What do YOU usually wear to bed?

What do you wear to bed? Check all that apply.

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As the title says!
Feel free to post your answer and/or comment but please answer the poll too, for STATISTICS!
(By the way, votes are public.)

...Why am I doing this? I wanted to poll Iwaku for something and this was the first that came to mind. Me, I wear a shirt and underwear.
Jeans specifically I just find them comfy!!
whatever is comfy, usually me jocks.

though my greatcoat is always a winner when im pissed.
If I alternate between wearing underwear and wearing nothing, which option should I pick? D:

I prefer to wear as little as possible when I sleep, though sometimes it just can't be avoided because it's too cold or because there's a chance someone will enter my room before I wake up. I wouldn't want to shock them too much >.>
There's no option for "dark robes". >:[
yes, i wear absolutely nothing to bed, except my birthday suit.
Dark Robes ? ROFL What are Dark Robes ? XD

I wear comfy pajamas <3

If I sleep over some place, I wear those girly nightdresses with the teddybears and bows on them. xD

But most of the time, just anything as long as its like used comfy~ like the cloth is worn off so its comfier than other clothes xD

I hate wearing clothing when I sleep. I have a tendency to move a lot while I'm out cold, and I HAVE turned PJ's into a tourniquet for my legs and crotch, and panties ALWAYS ride up, and I hate wearing thongs to bed, especially if I get excited while I sleep. Bras are uncomfortable and support in the wrong places, seeing as how they support against gravity when you're on your FEET, so laying do makes them useless. Shirts are like what I said before, they twist around...


So yeah, I like sleeping naked.
Yep, I'm one of the "Nothing" people too, for comfort reasons. I also can't sleep well unless I take a shower no more than a few hours before climbing into bed.
Tie between pajamas, underclothes, or just sleeping naked. Really depends how I feel that night, hehe.
Damn, I'm surprised how many of you sleep naked.

I sleep shirtless with a pair of shorts. Sometimes, especially If I'm not sleeping alone, I'll wear just boxers.

Thats how I roll.
WHAT? I can't help it! I like the way it feels...

Believe me, I've been doing it for a while...

Some of my closest friends don't mind me sleeping naked in the bad when they sleep over.
^^^yea, I bet they don't. (leaves it at that. Does not want to get torn to shreds by Ryker again) ^^^
Wow, yeah the naked count suprises me too. As for me I wear shirt and underwear. I leave my pants and socks near my bed as when I get up I have to go out right away...
I HAD to vote both pajamas and NAKED, cause it depends on the season. c___c

In the warm seasons I sleep naked, cause it's just too damned hot.

But in the cold seasons I wear pajamas so I don't freeze to death. :D
I've slept naked on the rare occasion that I get too hot during the night. I tend to shed clothes in my sleep if that happens. x__x;

Usually I'm in some kind of T-shirt and comfy pants. :3
I love how "Naked" is winning.
Yeah, I'm glad I included that option...even though I'm just about as surprised as Pirogeth and OK about the number that answered it.

Even more interesting is that nobody seems to wear socks to bed. XD

And Asmo, "Dark Robe" gets filed under "nightgown". Because...they're both...robe-like in nature.