"What do you mean I 'have a needle through my head'?"

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  1. First time posting in this thread, so if I mess up in some way in some way, feel free to either console me or deprecate me and strip me of my personal pride!

    I would like to request a generic picture of one of my original characters (the pose of it doesn't matter so long as it shows at lest 3/4 of the body), one that I am planning to use in my own fantasy roleplay on this website.

    I apologize if the bio isn't descriptive enough as this is the first bio I have made on this forum.


    Character Name: Percival "Percy" Wulfric Butonn
    Alias: 'The Tailor', due to the theme of its weapons and its appearance.
    Gender: While homunculus are considered gender-less, Percival identifies more as a male.
    Species/Race: Homunculus, created following the recipe in the Liber Vaccae but substituting cow and ewe with birthing women.
    Age: Accumulated age from previous lives add up to 46 years; current life's age approximates to 15 years.
    Birthplace: The 'original' Percy's birthplace would be a nondescript hospital located in one of England's lesser known cities; the 'second' Percy's birthplace was in the basement of the 'original' Percy's household, inside of a crucible; and the 'third' Percy was conceived at a crucible off the coast of the United Kingdom, where the murder of a four year old child took place.
    Occupation: Currently, it does not have an occupation recognized by officials, but it considers itself an excellent magic user and assassin.

    General Description: In terms of physicality, Percival has an androgynous complexion, not possessing qualities that would put it in either gender group. It is quite short, standing at a less-than-average five feet and two inches (or about 1.57 meters); Percy is also quite thin, bordering on skeletal, but not to the point that one would be worried about its health, and, as a direct result of this, is lighter than normal, weighing in at about 105 lbs (or about 47.62 kg). Its hair is an unnatural shade of brown muddled with a powerful beige, creating a dull shade, and it's styled in such a way that the right half of Percy's head is spiked and dynamic, while the left side of its head is smoother, softer. Its eyes are equally abnormal, being a white iris on top of a black sclera, the iris of the eye changing red whenever Percy either uses the magic that it has at his disposal or whenever it reads the copy of the Liber Vaccae.

    Moving on, we end up at what Percy is wearing; it's clothing is odd, as it is an amalgamation of faded clothing placed together in an irregular, asymmetrical pattern, like a metaphorical clothing quilt. What covers the majority of it's body is something similar to a dress; it has the shape of a choir boy's dress, tailored to fit an older individual, but it has been ripped apart and resewn together so many times and with so many other cloths that it's more of a men's gown and cloak that's covering the front and back; the sleeves of it are odd, with the left sleeve being detached, and the sleeves and ends are tattered into flowing strands and ribbons of the original clothing. The ripped remains of the sleeves and ends are what protect his feet; pieces of cloth can be seen wrapped around his feet and ankles, a sort of rudimentary protection for his soles. What might be the strangest of his clothing, however, is the large sewing needle he has placed in his head, acting as a pin that holds up its hair.

    Strengths: Since Percy is thin and light, it has adapted to using it to it's advantage; it is very agile, being able to dodge most frontal and back attacks and countering them effectively. it is also talented at attacks involving magic, and it is very good at attacks involving stealth, regardless of whether they involve sorcery or not. Also, despite it having a skeletal complexion, it is very good at enduring pain, even willing to ignore potentially fatal gashes.

    Weaknesses: What Percy is gifted in agility, it lacks in overall strength; since it doesn't have a lot of body mass, it isn't a strong individual, and, if unable to perform magic or stealth attacks, it is powerless. Also, even though it ignores pain well, it is more fragile, and wounds that aren't fatal to a normal being can be deadly to Percy.

    Current Goal/Purpose: It's current goal is figuring out an alternative to immortality; presently, its system is creating a homunculus or other separate catalyst and transferring its soul to the new body, but it is looking for a different technique.

    Talents: Apart from knowing all the ways an embryo can die inside of the mother, it is very knowledgeable, understanding several concepts ranging from sorcery and its theories to the failed idea of phlogiston; as such, it is very precise with his words and explanations.

    Inabilities: It is unable to sympathize well with other individuals, lacking any sort of empathy towards others that aren't the closest of 'friends', if you could call it that. It also vents out its anger in an unhealthy way; essentially, it takes out its frustration by murdering a creature of some sort. (Not a healthy habit, personally.)

    Fears: For some odd reason, Percival has an impartial fear of anything that loves him.

    General Personality: The best word to describe it would be 'harsh, but honest'; it's a realist, stating everything objectively and plainly, and it isn't the kind of person/being that would console and support others. Among those that are close to it, it is sarcastic and idiosyncratic, and acting in a way that could be mistook for sympathy.

    Inner Personality: When there isn't anyone of importance around, it is much more sadistic, deriving its pleasure from the pain of others. It will intentionally look out for some sort of creature to kill, so as to curb its inner need for blood, and it is much harsher.

    Character Quirk: Percival has a tendency to remove the eyes of those he has killed and replace the eye sockets with buttons; his technique is removing the eyes and, after pulling the eyelids over one another, sewing the buttons with a suture needle so as to fasten the eyelids to each other. The material of the buttons used when sewing is never the same; it is always different between the killed creatures.

    General History: (I'm the kind of person that prefers explaining one's history through character interactions. No history for you!)

    Present Life: Presently, he is currently juggling between creating another homunculus catalyst to sustain its ongoing life-cycle and finding enough victims to aid in creating the homunculus.

    • One (1) Suture Needle
    • One (1) Sewing Shear
      • Primary Weapon
      • Separable Hinges
    • One (1) Accoutrement Needle
      • Secondary Weapon
      • Hair Pin
    • Five (5) Vials
      • Storage of Blood
    • One (1) Copy of the Liber Vaccae
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    Apart from the character sheet, I have one reference picture of the 'third' Percival, created by me; that being said, it's only a bust of the head, so it's not exactly stellar.

    Note: When I say homunculus, I am not referring to the representation people use to map out neural connections to the brain in body parts (the one you'll find in Google when searching for 'homunculus'), but the abomination mentioned in the Liber Vaccae (Book of The Cow).