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  1. I had an Idea for a roleplay. Here's the details:
    In a post-apocalyptic world where all the characters are sorted into three catagories.
    Cat. 1: Technos = the ones who pass the test with a score of 2300+ score taken at age 12, it is very rare to be a techno and they are basically the government and are inventers with the most opportunities and benefits.

    Cat. 2: Magiks = those who get inbetween 500-2000 who are to be trained in either the art of
    healing, spell casting, or weapon crafting.

    Cat 3: Soldiers = those who fail the test with a score of 450- score which is taken at age 12. There are mostly soldiers in the world and they get all their memory wiped a week after taking the test. Once their memory is wiped all they know is their name and all the knowledge of how to fight. Fight what? whatever is outside the fence.

    That's all I've got so far, any ideas to extend it please share. Comment your thoughts and ideas.
  2. I'm interested. I would probably make more than one character, could I have one in each category?
  3. Oh, this is kinda cool, I am interested in what the larger plot would be...
  4. Oooh I'm interested~
    As for some stray ideas, it seems like the "test" is like an IQ quiz of some sort? Usually post-apocalyptic societies are flawed in some way, one of my theories is that maybe the test is a bit too broad and ignores latent potentials? (So like, someone who's a soldier is actually really smart, but selectively so). Or maybe like there's a problem in the memory wipe which results in a small patch of a generation that actually does remember the test. There's also the typical rebellion route where the lower classes think they are receiving unfair treatment. There are also a couple oddball questions in my head too, like, why do they wipe the memory in the first place? What does everyone do and where do they live until they reach 12? Are different classifications allowed to interact freely? Or is stepping past those boundaries taboo? Also, what's the setting like? Run down towns, or sleek modern chic?
    Curious ovo
  5. Those are good questions. I'm interested in the answers as well.
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Not open for further replies.