What do you listen to?

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What do you listen to?

  1. Pop

  2. Rock

  3. Alternative

  4. Metal

  5. Rap

  6. Hip-Hop

  7. R&B

  8. Jazz

  9. Blues

  10. Songs from Musicals

  11. Soundtracks

  12. Other (specify in post)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. So, what kind of music do you all listen to? I listen to almost anything, really, but I have a preference for Pop (although in that range I listen to Alt-Pop, mainstream U.S. pop, electronic pop, and J-pop) and R&B music.
  2. Metal and Rap, mostly. GOOD techno and trance is good too.

    I like most music, I don't care for country though.
  3. Movie, Video Game, or Anime OST's can be really interesting and imaginatively inspiring even if you haven't seen the source material. That's why I like them.
  4. I'll listen to anything but Rap/Hip-hop. I tend to prefer Rock/Alt/Punk/Metal though. Especially Skate Punk.
    Incidentally, ever listen to japanese metal? It sounds like a chihuahua trying to imitate a Great Dane. Fucking hysterical. And somewhat pathetic, if truth be told. The Japanese voice just isn't suited for metal.
  5. Checked off everything except for jazz and blues (can't get into it that much), but I also listen to a lot of techno/trance as well. But that wasn't on the list ._.
  6. I don't nazify myself to listening to only some genres or not listen to a genre at all, seems ignorant. I can even listen to japanese music, but only if it's good music. Thats the clue to me; as long as it is good music in my ears, I'll listen to it.
  7. I'm into metal, mostly, all kinds, but recently I've been listening to more moody, melodic and progressive stuff. I listen to hip hop ocassionally when it's a funny or a good song, since I'm very biased towards the stuff that comes from here (which is awful), and I also listen to lots of acoustic and folky music, love blues because of the sound, I like Johnny Cash-style country, and Bob Dylan.

    Also lots of soundtracks for movies and some videogames, mostly stuff done by Ennio Morricone or things that have a western feel to them, or spanish and italian.

    But I can't stand whiney-voiced indie stuff that hipster love, but maybe I'm too dumb for Sigur Ros, who knows.
  8. Rock, alternative, jazz, songs from musicals, soundtracks and other. Other being punk, electronica and classic.
  9. I like to listen to soundtracks from games, those are the best in my opinion.
  10. Astaroth began moving his hips faster.
  11. Kunari moan louder, “Ohh..”
  12. My vote is simple, Anything Worth Headbanging too. Plus throw in some Opera and all that good stuff.
  13. Where the hell is the classical? You have Blues AND Jazz, and dear gods, Musicals....
  14. Kunari let out a content smile.
  15. Wot? No classical? No Swing/Big band music?

    Shame... shame...

    But other than that... I'll listen to most anything but Rap n Hip-Hop... that and some metal rubs me the wrong way...