What do you look for in a game?

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What's the main thing that draws YOU to a game?

  1. Graphics!

  2. Gameplay!

  3. Storyline!

  4. It's part of a series I already know and love!

  5. It's made by an awesome gaming company!

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  6. This game has a unique idea behind it. I'm intrigued!

  7. It's a mobile/casual game!

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  8. Sorry, I'm not that much into video games.

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  1. Video games have been around since the early 1970's. To think they have lasted over 40 years already and evolved from a simplistic 2D tennis game (Pong) to the utter insanity of such ridiculously realistic 3D models and super special effects!

    Of course, there's always a draw to the games, but what draws YOU to specific games? Indulge me; I'm curious.
  2. Storyline and Gameplay, if a game doesn't get those right it deserves to be trashed. It doesn't matter how pretty it looks or how original it may. At the end of the day if its mechanics don't work or the storyline doesn't draw you the game is shit period.
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  3. I've always been a fan of innovative games like Minecraft or Portal. Some sorta unique mechanic that's never been done before always pleases me. As for graphics, I'm usually not too picky as long as it doesn't interfere with the gameplay any. In fact, some of my more favorite games are on the N64. Of course, the art style also plays a fairly large role in whether or not I like a game. I've never been a fan of the nitty and gritty style of most first person shooters, something more like TF2 is what I prefer. Storyline isn't really my main concern, seeing as how the game I play the most these days is Minecraft. But if it does have a storyline, I expect it to be well-written and not too difficult to follow. And obviously it has to fit into my preferences of genre and whatnot, but that's for another discussion.
  4. I'll admit, the main thing I look for is an interesting plot. If the premise for a story intrigues me, I'm curious enough to see how these developers manage to pull it off.

    Of course, I do love a damn good example of Gameplay over Graphics, such as Minecraft, but I'll admit to being a sucker for specific series and gaming companies as well.
  5. Story all the way. I can get over poor graphics, and I can deal with awkward gameplay as long as there's a decent plot that keeps me interested to go along with it. The characters are important to. If I can't get attached to the characters, chances are I will also lose interest pretty fast.
  6. 1 - Gameplay
    2 - Story
    3 - Graphics
  7. Series faithfulness. Once I've started following a story, I'm not going to stop until it's all over. What draws me in before that point, however, is usually the music. I'll listen to the music of a game beforehand to decide if I like it or not, because without a decent soundtrack, things can get dull.
  8. I voted for story line because while I don't need a super convoluted in depth one, if the only plot is "Shoot it!/Kill it!" I get bored really quick. However gameplay comes in a close second. If the controls suck, the game's no good.
  9. A strong story is important, but I also want to be challenged and feel accomplishment at the end, not just sit back and solve casual puzzles between cutscenes
  10. A game doesn't really draw me in unless it has captivating gameplay. Some people might fight beat-em-ups to be boring and repetitive. I find them to be incredibly fun, especially if they incorporate some sort of combo system like Dungeon Fighter Online. I greatly enjoy World of Warcraft as well, though not for its hard-wired gameplay. I enjoy WoW for how I can use the gameplay to create stories and build upon character lore with other people. I play Neverwinter and enjoy it because its control scheme is intuitive and provides a good deal of customization when it comes to character builds. I highly dislike first person shooters on consoles because the controls feels awkward and clunky in my hands, and as such I usually don't play them for long, if at all. Shooters on PC, however, feel much more natural to me and as such I enjoy them better than I enjoy console shooters. Storyline isn't much of a consideration to me, although it is second place in what draws me to a game. I can stomach a bland storyline if the game plays like a charm, but even the most well-written story can't save a clunky game for me.

    Graphics aren't a consideration at all. I play NES throwback games and stuff that looks like it belongs on a Commodore 64. And I love every damn second of it because the games control like butter and are incredibly fun to play. I own a computer where it's pretty much impossible to have cutting-edge graphics and a decent gameplay experience at the same time, so I opt for the experience over the looks. I'm sure most people feel the same way, but it doesn't hurt throwing in a few things like that.
  11. A game with good gameplay doesn't need anything else. If you have fun playing it, you can just laugh at the stupid plot and graphics make no difference. That's not to say a game with sucky playability is immediately garbage. If the story is good enough, and it has to be really good, it can carry the game. Doesn't happen often, though.

    Graphics make more or less no impact at all. I mean, they're nice. But they don't affect actual game quality.
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  12. It's not listed here but SIDEQUESTS or ACHIEVEMENTS in videogames.

    I'm a perfectionist and having all the achievements/storyline 100% makes me happy.

    The Tales of Series is one of my favorite series and I can play each installment over and over again without getting tired because there's so much to do, so many costumes to find, so many bosses to defeat, and so much sidequests for a few cute skits!

    In fact I'm still tryna finish Tales of Legendia for PS2. >.>
  13. Immersion. Othetwise, gameplay.

    Dwarf Fortress takes the plump helmet once again.
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