What do you remember?

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    Flashbulb memory -"a detailed and vivid memory that is stored on one occasion and retained for a lifetime. Usually, such memories are associated with important historical or autobiographical events."


    What is something that you will never forget? Can you tell me where you were? What you were doing?
    How old were you? What were you feeling?

    The event I remember most vividly is the death of my grandfather in 2008. I remember how it felt to wake up, go downstairs and see my mom and aunts huddled together crying. It was like I was hit in the face with a brick. I knew what had happened...

    What is your memory?
  2. I have a few of those memories, mostly regarding our dogs or my family but one I remember clearly after more than ten years is when my horse was to be put down. He was 24 years old and had asthma so it was best for him, the sunny day when we stood in front of the stables with him and the vet being there with his boltgun it's perfectly clear in my mind, it tore my heart out to loose him and I can still remember the burning feeling in my eyes, and in the car on the way home I had my dog who comforted me just as well as a human.

  3. The first event that comes to mind is depressing so in an attempt to be a positive person is hall say the SECOND most vivid memory.

    When I was 5 I had worse eyes then I do now. I was practically blind. I remember the first time my eyes got better spontaniously. Mom was taking me to a place called "ligh house for the blind." and I remember seeing white christmas lights in the bushs that were fake... the place smelt of disinfictants and strawberry. The roof had a sky light and it hurt my eyes. There was a MASSIVE hole in he second floor with a balcony railing that over loooked the first floor play ground.

    I went over to the light and touched it and felt it and put it in my mouth it was SO WARm i loved it... My mom told me to take it out of my mouth and then sang "twinkle twinkle little star" to me.. and we snag together... she took me tot he room I was supposed to be in.. at first iw as TERRIFIED... and scared bu thte kids were nice to me so I went to go play. my momw as like "i'm leaving sweetie' and I so bluntly said "Bye. see a." and enver wnated to leave
  4. The depressing ones are memories of abuse and yelling. I'll spare the details.

    The day that my boyfriend and I finally got to meet for the first time. He stayed at the American Express Inn, me and my best friend made up this plan to go see him by staying at her place for the day and then walking to the hotel to meet up with him. I remember him wearing a deep blue shirt and jeans, and the sound of the metal door opening right before I saw him. I remember his smell and the way his voice sounded - It's very deep and booming. But most of all I remember how short I am compared to him.

    I've also never forgot all of the other times he and I have seen each other.
  5. I have plenty of vivid memories of happiness, violence, sadness... I think I'll share the one that affects my sense of taste whenever I think of it. :P

    Three, maybe four, years ago I was getting over a sinus infection. I didn't have any antibiotics yet, so my mom gave me a store brand Mucinex to take before I left to go study schoolwork. I assumed it was a chewable tablet, because it looked like one. x__X It was big, round, green, and the surface was chalky like chewable tablets, and Flinstone's vitamins. I was dead wrong, though... The moment my teeth crunched into it, this awful flavor coupled with the horrible texture was all over my mouth. I puked in the sink as a result and I desperately went searching for something to cover up the bad taste. I can remember grabbing candies, sugar packets, juice, stuff like that...

    Just typing this makes me cringe and begin to feel nauseous because of that stupid mistake I made. lol
  6. I have several, like others, but there's one that isn't so much depressing as entirely baffling to me. XD

    I was eight years old, at the birthday party of a friend I had in primary school, whose name I even still remember. Her party had been a surprise skate party, so none of the people the girl, Elaine, invited had their gear and we all rented. I used to do minor speed and dexterity competitions in the neighborhood with roller blades, but I'd never used roller skates. The brake for them was in a different place than I was used to and, long story cut shorter, I shattered my elbow. The memory that I have, just something I can completely go back to in the weirdest way, is when they put me in the car. I got the window seat since my right arm was broken and I remember just so vividly that I can feel it what an amazing relief it was to lay my cheek against the cool glass and stare out the window to the parking lot.