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  1. Well I promised my friend to do this on a random site
    (Iwaku is the chosen one, feel honored \(^^)/)

    Do you think this looks like a guy or a girl?
    Do you think it is a guy or a girl?

    (click on the picture to make it bigger)
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  2. GIRL.

    It's something about the facial structure and the lips. But very convincing young 12 year old looking boy. O__O
  3. Girl! All the way.
  4. If said person really was a girl... Then she looks very manly/ tomboyish to me BUT with just enough cuteness to make you say " Oh, your so cute/pretty!"

    If said person really was a boy... Then he looks very feminine! Maybe it's the really beautiful blue eyes or light and soft looking skin that gives me that impression... But yeah if said person was a boy then, he is gonna grow up to be very handsome with just enough cuteness to make you say " Awww <3 " ( That and said person doesn't have a piercing for earring like a girl would )

    I vote BOY!
  5. Hmm though i want to say girl, it seems more likely to be boy but yeah... It's a girl ladies gentlemen
  6. Is that you? I thought I remembered your profile picture looking similar... o3o Anyway, girl.
  7. Girl to me. Though it would be whatever the person wants to be, I think. If they identify as man or woman, I would adjust accordingly.
  8. WAAI someone figured it out xD hehehhe
    Yeah it's litle me x9 hehheh

    And I'm a girl
    That likes when people take me for a guy xD
  9. just so i can get this of my chest

    I'd hit that
    *takes a relieving deep breath*
    AHH, that felt good :3
  10. Damn guuurl!
    You have the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen. (;
  11. Thats because I'm swedish xD hahahha

    btw this is me when I was twelve before I cut of my hair :D
    See the recemblence? eh eh? xD
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  12. Aww so adorable :3
    *whispers to himself*
    Nice legs ;3
  13. hahhaha xD
    *my 12 year old me* "Thank you ^^"
    *my 18 year old me* ... ... ... I didn't hear anything -_-'
  14. Dude, she was twelve. >_>

    Anyway, I rule, praise my detective work, etc. etc. You're cute as either a boy or a girl. <3
  15. *looks at the 18 year old you*
    Nice legs :P hehehe
  16. hmm.. *looks at 18 years old leg* fat legs o.O

    Hahahha thank you ^^ *only heard you're cute as a boy <3* xD
  17. You do look so much like a boy, but I still knew the person in the picture is a girl. You look pretty as both a boy and a girl~ And a lot better than me >.> -has no confidence in her looks Dx-
  18. eeeh :o I think that chrona is pretty ^^
    Even if I haven't seen you xD
    I'm sure your pretty xD 99,999999999999999999999999999 % sure :D

    Well then I and my friend has gotten our answer ^^ hihi
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