What do you to calm your anxiousness when waiting for something?

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  1. Like in my case, where you've signed up to many rps but no one of them has started yet because of lack of characters, and you have almost no rps going on and have to waaaait for them to start.

    Or you're expecting a note on how you did in your exam.

    Or you're waiting for a package to arrive.

    Or for the next chapter of that manga you're absolutely addicted to but only comes out once a month (why kuroshitsuji why? D:)

    My favorite hobby is drawing-painting, but even if it's great fun it doesn't leave my mind in a dead-brain state. The same happens with music (I won't be able to work with music, but I'm still able to think.) So when I need to take my mind off something, I usually read or play videogames. I've found reading is better for me when I'm waiting for something, and that even if I don't like shooters, they're great for anger management. When I broke up with my bf I had the best aim in my entire life. Headshots, headshots everywhere :D
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  2. I fill my time with Drawing, painting, and writing, most times I am drawing that which I am anticipating, or sleep. Anxiety without these abilities Would be ungodly, When I go out a climb mountains I am not anxious, I am physically active and well....'climbing mountains'

    When I am out in a grocery store or eating out t a diner with family, I am nearly never want to be there because I just want to get back to Writing or my art work, but for me I think this is good. It gives me the space and time away from that which I want and allows me to Observe my own mind, to think of what I should write, What I will draw, Time to rest from the Grind of doing. My desire of wanting to be back in my comfort zone does not take Priority over What my mind needs to be at peace.

  3. I stop being awake. I enjoy my ability to fall asleep at will, and it's a good way to kill time if I'm in a less than decent mood.
  4. Interesting response. Hey, do you have an account somewhere where I can check your drawings? I'm always interested in those kind of things :D

    I envy you with passion- ;_;
  5. I make a list of things I can do to prepare, and once they're all checked off I remind myself not to count chickens before eggs, and distract myself with games, TV, drawing, movies, whatever
  6. I don't need to involve myself with any activity when I'm waiting for something. My patience with life is insane... If it truly does make me anxious though, I clean, play a video game, or listen to music. Really, all I need is a simple distraction. :]
  7. Push ups, sit ups, dips, pull ups, lift weights. I work out often when nervous or anxious.
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  8. I make lists, clean, bake and play with my spinner ring. I also tend to pace, since it helps me think and burn off nervous energy. If I need a really big distraction I watch a movie or play a video game.
  9. I can never distract myself from things. I'm too good at multitasking. There really isn't an activity that I won't start thinking about something else while I'm doing.
    What I usually do is isolate myself in a room and just think about whatever is worrying me. I'll lay on my bed, hug my pillow, and refuse to do anything else until I'm done worrying. No music. No books. No games. No nothing. Eventually my mind will be like "well, I've done all the worrying I can do for today, time to move on with life". Then I can go back to life as normal. Sometimes I'll have to repeat this every few days, but I find it much easier than trying to distract myself with other activities.
    Don't know if this helps, but.
  10. I'm similar to October, I tend to exercise when I am anxious, even though I try to make it part of my routine.

    Though, often I am too tired to be anxious.
  11. Remind myself that I can more or less control my mind so it's really no use wasting time thinking and worrying over things I can't do much about.
  12. I wish I could be like you people who have that kind of control over your own minds or excercise instead of other hobbies. :B
  13. It takes practice.
  14. Being a new mother helps. Got me to learn patients and learn anxiety is useless lol. Me I either clean or play with my son. His smile makes everything better :D. If he is sleeping I get on league of legends and rape face.