What do your characters want for Christmas?

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  1. What do your characters want for Christmas?

    Tell me Iwaku. Get into the brains of your creations and tell me.
  2. my characters want their world to thrive in the minds of those who read about it. They want their world published and exposed.
  3. A new set of .45 colt pistols
  4. Dante would like a shiny new sword. A year supplies worth of pizza. Strawberry Sundaes and a kitty.
  5. -double clicks a character sheet randomly: Danyel "Chai" Tchaikovich-

    Chai would like to not be thought of as a slut (shi's just a fun loving, sex addicted Jackolope), have one of hir Christmas meals actually not be composed of left-over pizza from the Christmas Eve party, the long overdue overhaul and customization of hir beloved P229s completed, for hir team to stop giving hir red noses to wear and cease hanging lights off hir antlers -- though shi does enjoy the bows. ^_^
  6. What no pistol upgraded or new rock CDs?
  7. I know one wants a particle accelerator. Another would probably want a hang-glider….


    I need to get more of my OC's their presents.
  8. Don't have any characters yet, but I know at least one of them would like a house big enough to house all the worlds of his or her imagination. And plenty of room to store the wardrobe needed. :wink:
  9. Let me see what would each one of my character want for their Christmas present... or the fantasy world equivalent.

    Sterling from The Princess and the Duke would want support for his endeavours from the mages who do not trust technology and some piece and quiet far away from the business world, some free time that he could use for himself. As for something materialistic, he would probably buy himself some fine wine or a precious stone.

    Martin from Monsters Under the Bed would like to be rescued from the Sirens, rescue Leah and then escape from the horrible nightmare world he is currently in. He would also probably want some medicine and a charm that protects him from sickness, not to mention that he would not like it very much if it snowed.

    Manish from The Adventures of Mitsusawa and Manish would like to get his staff back and escape the eye of the government. He would also like to have success with his experiments, settle down with a family and live on as a legendary alchemist. He thinks in terms of knowledge, so he would most likely appreciate getting a whole library written to his name.

    And Herbert from the Valiant would like if an old man who was just appointed as captain stopped ordering him around. I cannot think what else he would want, though...

    And that is pretty much everything for the characters I am playing right now.
  10. Are they AC/DC, Queen or Metalica? If so... gimmie!
  11. My Characters wish list.

    From my rp with Melia “Of Monsters and Men

    Orei- A name for her new born daughter
    Eric- A home for the child (Arianna) and a new ax
    Duncan- A knife with a strong blade.
    Arianna- Wishes for Matt’s return.

    Brandon from Distant Moon with Nikk wants a day off and a kiss from Nao.
  12. One of them wants her first kiss. Another wants his eyesight back. My kindergartner OC wants a new dollhouse. Let me see... A few more want to be developed further. One wants me to write him dueling his archenemy. That one's sister wants me to make sure he doesn't go berserk, and yeah, she wants her boyfriend to give her chocolates. Jeez... I think my chars are strange.
  13. James just doesn't want to get raped. XD I abuse my poor characters.
  14. Johnny Six-Fingers Tarr wants his soul back... but a shotgun would be nice too.

    Dr. Nikolai Oleg Sevlanka wants a coffee maker in his medical bay.

    Blind Dog Zahjha the Red would like to be dusted off and given purpose.

    Apothecary Temius Richards would appreciate a donation of spare parts to be used in construct design.

    Beligzbus Longbothem II would like your shoes... your's specifically... not for any particular reason.... Honest.

    Rajhakk the Unbound would like a flagon of booze.... Turpentine would work in a pinch though.
  15. Annie wants her brother's girlfriend to fall off the face of the planet. Alex wants to know why she's having nightmares. ... my characters have very small dreams, it seems....