace.
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  7. The sun shines fiercely in the sky,
    Invoking heat and fire below.
    Grasses now to yellow dry
    As beast and man their bare fields sow.

    A plunk! The ice is in the cup,
    Refreshing for the dried-out mouth.
    Birds will call as you look up,
    Returning from their journeys south.

    Your friends are gone to places far,
    And now the shadows fill the rooms.
    The house of learning's dark as tar,
    Though soon it comes when autumn looms.

    Your books forgotton, run thee free
    Upon the sands of beaches white.
    The sunlight glistens on the sea
    From sky to sky, from sight to sight.

    But soon the fun wil have to end,
    The homework sits within your pack.
    For time is nobody's to lend,
    And long will be the journey back.
  8. Bittersweet Summer

    I remember it like yesterday,
    The memory so fresh in my mind,
    That day when you went far away,
    And left this world behind.

    It was summer day warm and green,
    Like those days we used to share
    When parting was long unforeseen
    And you were always there.

    The season is full of thoughts of you,
    They wash over me like summer heat.
    I mourn things we'll never do,
    Over a summer bittersweet.

    In loving memory.
  9. I remembered in last summer

    The trees breeze with the wind
    The sun gaze upon the earth
    Children running widely in the streets
    The hooligans in school cheer and celebrate
    The temperature was hot

    Summer's has touch my face with glee
    Under a witch's love spell i was
    Mesmerize by its fun and games
    Mesmerize by the sun scorching gaze
    Engraving on my heart the memories
    Restoring my strength for the next fun

    Though i always will know
    That summer will past
    Wishing it was here forever
    Fun at last
    But i always know
    In my mind and heart
    That the next summer is always fun.