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What does Paorou use to thin the paint on his walls?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Isabella Hime, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. "A lot of people don't trust me."
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  2. "Mommy trust you. But she still doubt it."
  3. ....Oh god.. I wish I thought of that one! JEWS THEM OUT! LULZ!
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Agreeing with Ryk.
  6. Paorou gets sick and is out of commission for a bit and this happens.

  7. All these reaction images.. This place is trying to copy 4chan so much it is sad! Make some original content damnit! Hi-jack this thread into something awesome I demand it!
  8. *WMD smacks hime with a thunder Salmon, then uses a Power Trout to beat it further*
  9. Don't assault me.. that is mean.. *cries*
  10. Original content != Lame content.


    This is why I let you out of Insanity in the first place.
  11. "When will she be back? I want to show my shadow to her." Lyra whine.

    Harmony gently took Melody from Lucius, "There's a fruit loop stuck on her dress." She laugh softly.
  12. *Grabs WMD and sodomizes Isabella with WMD's armor.*

  13. "And I wanted you to pin me to the couch." Astorath whispered to Harmony.
  14. Harmony pinch Astorath a little, "Don't listen to him. He's an idiot."

    Lyra giggles at them.
  15. "But it's true," Astorath said with a smile.

    Lucius stood up. "I'm going to check on Melissa."
  16. Isabella just wants attention, clearly.

    Let us laugh at him instead.
  17. *Poses and laughs, all whilst DOING THE MUSCLE!*
  18. Harmony smile and kiss his neck sensually as she slowly took off his pants.
  19. Yes.. point and laugh because I want attention.. and by pointing and laughing you are giving me attention...

    Your logics be flawed!
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