What does Paorou use to thin the paint on his walls?

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  1. "A lot of people don't trust me."
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  2. "Mommy trust you. But she still doubt it."
  3. "You sound unsure."
  4. Harmony chuckle, "You are a weird boy."
  5. ^^ I'll read it though I probably wont post until tonight thoguh :3
  6. Raven nodded to Starfire. "Yes it is Kori." She replied then she glanced to Eden. "Yes that's right." Raven replied to the question about there team. She wasn't sure what else to comment not really thinking much on hero standards or ranks. Just it seemed they were pretty well known even though Raven often forgot about that when she was out.
  7. I slept through today again. But I did wake up earlier, but I felt like crap. So I went back to bed. I feel mostly better now though.
  8. Oh crap.

    I have the PSAT tomorrow.

    Rip me again.
  9. Get to bed then! We all can talk to you later! I wish you luck tomorrow.
  10. War of the Universe in a nutshell:

  11. If he's "the" Spirit of Vengeance he'll have the penance stare too. Is he? I'm fine with it either way
  12. "When will she be back? I want to show my shadow to her." Lyra whine.

    Harmony gently took Melody from Lucius, "There's a fruit loop stuck on her dress." She laugh softly.
  13. "And I wanted you to pin me to the couch." Astorath whispered to Harmony.
  14. Harmony pinch Astorath a little, "Don't listen to him. He's an idiot."

    Lyra giggles at them.
  15. "But it's true," Astorath said with a smile.

    Lucius stood up. "I'm going to check on Melissa."
  16. Meanwhile, Hercules continued to dance with Felicity. He kept his eyes on her, was pleasant and smiling as they danced.

    You dance very well lass ! Please let me know if you get tired eh ?

  17. @Aoi, how about blood the last vampire, Blood + and Blood C?
  18. Harmony smile and kiss his neck sensually as she slowly took off his pants.
  19. Hmm....well hopefully tomorrow will work out better.
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