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  1. If you are in a certain mood, do you listen to any particular songs?

    Like if you are sad, is there any particular band or song that you have to listen to for you to feel better? Personally, I listen to Mumford and Sons. I love their music, they are my all time favourtie band next to the Youngbloods. Their music always makes me feel better, because it balances well with my emotion so that it isn't dragging me down, nor telling me that 'everything is alright'. Just soothing.

    When I am happy I listen to MLP soundtrack (yes in fact i am proud of this).

    I don't have specifics for every other emotion, just depression.

    But what about you guys? What songs or bands are important to you?

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  2. I listen to pretty much anything as long as the vocals don't sound like the singer is clearing their throat. Within that, video game soundtracks are probably my favorite to listen to. In general though it's a question of mood. Sometimes I want to listen to something faster, sometimes more calm. Sometimes I want to listen to something upbeat, sometimes more somber. For fast and upbeat, Touhou. For slow and somber, Silent Hill (or the ending theme from Iji, the LifeForce cover of Further by VNV).
  3. I like lots of music. But, all in all I like Metal, blues and classic rock. I also like classical and techno (Like the Homestuck music)

    Strapping Young Lad, Lollipop Lust Kill, Murderdolls, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Rush, Steve Miller Band, The Alman Brothers Band, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Jimmi Hendrix, Steavie Ray Vaughnn, Overkill, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, Ratt, Cinderella, Van Halen, AC/DC, White Zombie, Rob Zombie.

    Also, a band called Aryon. Check that shit out. The Electric castle. Check it out.
  4. I listen to Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjaerg whenever I want to relax because her voice is so relaxing. I listen to the pieces she did with Blue Foundation, more specifically, like Eyes on Fire and Bonfires, although Eyes on Fire is legitimately my favorite. I also listen to her independant works, like Taeppet er Faldet.

    When I'm high, I listen to whatever music I have that fits the mood. Daft Punk's album Random Access Memories suits this well, but there's also The Weeknd and Gorillaz

    I've been listening to a lot of Bloc Party lately, too, when I'm in a generic mood, but they also have a lot of mood music as well. They're going to do another album before they go on hiatus, so I'm stoked for that.

    I also love Schubert's Ave Maria
  5. I have playlists on iheartradio.com that I listen to. They suit my tastes better and better every time I use it as long as I keep giving a thumbs up to songs I like.

    When I'm cleaning, I for some reason like to listen to my Offspring station. My assumption is because I like to sing out loud while I clean. x3 It plays me lots of Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, Rise Against, Bloodhound Gang, and many other bands with songs that I know so well.

    I listen to the Gorillaz station when I'm stoned because it's just awesome. It plays me Gnarls Barkley, Grandmaster Flash, and Weezer a lot, who I also enjoy while I unwind.
  6. See? Fluffy and I both have music for when we're high.
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  7. What Fijoli listened to in the last few days:

    Boards of canada

    God speed you Black Emperor

    Two steps from hell


    A whole Ton of 1920's on through the 40's and early 50's music.

  8. What Kath listened to the past few days:

    Bleed it Out -Linkin Park
    Jiyuu no Tsubasa -Linked Horizon
    Fatal Tragedy [Scene Three] -Dream Theater
    M.I.A. -Avenged Sevenfold
    The Enemy Inside -Dream Theater
    Click Click Boom -Saliva
  9. Let's see. Normally I listen to various forms of metal. Symphonic and folk metal being my favorites.

    When I am depressed I tend to fall into listening to various metal ballads, or other generally sad music, which tends not to help matters but yeah.

    I do listen to some punk type music, at least I think it's in the 'punk' category. This usually involves listening to Flogging Molly, though recently I found The Dreadnoughts and have listened to them a looooot over the last few days.
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